Here’s the second verse..

I feel like it might make things
interesting him to release it Jake Pollard’s Logan I know you’re here too
today was absolutely insane this right here is the second verse to Logan’s diss
track and he put it into my hands to decide what to do with it but before
that a whole entire day happened and part usual I’m gonna read it for you so
good morning Jake Paul is a dive right into it do this morning Jake Paul is
right now we are on set of Disney acting because I’m an actor bro and I’m you’re
my boy stop I don’t want I don’t want to get roasted just give me the pop tag in
our leaf you don’t want to be in my video no top tax box
I buy gosh
Team Canada oh my god I just realized I don’t like all this drama man please be
friends dude high five say you were kidding right it’s cool right yeah did
you really have to throw Disney Channel into your like rap though you know that
it’s everyday bro song rule like what is that you would be i’m not disney channel
flow I mean some people were misconstruing it as like your childish
flow we roasted yourself at the first line and roasted Disney Channel at the
same time no no no no no no what yeah but am i I’m just a kid with a
dream well Jessica Jason brought in an hour dammit I wrote the whole song in an
hour I’m not a rapper from no you’re not a rapper you prove that
trust me you prove that no but seriously you know I I’m a real no bro I wrote in
an hour you people thought I was being serious man that’s why he was not you’re
being serious it was funny low-key I was actually trying to rap it was still a
hot first line I came out of the car blazing like I was like out there cuz
it’s everyday bro next verse is good and someone’s much unit strength chance is
pretty good too Tessa she the hot verse but you had these two
verses where I was like I think you’re just trying to rhyme you know what you
know what I’m gonna do we’ll practice for years and years and years and I will
come back I might wrap give me two years of practice yeah a ghostwriter they do
that right they do that that’s my boy and good morning once again to you guys
did Jacob parlor sorry you’re so strong but really thank you guys for your
support every single day if you’re new here ok Paul and it’s lit every single
day but make sure you’re smiling make sure you’re definitely mater’s make sure
you’re working hard and we’re on set so we got to keep on acting as I do that so then I acted and acted because I’m an
actor bro I did some Disney Channel type of
stuff and then I made my way back to the team ten Chris oh wow
can I help you clean your room listen it’s already being done today
look bro I’m telling you Martinez phoned us Wow we had a whole plan old man all
they had to do was political organized in a black garbage bag but why can’t you
just do it we always were did my parents were roommates they would not let off my
oh he’s trying to come for us we’re cleaning it today Jake that’s the room
no we’ll be we’ll be in the blog today to need a tag yeah I channeled not IA
I was about to defend the Martinez twins for a sex the bro yes no come on now
I got Jake Palmer every day bro I don’t need clothes I just find it in your
Bible no no no literally this is all they do
they wake up in the morning and they’re like hmm
all my clothes are dirty let’s wash down the hallway is Jake in here laughter
dick sometime this block we got online every here I’m down there and then they
go okay it’s actually fun now I need a ball ok ready you can have that one that
was also on the website shameless plug much like in bio it’s usually filled no
no that’s a lot I’m not even joking a stack of T 10 folded in my house stack
I’m like what do I push this does doesn’t mean you walk into my room every
day and take Mike March which is for other people Greg fall snitch my dad
told me that you are doing that gotta follow my usual
what’s up see so you can walk how do you have it I’ll see you later
well y’all suck if you don’t have something you could take it but well I
guess I bet you have five of the same sir yeah I think about a Martinez has
won a piece and we have won a piece relax
I’m the one allele okay oh yeah a what is this nope yup you’re tell me
you’re not turning this in their YouTube videos we have million views right here
chance and Anthony like the screen oh look we’re getting two more bunk beds a
Walmart TV Xbox ps4 couch coffee table you name it we got this is the chill
room yo I’m sorry you’re going to be up here all room this members about to get
way more vlog content bro actually been helping them clean because I’m excited
about it bull you guys didn’t have a video idea and you’re like we need
exceed my room I’m glad that you guys are cleaning but I’m calling bullshit on
all of you Wow let’s do that again but this time
yeah Heights you okay oh so much better so much more
entertaining way better on YouTube when you do that and everything a warning
when I started off and now I realize it did be what I thought it would yeah
business is the first step to greatness guys make sure you’re getting in the gym
and getting great get your mind right get your party right and what we about
to do I don’t know who back at the t-ten house
I guess I’m we’re in a rush right now because max we’re gonna pool another
Hollywood prank basically if you guys don’t know what the Hollywood prank is
we invite someone new over to our house who’s never met any of us and mannose
always my friend yeah yeah cuz we don’t know it we don’t know your friends and
so max types them up and says like hey guys like don’t look Jake or like any of
them in the eyes like they’re really like hostile and like they think they’re
really famous we need to be meaner – yeah we got same dudes bro
if you guys don’t know this a lot of celebrities in Hollywood they don’t like
to be looked in the eye and like not saying we’re celebrities or anything but
like this before Bruce Lee yeah he’s going to tell her not to look us in the
eyes and that like we’re really pissed off and that I’m on like steroids and
I’m like roid rage ain’t you oh you thought it was a game I’ll be making you
I wouldn’t get a mini look at Latino let’s do the Hollywood prank I’m gonna
go talk to right now and be right back out there they’re walking up right now
