HAVE WE SAVED HER? | Fruits of the Literature Club Chapter 5 – ENDING (Sayori Route)

hey guys what is up zero here and welcome back to fruits of the literature club chapter five sailor ear out it is time I think this might be the final part kind of feels that we're going the end of a route seems like we solved the main conflict at least for now so let me just adjust my mic a bit alright I think we are I think we are I think we're getting to the job I think we're getting to the end of here and yeah last episode we got out of the forest let's say Ori not before Monica got attacked again like Jesus Christ Monica cannot catch a break and say or out like shit yeah she got attacked again and she had the you know fight off a dude luckily Julia saved her and you know I'm seals in the hospital and all that other jazz but yeah things were fine so now we were going to sleep at our salaries gonna be sleeping at our house I guess for more safety III don't I guess I guess for safety reasons I honestly just think it's because we're in a relationship with her I mean if we're talking about safety reasons maybe she shouldn't be around me I should be taken into like custody or something maybe in Julia's house or something we're talk about actual safety yeah clearly we're not the safest person to be around so pretty sure the only reason she's here is because lobby time so much but suddenly we heard a noise hmm let's see what that noises in his time what's that noise my eyes are closed my ears are very much open sorry god I heard a noise shuffling in the bed I realize say or he's not here what I didn't feel her leave shifting it's sitting up in my beds I look around the room my bedroom door is open but say orys isn't anywhere to be seen how the heck do you not feel somebody to move away from your bed they flew away it's probably I was about to say that he probably was in white man was knocked out he was out cold I silently get off of off my bed and move towards the door the dark house remains completely silent still old which gives me an eerie feeling that tingles up my back walking into the hallway and leaving my room I look around listening for any noise or movement the bathroom door opens and my head snaps to it and say or he walks out of it give me a sudden startled o0 you're away yeah I heard a noise oh ye that was me I was using the bathroom I say my guard down for a moment I returned to my bedroom and sit down onto the bed sorry it follows me and sits down next to me look into my eyes there's sapphires and almost seemed to grow into glow-in-the-dark you okay yeah just snow recovering from everything Sun ache and my shoulder burns of me so I attempt a rub and comb it yeah I guess I'm a little on edge too it's all just so scary but then I remembered I have you to protect me he lucky I care for you show her my good arm and gently pets they were his back she giggles silently and then wraps her arms around man thank you again my hero don't mention it pull it closer means your ester head on my shoulder still hugging me love sit down silently embracing each other until she yawns loudly say Orion dice scoop back against the wall while sitting on the bed to make herself more comfortable you can use ice tearing a head on my shoulder until falling asleep silently it's kind of cute actually that'd be it slightly annoying since I'm nine of them since I'm not a bed if you're gonna rest on that I'll make an exception or her plus it's kind of nice yeah don't be an ass now man come on it's nice when people lay down on your don't be they'll don't be like that yeah give Sarah a few minutes to fall into a good depth of rest until I lie her down onto the bed I face squints for a second but needs us back to a neutral face of someone in a peaceful rest lucky girl I don't think I could fall asleep that easily after all that's happened giving my voice down look around the room and take a second to reflect on everything for yet another time tonight maybe battle-hardened that does not mean anyway I'm immune to stress normally I won't be as affected if salary wasn't involved son shock everything welling up on me it gives me an odd feeling mine runs through several possible scenarios and hypotheticals of what could have happened tonight each one place through with a lot of detail that either raises or lowers my overall anxiety to rescue a half from the hell I'm experiencing right now is when CRE shovels in bed rolls onto her side the risk of severe depths in my conscious and brings it back to reality and I thought my mind was envisioning ever happened thank God I also get some sleep to exhaust leap up with this looking under the blankets I already I my head down on my pillow and closed my eyes well that was a moment I guess I don't know what just happened there we just woke up and then said I love you say Orie then we went back to sleep that happened nobody enjoyed the club welcome to a familiar and warm atmosphere that visit it as a visited for a while zero welcome back Monica walks over and greets me smiling yo Monica how are you feeling I'm great I'm also really glad you decided to come in today yeah it's been overdue for a couple of days now I've been busy after school lately so I never really had the time to come in I understand well we're going to be started soon here find a seat and get comfortable all right Monica turns and walks towards our desk she walks both URI now let's get her out from behind her look who's finally back he took you long enough yeah it's not like I was busy rescuing your friend and making sure the rest of you are safe or anything well it's good to have you in her back not that not that means I miss you too or something yes it's gonna have you and say already back zero I believe all of us missed you dearly especially after everything that's happened I guess it would be alive I said I didn't miss being here either and I know say I already missed you all extremely I look past both of the girls and watch they already help Monica what something at her desk if you look to me from across the Roman waves thank you for doing all you did for say Ari I know you got her doing it but again thank you Gary blushes and looks away yeah I heard you got really hurt are you okay how did I care or anything it's just right okay now so you got calm down to from Derek just night now you're just spouting random some dairy line yeah well you said it twice now not to you you do do it once that's fine you do it twice alright yeah calm down if I see a third time it's over I see stammers are words her so I can before I raise my hand up to stop her going to be okay it's only been three days since that night I'm not recovering quickly that's good she looks off to the side worried for a moment know even through her attitude I can tell she's a genuine concern about my