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a fellow riders today I have a special guest with me my husband he is a chiropractor and he is always harping on me for my writing posture ever since I started writing I spent a lot of time obviously on my computer and I develop a lot of tension and pain in my neck and back and thank heavens I have a chiropractor who I live with that can help me but for those of you who might not be married to a chiropractor we have two stretches and two strengthening exercises to help you as a writer with your neck and back so let's get started okay so depending on your writing situation there's gonna be different variables I know my wife uses the laptop to wait right on and laptops that are kind of difficult because the keyboard and the screen are attached and really the screen should be at the level of your eyes and the keyboard should be at the level to where your arms are at a 90 degree angle or so and so that's hard to do with a laptop but anyway what we do see is oftentimes I'll see kind of this position right here leaning forward kind of whether it's on the chair on the couch ideally the positioning would be with a straight back shoulders back together looking straight ahead and taking a good posture this way and oftentimes when I see from people that are typing a lot is they have a lot of tightness in through the PEC chest area and that's partially due to that rolling forward of the shoulders and I also see that they have neck or upper back tightness and pain oftentimes from I'm kind of a hunching over effect and so those are kind of be the muscle areas that we'll be addressing during this video okay so the first stretch I'm going to show you is gonna be to help with some of the tightness in through the chest arm area and that's gonna be you'll need basically go against the wall you'll keep your hand flat against the wall behind you and then go get your your body close to the wall with your hand directly behind your shoulder and you're gonna stick your feet here and with the so I'm using my left arm so my left foot lift forward and I'm going to keep my body relatively square perpendicular to the wall and I'm going to kind of lean forward with my arm stretch behind me I'm gonna do with my arm straight behind me and I'm gonna put my arm up at an angle here and that the angle will help get kind of this really get into this PEC PEC muscle and help stretch that out so this one you can use it foam roller for or if you don't have a foam roller well they're pretty cheap on Amazon they're great to have but you can also use a soccer ball or other ball just if you're using a ball keep it a little bit less than fully inflated we'll help out with this stretch but this one's gonna be to help with the upper back tightness as well as the chest tightness and essentially let's put the foam roller between your shoulder blades on your upper back and you're gonna want to make sure that your your your butt stays on the ground for this exercise then you're gonna put your hands behind your head and you're going to extend right over that foam roller you might get a couple of pops or cracks in your back during this that's nothing to worry about it's just cavitation of the joints and then you can kind of extend move up and down slightly to get different areas of the spine I wouldn't suggest doing this on the low back this is meant basically for only the upper back but you can get it all the way from the base of the neck down down to about mid back area you can work with that one if you do with the ball it's basically the same thing so if I want to get the upper back I'm gonna put it up at the base of my neck there keep my keep my backside on the ground and I'm gonna extend over that ball maybe hold it for a few seconds come back up move the ball down a little bit on my spine and then extend back over that ball this is gonna get your really good upper back stretch make sure you don't bring that pelvis off the ground okay nice yeah and this one you can hang out on for a while I mean you don't have to rush it you're gonna kind of get a deep stretch through that upper back and through that chest area it comes to strengthening muscles that have beneficial for people that are in the position of riding on a computer a lot there's two main areas we want to focus on the first area is the area between the shoulder blades in your upper back area and that's gonna help kind of bring your chest and your shoulders back and down which is the posture that we want to have the second area that we want to strengthen is actually the anterior neck muscles it oftentimes people get this posture with the head coming forward and that's actually due in part due to weak anterior neck muscles so that's another area we want to strengthen to help keep your head back over the shoulders where it should be so the first drink and exercise we're gonna do is going to be a wall angel during the wall Angel you want to make sure to concentrate on your shoulder blades being together and down okay so essentially what you're gonna do is you're gonna start off with your body against the wall my shoulder blades are back and down and I'm gonna put my arms against the wall here then with my shoulder blades back and down being careful not to like overextend my back my foot bites back and down I'm going to bring my arms above my head just as if I'm making like a snow angel butt on the wall and I'm really trying to work those back muscles and keep my shoulder blades back and down and together the place where this gets tricky is when you're bringing your arms up because when you bring your arms up people have this tendency to kind of bring their shoulders up but I want you to keep those shoulders down that's gonna help build that strengthen those muscles and you can do about three sets of ten of these there's a really good strengthening exercise so the last one we're gonna do is gonna be a chin tuck exercise and I'll demonstrate this one from the side essentially you're just going to take your chin and you're gonna bring it straight back okay so notice I'm not extending my head this way or tucking my chin down this way I just try to bring my chin straight back and you can hold that for 10 seconds or so and then relax and then bring it straight back again this one's gonna feel kind of weird and maybe seem kind of like an odd exercise since you're kind of making that double chain but it's a really good one especially if you have neck pain or if you notice that you're you're kind of developing this posture of the head kind of coming forward on your shoulders so one last thing I want to emphasize is if you're someone that lifts weight or works out at the gym I want to emphasize that you focus a lot on doing strengthening of your back muscles and focus less on strengthening of kind of the forward muscles like you see a lot of people in the gym that work on computers all day and they're spending most their time doing bicep curls or they're doing chest presses or they're doing push-ups and they're kind of strengthening those muscles that they're have tight from work all day when they should be doing more strengthening of the back muscles so anything that's gonna have you pulling or rowing are great for strengthening those muscles that are that are gonna kind of counteract that postural imbalance that you might get from writing thanks dr. Rob Rick you're welcome so I hope you guys try these strengthening and stretching exercises at home if you like this video give it a thumbs up so I know to make more videos like this dr. fro berg has plenty of stretches that he says that he can show us and that he always recommends for me to do any better riding him though huh as always thank you for watching and don't forget to enter my June giveaway it's linked in the Rafflecopter below I'll be making a book aesthetic for two people and I'm really excited about that awesome I love ya that's where you get like nine pictures that represent the book yeah my pretty pictures in them mm-hmm they're really cool anyways thank you for watching and happy writing oh yeah it gets really tricky here oh my god your left arms a bit delayed oh yeah you have to workout me later oh good form dr. Probert Wow other than you want to miss you want to your mid-back mid mid to upper back watch out the ball is definitely Oh

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  1. Ah! Thank you SO much for this! It’s seriously so helpful. My neck and shoulders have been killing me lately and I’ve been looking for some good stretches and exercises to help. The last part about working the back muscles instead of the chest and biceps at the gym was especially helpful

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