"Heroes of the Writers Strike"

21 thoughts on “"Heroes of the Writers Strike"

  1. Some people keep saying that the writer's should find new jobs. With that logic, we should cancel movies, plays, television, opera, and heck, just cancel all entertainment. That logic would lead to even more job losses. Do your homework. The writer's deserve to be paid for their work. The studios have caused this problem, not the writers!

  2. The poor old miners in the UK could have done with these guys back in 1984! Will these very funny scripts stop if you get what your asking for? 🙁

  3. As a son of a WGA member, AWESOMEEEEE. Youtube provides ample proof why this strike is so important, there's so much distribution online, if the writers lose out on this deal like they did VHS and DVD… they're screwed. Don't let the studios keep pushing around the most important but sadly under appreciated group in hollywood anymore! Go writers!!!

  4. Deuce Bigalow? I am sad to see the writers on strike, and i do support them whole- heartedly, but how can a guy who writes Bigalow still be in the buisness?

  5. here is what i really want to say: hey writers wake t.f.u. and start your own production companies…don't let "the man" rule you…rule the man…betch.

  6. free content to the writers guild is like free energy to power cars to the oil industry. america has a way of trying to squash the inevitable.
    the irony? we are all here checking out this nominally kick ass shit that someone wrote.

  7. you go guys (:
    i support you 100%
    you deserve way more money, because without you, there'd be no shows

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