Higher Education – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 58

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  1. I dated a girl who bragging she had a masters in english…guess where she worked? Jewelry store sales….smh

  2. For 15 years I lived with the same of not graduating from anything and having kids at age of 19-20. Until I noticed that at age 35 I am the happiest person I know. So I must he doing something better than my college graduated friends. 🙂

  3. What do you mean didn’t learn anything in college? I learned that I am oppressed simply by being a woman, but also privileged by being whyyte, so therefore I am oppressing everyone else simply by existing. Which is what I tell myself to comfort myself when I pay off my $90K in student loans with my 3 gig economy jobs

  4. I have a degree in a foreign language, and as much as I liked one of my professors, it was profoundly disappointing to learn he, a modern language professors of French and Spanish, had never been to any country speaking those languages.

  5. This legit opened up my eyes. I've been on the fence about colledge, so maybe I could start my business early rather than wasting my precious youth and energy.

  6. I’m confused. Why is college bad. I realize college isn’t for everyone, but it’s still a good thing. A really good thing. My kids have no choice, and they know it. They’ve each decided what they want to do in life, and they’ll each require, at the least, a Bachelors degree. There’s nothing wrong with not going to college, but there sure isn’t anything thing wrong with parents providing the best chances a kid has to be whatever they want to be.

  7. Where was this video when I was 20??haha!amazing!!! Luckily I quit university after 1 year. I have my own business now and have had for the last 10 years supporting myself.

  8. I'm currently doing a Master's and a PhD. Take it from me: at most get a Bachelor's, and then get out of higher ed!!!!!!!

  9. 100k? That's cheap. Hmm spent 60k for BS at 52 years old, another 100k for MS at 55, PHD by 62. Woot where is my Social security check LOL. Good thing I made my money in tech without any degrees.

  10. Dropped out half way through a university education, switching to a vocational education this autumn. My internship was an eye opener for just how garbage and detached from reality college educations are.

    When there I realised a vast majority of the knowledge I made use of I had in fact learnt through self study and practical application outside of uni.

  11. I went to college and got a useless degree and tens of thousands of dollars of debt….I worked for a while and didn't get really far in life, so my solution? I'm gonna go back and get more debt! That will fix all my problems, right? Like if I'm on the right track.

  12. Everything he said is very true, but there are very important jobs out there that require you to have a degree. But if costs are such an issue, join the military. GI Bill pays for your education and gives you a decent monthly stipend to be a full time student. I’d say it’s the best thing the military has to offer.

  13. American education is highly overrated. Even science college there teach how to be Political Liberals and Communism

  14. Nowadays the value of degrees are inflated.
    However,These days (unfortunately) college degrees are (quiet often) the basic ground to find oneself on the market place.
    Many good points JP (and funny as usual),

  15. The worst part is a soon as you graduate, almost every job needs ate
    Least 2 to 5 years experience….how tf….😐

  16. The cost is criminal.
    The loans are criminal.
    Cost + loans = Criminal^2
    Education is good.
    Diploma mills are bad.

  17. "My 14 year old web developer boss just fired me for lacking the practical skills to do the job… probably some racist…"

    Gen Z recognizes that academia, certain industry, and government are in cahoots with one another to maximize profits, tax revenue, and cheap labor… its too bad they don't use this knowledge to their advantage and would opt to smoke weed and do the bare minimum to pay their bills… further necessitating the collusion between government, industry, and academia. Tragic.

  18. This is painfully accurate. I went to college. I had a family that told me too. As a matter of fact, that's all they told. Wish someone told me to find my passion and pursue my dreams instead of going to some institute designed to program me to be a puzzle piece and not a puzzle solver. College is a waste of time and life. Everything you get in college you can get outside of it, save for that piece of paper.

  19. I got a degree and in college worked hard to set myself apart from the people who just went to class, now I make a great salary and make more money per year than the entirety of my loans owed. No scholarships, wasn't even a >3.5 student, just like all investments in life you get what you invested in and the work you put into it.
    Life lesson: College isn't high school, if your going to spend $50k+ on something push yourself to be worth 50k+

  20. Guys. You are the most capitalist country in the world, why don't you start alternative colleges rather than bitching around how your regular colleges suck? Make competition

  21. for normal people yes. get at bachelor and go to work. i love how in this type of debate people always mention bill gate and steve jobs, 2 out of 700b people in the world that make them a super rare special case. dont listen to people who say education did not matter, this a safest path. out of 200k garbage scavangers in my country i only heard 1 case of them actually struck gold in that garbage dump.

  22. Well, in my field, university is a necessary step. However, I understand it is not perfect in a general sense for everyone or even most people. And, US universities are super overpriced.

  23. I went to buisness school for a year and left the end of my second semester work as a contractor and am well off and will have a nice retirement thanks for nothing college

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