max is like telling her that like we’re crazy dude that’s so dumb you yeah oh my
god they don’t want to pass three hundred thousand dollars this a million
dollars after the bare minimum 1 million dollars oh my god so this is ready I chase who would do that
thanks max to me please max max come in please why would you bring a friend
right now yo right now it’s 10 o’clock for 30000 why would you bring people
here why are you gay in the eye max did you tell her about my rule not
to look really high last friends max brought over did to see why do you
befriend people what does it take try to make sure we would have no people or
something are you smiling at me right now
why do you think you’re trying to help you need to clean up very joking oh my
god I feel so bad The Hollywood prank is the best and then
guys out of out of nowhere we get a knock out like a bunch of knocks on the
door like aggressively late at night I don’t even know what time it was nothing
of it we were like still kind of vlogging whatever and this comes he’s
not going to adore it 10 p.m. that’s crazy so
okay you see the control stand now thanks for your fan mail do you hear
someone yeah Korso on the matter some signatures really no yeah no yeah
balance like voting signature it does oh boy what is it woo
no no no what is a second borough is that the second verse
it’ll be ah to be no way why would he be giving it to you you’ve been wishing I
know hello hello no one here no does it no
it’s a prank whatever it is I’m just do it today we
got to try that I don’t know dude something’s not to pop off we should
have someone out here watching the door whoa I think so Frank snow bit the edges
get edges well where did it Frank why we give me the second verse two cameras the
cameras the cameras the cameras moving around here lights lights lights we’ve
been looking at this really fine minutes now the only person resaw leave was Ray
I thought you just find out what it is you see what it’s called it’s called do
you want to say it out loud no I’m staying out of t sv that thanks for the
second verse I’m opening this no it’s got to be a trance or something
why wouldn’t he say hi Colin yeah why would he give you that do you think it actually is second verse
though you saw what was about to happen with the second verse yeah bro the way
that first learned it you know put it on headphone and I’m going to see if
there’s a second verse there but oh you’re going to look at the video are
you just going I’m just getting out oh no I’m not I’m going to listen for one
second you could go like this and just listen I think that’s the movie and then
decide if you want to watch it and we could burn it right now it said never do
you know what did you just destroy this I think we don’t leave no choice I get
so options yeah it’s not a very controlling why don’t you call Hagen
Hansel woods I called him already I don’t try him he wants me to be in
control but why would I release it the low game just talk smack about me
no you wouldn’t really say hello angels no I mean the low gate like see now low
gangs now they’re going to be like Oh Jake we’re a Jake pull like they were
roasting in the whole entire time now to me it seems like I have the power to do
what I want with it I could show it I could erase it I could react to it do a
chance and just yeah delete it yeah I like to lead it or react yes goes on
that angry mob of a but but but no I think he feels that it is giving it to
you let me listen let me listen yeah put it down oh shit oh shit no look
don’t look what is it magician bird I was not a
prank Pam if you’re watching this turn on low
gang I know you’re here I hate this mole well gangjae Polar’s thing and now you
guys are going to be like Oh Jake we want you to release it like I mean first
of all comment what you guys think I should do I feel like it might make
things interesting you to release it okay
you release it it would have to be in a react that’d be like a YouTube you guys
do know I’m hyper oh wait wait hold that now I Pro if we’re going in like first
of all just off that first one hate it if I release it like everyone’s going to
be like wow Logan you’re a dick off the first line so what was the first line
though it hurt how do you want us to know what it is you’re like the thing is
the thing is if you get like 200,000 subscribers right now you should Adam
agrees I like it like that is some butter on the top I mean if you guys
want to go for that I might do that I might go for that the thing is that I
need to think on this the first line is I don’t know what to do and like I’m
kind of mad at the low gang like the low gang and the Jake callers are basically
the same thing there’s no like an owl bro but but the Jake callers are like
always here and the low gang is like sometimes there but when I like made a
joke song they just all attacked me but then it was okay for Logan to do it but
and then now they’re going to be like release it release it so like Logan I
feel like I would appreciate apology I don’t know like I feel like I’m just
torn right now eject very good time
we got our high-risk leave on maybe a little quick this can declare war or
this can mean nothing it can create peace they can create peace so Drake
Pollard’s I don’t know what to do I might need your encouragement
I’m definitely need your subscriptions oh my god even just the first line hmm
I’m torn the only thing I can do right now is sleep on it like it’s already
late here and I don’t want to make like a dumb decision how do you want to talk
about it really I guess I’m just gonna see you tomorrow but don’t forget about
the easy giveaway that I’m doing guys I’m giving away five pairs of Easy’s all
yeah just follow me on instagram at jake paul and follow how to kicks on
instagram always plug Jake Paul and merge link in bio get it while it’s hot
baby for restocking some stuff so go check it out I’m gonna go to sleep and
figure out what to do with this I’ll see you tomorrow because every day bro Jake
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content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team 10 should
see you guys tomorrow

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