His mumble rap even sounded good!!! Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist | REACTION

what girl like a messy boy Shack man burn horse van J bro who is van J I've been seeing his name in the comments man niggas been tagging me on Instagram Twitter wait mumu rapper versus leaders he already know often the line is right here just when the tidal farms being Jane man oh oh no nothing bottom man y'all got anything you could tell me anything about a minute conversation it'd be greatly appreciated but bro y'all know we here for the bars coat y'all know we're here bro I just dropped the daylight freestyle reaction bro that was that was literally the best freestyle I ever heard in my fucking life it broke I'm not kidding me before it was it was imminent but that day like freestyle la leakers I knew it y'all gotta go check that huh that was crazy oh we're gonna check out there Jamie lotta y'all been telling me to check them out so hey Vijay you know Tommy's here we're gonna see what you go with no bet I'm running again purple is on my face running the game purple is on my veins yeah topping a couple of chains forming so what I'm making it rain Joe how come everybody in the game on a rap like you with the played out close up and in the back in the number damn tractor so whack and fuck your bloke this shit is on that I know reppin bad bitches and close oh I'm loving the concept already I'm loving the concept already hold up oh sorry especially the mummer rapper token 10 man come on man we are starting his own oh no no that I'm running the game purple is on my face yeah toughen the coverlet chains Oh so without making it rain Joe how come everybody in the game on a rap like you with the played out both up and in the back in the never Deere tractor Brown so wack and fuck your boat well this shit is all that I know nothing about bitches and clothes hoes wrong all my diamonds i'm not use right within them and then you pack the rhythm in every track we'll hit them and you bro but you wait a little bit don't say four syllables you have to hit them with new clothes I don't really need to do this bro don't really need to do this you they need it they need to have what like one like one show how are the so-called movement references the lyricist doing exactly this right here Jeff just so people can know the difference me that's what bro Vijay you're a fucking genius bro you are a fucking genius for this man y'all notice the mother outside I ain't just got a hobby it just got a hot beat catchy flow but on the lyrical side that actually talking monster people don't like lyrical rap cause it's hard I guess it's hard for them to understand but the mama write something like a nursery rhyme machine yeah I can catch bro man that's crazy a little bit don't stack four syllables you have to hit him with new folks nah homie y'all minute for cash just when they get me your bag yeah yeah telling my whipping the drag and I'll be popping in bags like now everybody rap like that everybody wanna make a track like everybody just in the games and a goddamn say man you all kill a rap like that like where the wordplay in the medical sack y'all make another program hell big pond imma get them all back and you mumble the motherfuckers to better fall back big air big boy let me get them all back come on man come on my man knows history right here right first let me say it begin come on bro Big Pun come on man – that's two legends right there man on the loo more upside he said I just want to make me a bad one a rubber bar got copied me a jam that's literally harder than his rifle Bob bro helping Poornima get them all back and you mumble the motherfuckers to better fall back now call me he's not gonna change clearly we've run in the game talk about women to change dropping this shit that be numb in your brain is talking they say and they love it we ain't got a rapping nothing long as a toe it's a bump in this end of fucking discussion here maybe right now but it's not gonna last y'all better make room for the prophets of gravity here bill shit no copy command in the y'all bro we need when these mobile fans finally cook when they go get oh dear realize y'all they talking about shit I'm telling y'all it's over broke mother upper school guys not gonna last long I just hate that I'm going I'm going through this face I just hate I got to sit here take it to others over there Jay you got a family me my god I'll go see don't climb in this mango snakes I'm chopping the grants go hit him with a bang no stopping the crash I wanna make bets I'm dropping the cash I'm not gonna let y'all kill hip-hop in his tracks but we ain't even kill it it's evolved fuck the ones who came before us all Shawn had a ball it's not evolution y'all better cool it bubble wrap we need a better move making music that's the best solution you don't that's just illusion say you will which I don't never proven I'm the leader brother fucking revolution go get prepared your execution I wanna kill him on the rap everybody wanna be the Mac of the game but you rap in the same and I put them on the back yeah but it want to be the best day I wanna find the best rapper let me and put him on the map if you really want to be the best in the game like everyone else on the track yeah yeah do y'all see the substance or what sigh you know just another side business how do y'all like that right homie that saw that they were loving the money applying yeah yeah keeping it short I'm gonna give it a dog only this shit the boy with the stone called applause already finish or no benefit of low blow Brigham with the Popo never been ball back don't make another sound yeah telling me to fucking dumb it down but I'm a buck Amal I gotta hunt around fuck it I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss the days when emcees were killing and blaze it brag we're close were different and everybody will stay some fact the best wanna save I'm so he gotta watch the game man you gotta watch the children well hop it bro this is me as a rapper right here if I was a rapper I would have made this but I'm not a rapper I'm a real hip hop another man come on man I'll hurry man say y'all gotta core different flows you say I missed the time when they were still getting on the track and kill the beat don't sound like nobody but itself man come on man the concept with this man come home man shut up we got to get this to a million no longer we got that was the same bro Benji hey I've been trying to preach it my god I've been trying to preach it man I thank you for making that right there man hey we got to do everything we can to get these mama rappers out of here man they kill it they kill it hip-hop man they kill it hip-hop man we got legends making songs with Mambo rappers nah man come on man we got to get back on my lyrical stuff man we gotta sue really got telling out here man but talk about that mum stuff man I'm sorry I'm sorry y'all can have it man shut up being Jamie if y'all enjoyed that video go check out the original video man leave my life leave them a comment they don't know how great it was good now that was off the chain right there my god he did his fan right there man any children around me but bro like I said me I know the concert my friends from the left man I love y'all already saw but talk a lot of y'all a lot of y'all for the love it the ones that they have seen y'all for you learn Deborah you're offering a yeah yall already know soon as I see the notification what they're asking gonna be like that's it I'll go

