Here's Why The Surface Book 2 Is Worth $3000

the Microsoft Surface book I know it came out a little while ago but somehow I didn't have a chance to try it out until now I'm rummaging through I'm like oh my goodness I've never made a dedicated video on any surface product this one right here three thousand dollars this is the surface book – thirteen point five inch core i7 processor it's got a geforce gtx 1050 you could do a little gaming on here one terabyte of storage and 16 gigs of RAM GTX 1050 in a surface 3,000 bucks you're not even get the pen inside the box for that three grand so there it is the surface book – highest spec level it's your usual power brick they give you an extra USB the bricks there anyways give me an extra USB this is one of the really unique things about this laptop this crazy hinge on it the charge port right here let's try it out at least it's magnetic we have a USB type-c dedicated volume to standard USB s and what looks like an SD card slot wait we have a headphone jack you have the 3 by 2 aspect ratio I really like this curvature on the side here trackpad down here clicky chiclet style very little flex in the keyboard pretty nice display actually three thousand by two thousand right well the speakers are up here I can see the almost hidden grills they'll work well with the tablet but also they're kind of an ear level let's go give them a test why not million subscribers easy just a lot of people it's more than the entire population of New York City ten million is a lot they're not the loudest I've heard but incredibly clear I think part of that is just the location of them but really where this thing differs from other laptops is when you go ahead and detach it and you just you know you take this to the couch there's a key on the keyboard right here right there to detach the unit so I'm gonna hit that and see what happens so now it's flashing oh look at that how nice is that way lighter than I expected so the whole thing is 3.4 pounds and most of it is down here if you just come back like this magnets it goes in will would you like to fill me in on the battery life as stated by Microsoft stop it he just said 17 hours what the base is responsible for about 12 hours 76 40 milliamp hour and then the clipboard as they call it is 2003 8 7 so 5 hours of battery life in here and then 12 hours in here and when connected 17 total you can find better values in a laptop if that's all you're looking for but what about ones that can do what this one does from a versatility perspective you have to grant it some leeway because it has that ability of course an Apple ecosystem you're expected to have a MacBook Pro and an iPad even though you're on a tablet you're on a full Windows operating system you aren't stepping from Mac OS over to iOS there's the pen as well I wish was included in the box all of a sudden you reach up you touch with precision or you detach all of a sudden I'm out and about look at me what aren't I doing mmm that's legit – super comfy of course has a button on it as well and an eraser nub and you can see how it understands the nuance of the stroke I think this is really interesting the whole package and I'm a little bit upset at myself from not having looked at it up until this point because this came out a while ago always liked products like that that can fill in a number of gaps you're a bit of an artist but you like to game a little bit over here but you need a good keyboard because you got to write an exam but you also need big battery life because you don't want to carry your power brick to university can this go on backwards as well we'll look at this that's your next mode as well maybe you want to eat lunch in front of it you know you have your lunch right here you stick an Xbox controller over here you've got a little portable console scenario and does this fold down as well you have a 17-hour tablet kaboom this is interesting this should have been on my radar it's really cool those are my initial impressions I told you 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46 thoughts on “Here's Why The Surface Book 2 Is Worth $3000

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  2. my only issues: 1. it drains battery faster than it charges while gaming! I found that if I can be in a very dark room and keep my brightness at about 50%, it survives for as long as I need! 2. I can't charge the tablet on its own 🙁 it's dumb, I usually pop it on the base backwards and I stick my hand inside of the keyboard to tip it up.

  3. BIGGEST PROBLEM: A "Bluetooth" keyboard that cannot be used while DETACHED. Too funny. Micro$oft GET THIS FIXED ASAP. Please. There're many occasions I'd like to type AWAY from the screen (and I'm definitely not the only one). The technology is already "baked-in" for crying out loud. Keep my thread up if you agree!

  4. watching this on my SB2 15" • have a 2018 MBPro as well. SBook is my go to . • • . . gaming, touchscreen, detachable full functioning tablet. It Rocks,

  5. 🤔 So how much $$ do you make per video? I would like to start my own channel and hope to reach 14mil subs one day. But wanted to know how much does 14mil subs yield? 😊

  6. $3000 toy. only if it was worth 3000. all they had to do was put 32gb of ram in it. that wouldn't kill the battery and you could do MUCH more with it.

  7. My dad got one from his work and I tried it today for some schoolwork and now I’m saving up for it. It’s just so nice.

  8. Definitely 10 – 20% too expensive for most of the configurations. BUT there just isn't anything else like it, as an artist, and content consumer, it's amazing. For me, if the price was more reasonable, I would buy it.

  9. I use Surface book1. I will say, you will get none of it , the battery, the tablet , the gaming machine? because they are all not top level. so disappointed, I miss my mac and ipad combination .


  11. I spent 3 times my laptop budget when I bought the first one… But I gotta say, I love the thing and it’s always been solid. No way is upgrading to the 2 worth it for me though. I’ve never needed any more speed yet, but maybe by the time the third one comes out

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