Hayes Carll – "Drunken Poet's Dream"

40 thoughts on “Hayes Carll – "Drunken Poet's Dream"

  1. she's right as wrong, nothing about Rome y'all. if you were Texan you'd be able to understand the lyrics. or better yet had ever seen him perform on the island at Old Quarter drinking a Starbock!! just saying is all

  2. A lot of talent here. I couldn't help but think that he was, maybe, deliberately (?) off key here. But that could be part of the art for all I know.

  3. thank god we all listen to good music and not the bullshit on the radio…top 3 bands/singer Sturgill Simpson, Turnpike Troubadour, Stoney LaRue

  4. I see all y'all talking trash about señor Hayes. Fuck you I've made babies to his music. Bjs is cool to but this is Mr.Carl's song.

  5. I can't decide if I like Hayes' or Ray Wylie's version better.  They are both so great, and have a completely different feel.

  6. yeah they co-wrote the song but both make it there own by using slightly different lyrics to suite there own taste……not to mention a totally different vibe musically speaking

  7. @totallytubular12 What country-folk artist isn't to some extent a "Bob Dylan ripoff"? Clever lyrics + acoustic guitar = unoriginal? I think not; he's working within the confines of a genre. Plus, (not a dig on Bob, mind you…) Hayes' voice is tenfold more charismatic than Bob's. But, like you said, "to each his own".

  8. "I got a woman she's wild as Rome
    She likes to lay naked and be gazed upon
    She crosses a bridge and then sets it on fire
    Lands like a bird on a telephone wire"
    –this is my kind of woman 🙂

  9. @totallytubular12 your listening, but you dont hear it. that's cool. I for one cant wait to see him in april. in wisconsin of all places.

  10. great stuff, still like Texas memories…

    she taste's like pills and cheap cologne… that's the stuff

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