47 thoughts on “His mumble rap even sounded good!!! Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist | REACTION

  1. This is why I still love hip hop the older I get at its core it's merit based the best will always expose the fakes.

  2. How come all these oldheads hating on mumblerap, but these youngens aint hating on yall, stop being salty and let kids be kids

  3. I subscribed to you because of your AK reaction videos but i stayed for your thoughts and the fact you aren't fake hyping all the shitty mumble rap like all the other fake reaction YouTubers

  4. Idk but people nowadays are only listening to the beat…..not the lyrics….thats why this shit mumble rappers is trend as fuck….fucking hell……

  5. Bruh he was Killin it and you were bobbin your head and every time the mumble rap started your head stopped with a quicknessπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Rap needs a renaissance lean back to classical rap and use it to push past this glam shit. It saved rock itll save rap

  7. Fuck mumble rap lyrical rap is better and thats what i do fuck lil pump and lil xan just like eminem said they imitate lil wayne just like migos stylin off of drake fuck the new rappers comin out today lets get dr.dre snoop dogg nate dogg n.w.a lets get all them here right now starting today

  8. Eminem: Mumble rap is embarrassing. F**k this shit.
    * rolls up sleeves, steps in the booth, drops Kamikaze *

    Vin Jay: Word.

  9. Stfu and just play the video swear all these reactors just talk shit and don't play the fuckin video gets a 10 minute video ou of a 3 min song

  10. Yo bro do one of my songs homie do Broken Hearts id love to see your reaction you can hit me back in insta @ twitchjoffical

  11. This guy sounds like Black Yondu! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not being racist or anything.. Just cracking a joke! 😁😁😁

  12. I been trying to teach my kids the difference but they say I’m crazy and that makes me said there is nothing better then the old school rap period

  13. Coach…Vin Jay most definitely be the lyrical prophet the game needed!
    You can hear Vin’s love for rap in each bar he spits! Thanks coach for another banger, and Vin…thanks for the bars!!!

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