Hexachords announces : Orb Composer S

15 thoughts on “Hexachords announces : Orb Composer S

  1. Quand y aura t-il un tutoriel en français même la démo ne m'avait pas convaincu ? je pense que ce genre de produit a de l'avenir mais je pense que le tester en local serait déjà une bonne chose. Merci

  2. A lil suggestion: Sounds on the fly, even if its just GM quality for reference! Then the user can choose to export the midi to their preferred DAW if needed. After all this application is based on a mockup concept for a composer. A few of us won't mind having a decent midi output. great job guys..This is a dream product made real!

  3. How to use Orb Composer new plugin feature with one instance of Native Instruments Kontakt across several channel instruments?

  4. Merci orb ! La plus grosse update depuis le début de cette aventure. L’incorporation des samples c’est super et c’est ce qu’il me fallait. Les drums la classe ! Manque juste un peu plus de simplicité dans la fabrication de mélodies. Je trouve que l’IA est trop exhuberante. Elle en fait trop. C’est trop aléatoire, l’humain est plus simple d’une certaine façon.

    Mais pour mon utilisation c’est parfait. Je compose mes mélodie et m sert de orb comme arrangeur/orchestrateur. Quel plaisir aussi de créer des backingtracks toujours différents et surprenants ! Pour travailler une improvisation sans cesse renouvelée.

    Encore milles mercis ! Continuez dans ce sens votre travail est révolutionnaire !

  5. thank you. can you please tell me more about "the new chord engine" and "drum engine"? and whats different with the old version?

  6. I bought this today while it’s still half price. I haven’t had time to use it yet but I’m hoping it’s not too complicated.

    Just an update. A week on and it’s brilliant and worth buying. I’m not an expert yet, but I’ve made an orchestral track with it and copied the midi to Reason 10. With a bit of cutting, copying and pasting I’ve written a piece of music which is different to my usual efforts and which I wouldn’t have been able to make otherwise. I’ve just finished mastering in T-Racks 5 and Im happy with the result. I know little more than nothing about music theory and I also know that some people will sneer, but I never had the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument when I was younger so for me, this is a way to finally make music that actually sounds the way I want it to.

  7. Legends! You guys had me worried about the constant delays but this is a huge game changer update now. I can tell hexachords is passionate to make this software extremely useful and ahead of the game. It's almost like 10 updates worth of features in one go. My only complaint is that while the autosave feature is awesome moving forward I hope the software can become more stable. But I am thoroughly impressed guys!

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