Higher education approved by father and son

hi I'm Harry and I'm looking at options for university hi I met and I miss dad and we can have a look around I need simulators real blinken's got a long legacy of working at agricultural space a lot of strength yeah if any history here Lincoln focuses upon land food and ecosystems from tourism and landscape architecture to agribusiness and valuation so this is the link the university demonstration dairy farm we always use an agricultural top university as well but there's so much more to it than that this allows our students to apply what they're learning in the appliance classes the real financial markets you're really interesting stuff life at Lincoln's pretty special everyone knows your name you've formed really close bonds but your classmate as well as for the Electress Layton have made a huge contribution to the wine sector energy on a lot of the so hands-on we've got a really strong sports scholarship program here on campus see if you can't replace on here as well we've got a wide range of clubs and sports join your walk that's not a bad place this is where our sports guys do a lot of their training and see what Lincoln excels another h2 sports so Lincoln's got 600 beads for noodle and constituents to come and stay and so this is one of our halls of residence pepper Cheers nice bit of service how you eat at home more swimmer it's harder than yours said oh yeah it's an awesome campus nothing what went on to university so that's our real class crooked I also sometimes you'll see the Black Caps out there Lincoln's grades are highly employable with 93% of our grades being and work that relates to the field of study for me Lincoln is definitely the perfect fit it's got everything that I've been looking for any University definitely see something for her in the future here [Applause]

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