Helen Keller – Deafblind Author & Activist | Mini Bio | Biography

33 thoughts on “Helen Keller – Deafblind Author & Activist | Mini Bio | Biography

  1. Helen was a socialist. The House Committee on Un-American Activities wanted her to testify but the optics would have been political suicide. So she didn't.

  2. Helen Keller was a socialist, and a feminist. History has been fabricated about many ppl as well as Abraham Lincoln who actually wanted slaves but was outvoted.

  3. I couldn't imagine what opposite future would Helen have if Annie Sullivan didn't happened to her life. 💛💛💛💛

  4. So all of us are heroes if u consider what we do today!!! Stand up against geoengineering chemtrails poison clouds. They're killing us!!!

  5. There's Patti Duke who played her in a movie. Didn't know they actually met. I remember hearing about Helen growing up. I would have been in 8th grade when she passed.

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