Help WARM BODIES author Isaac Marion stay alive!

hi I’m Isaac Marion I’m alone in a forest! I live out here now so I can work all the time and not have to deal with
distractions like fun and human contact anyway remember that movie warm bodies
about the handsome zombie who falls in love with a manic pixie nightmare girl
and magically comes back to life? I wrote that book and then three more books in
that series and while the movie takes more of a youthful romantic comedy
approach the books were actually kinda serious I wanted to use this goofy pop culture trope to explore some heavier stuff like dealing with
depression, and looking for a place to belong in the world and holding on to
hope when the world is falling apart taking dumb ideas too seriously is kind
of my thing I’ve written stories from the perspectives of this and this and
also this and one of these in my next novels I might write about the last
organic humans in a post human robot future or maybe an indestructible man
who outlives the universe a psychedelic parallel earth that’s running inside our
dreams I like weird stuff I don’t know or care what genre I’m writing I just
like to see what life looks like through a warped lens and I need your help to
keep doing it but wait, you ask, why does a best-selling author with a hit movie
need my help aren’t you, like, set for life? NOPE. Turns out that’s not how success works. I got one big paycheck when Hollywood bought
warm bodies and that was it no cut of the box-office no merch money and bafflingly little support for the sequels critics like them readers like
them but they weren’t bestsellers so my publisher dropped me what I found was a frightened industry too worried about survival to take any chances on
unconventional authors fiction sales are dropping every year, readers are
disappearing into Netflix and the market is forcing literature into increasingly
narrow boxes It’s kindof a bad time to be weird. or just to be a writer in
general am i right? am I…writer? am I…not…be…writer…anymore? I ended up releasing the last book in the Warm Bodies series myself but I’m not the kind of author who can make it in the indie game either. I can’t write a novel every month to sell as bargain ebooks I can’t target genres and follow formulas to game the Amazon charts I write big personal stories that really mean something to me and they take years. so I’m down to three options give up on writing and get a real job crush myself into a more sellable shape and start writing quick and easy formula fiction or double down on the work that inspires me, and hope someone cares enough to support it I’m choosing that one. I uprooted my life in Seattle, sold
everything I don’t need and moved to a remote island cabin I’m cutting away all distractions and pouring everything I have into one last attempt to make this writer thing work I’ll probably go crazy out here and I want you to go with me! so what am I actually making? mostly I’m writing a new novel but I’m
also working on a book of poems and short stories woven into photography I’m
making a tiny podcast called eyes up which will be short poetic vignettes
about noticing tiny things and after 12 years of repressing my musical urges to
work on profitable projects I’m finally gonna record a new album so
if you like what I do and you want me to be able to keep doing it I’m asking you
to try out this new approach to supporting art and go beyond buying the
product and actually invest in the artist if you’ll take that leap with me
you’ll become part of the process in a way that wasn’t possible before by
joining this private patron club where I can share stuff that I wouldn’t be
able to share anywhere else unpublished stories abandoned projects sneak peeks
at current ones deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes secrets from warm
bodies the book and the movie tales from my ride through Hollywood private live
streams and windows into my everyday life if you’re into that witness my
inevitable descent into madness as I live and work alone in the woods not safe. not safe. I’m really exited about this. it’s a chance to build a closer
community where I’m free to share stuff that would be too personal or too risky
or too embarrassing for public social media you’re investing on a much deeper
level and that means I can trust you right? I’m calling this the Flammarion
Club based on the Flammarion engraving which I obviously like a lot, because
it’s about leaving the familiar world behind and exploring the unknown so
let’s see if we can bypass those broken industries and try to make something
more authentic let’s be like this guy and this guy
let’s see what’s out there I’ll uh…I’ll be out here!

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