health and well-being since we haven't since the incident nice American with my arms around to provide mobility I also heard you confronted some of the people were bullying say or you're at the school the other day only I forgot about that Sun plum I forgot that was a thing that's correct that is very noble of you you're a class her hands together and holds him to her chest she was picturing herself in say or his shoes nice looks intrigued and pops her head up for a second before looking away again say her he's been very happy since she came back then normally when you weren't around she would be not ski how would you describe it well she's always bright when you're around but before we actually started coming to school here she was her brightness was dim nicely mixed quote to her fingers both referring to savory depression which has been hitting her hard recently until the kidnapping of course finally we're gonna talk about this again never took a backseat for awhile I'm glad you didn't fly out the window he had a seatbelt on all right come on buddy you could come in the front seat now you're the main issue hasn't been hitting your hard she won't be short aside a depression in that what I'm pretty sure in the one time we confess to her if I recall correctly that sounds like a good medical exhibit yeah the doctors would have told me that look we'll talk about that later yes but afterwards I expect your depression to worsen it was result of everything because normally a person suffers from depression i amplify the emotions they feel exactly causing your mind to make them think there where the calls will happen in general just making her depression worse exactly but it didn't so why get gate the game made maybe they'll explain maybe but I haven't seen summer like then all lately in fact has been especially bubbly and joyous I don't know whether to be worried or happy or did you stay observant just in case yeah I guess lately she has been a lot happier which I would prefer to the alternative don't you think it was not an agreement moniker calls Yuri over to her what she turns and shuffles away leaving me and not to get the front of the room nice it's gonna be hesitantly before finally speaking and breaking the somewhat awkward silence returned us listen make this quick because I don't want you thinking of to being too mushy or anything but thank you for protecting my friend and getting her back to a safe and sound her good friend you're also a good boyfriend sore I'm sorry for saying that you weren't actually this away from me and seems hurt by her own words place a hand on my shoulder and look into her eyes so she can face me I understand the time you're upset it's natural for someone to throw blame around there's something that this happens when they don't want it's one two or realize that they are I accept your apology now it's he saying another word she closes her eyes and gives me a hug huh hell are you doing she's squeezing me for a second and then it releases me don't get any weird ideas just want to see you were good friend and I guess a hug was a good way of expressing that I see pattern on the hedge and gently and Shira coils don't mess up my hair I was already messed up before I Pat you I chuckle devilish it of myself but she gently hits me on my good arm is it just me or does the MC have more chemistry with Natsuki they doesn't say all right because I just realized something I'm like both of them don't like showing their emotions like EMC is a tsundere I've come to this conclusion literally Sassoon the fruits MC is a soon he really is like anytime someone shows love or appreciation for him he's all like what are you doing get off me woman yeah but really we all know he secretly it cares about them and stolen likes it so he's a soon no wonder the knots key routes my favorite route cuz they're perfect for each other both soon's I don't know I feel like with with regular MC I would say he works well I would say I like him more with Monica and even fruits MC in the beginning I kind of liked him more with Monica but the more I think about it I feel like he fits more not ski because they're both soon I don't know we'll see what happens boy he definitely has a tsundere esque nature chuckle devil shitting myself she gently hits me on my good arm it's good to have you back dummy she smiles and walked back to her desk sorry looks over and then walks up to me hi zero yo sorry how you doing I'm doing fantastic today I'm so glad you're back in the club I never left decided to take care of some stuff and Julia for the last few days did everything go okay yep I have the time to spend here at the club take my hand we get in the ruffle her hair with it and you stop he was blushing face also leave the onions I mean feeling today so they've been three days I've read the forest to savor to turn to sting her hat was staying at her house and I'm still a mine but lately I've been at the club since Julie and I've been having regular meet up to discuss additional information so far the important has been uncovered but it looks as if a majority of the group were involved are now in custody and as a result of that I haven't seen say very much these last few days outside of class so I guess seeing her and being able to spend time with her here is a good thing so are you happy to be back of course I won that day yeah I don't know to be honest I'm only glad to be here back at the literature Club words ago word does go around the school so new people know I had a hand and bringing salary back to what extent still is a mystery to me which gives me no right or notoriety I don't really desire some other guys mangoes class kept asking me questions about it even offer much response to them slowly pisses me off with some people one they wanted to my business like it's their own I guess this is easy to ignore them or black or blindside them with something different never do so though everything calmed down so her grabs on my arm and gently pulls me to the other girls come on we start the club already we can all have fun another girl's smile and get into their seats club when is normal I'll talk about different kinds lyrics are in poems and drug busts a already misunderstanding a word you're in now she tried their best to get se ory and I talk about talk about the cool things that did to save her but thankfully Sarah understands that it is both we bet his best we both stay quiet about what happened just kept a normal bubbly face on and said something really corny like he he was my hero in which the other girls would all all and look directly at man I'm going to lie a little weird we pointed that position and I hope it's hope to god it's the last time they look at me and do that but after each of us read poems to each other take a slip the paper on my talk and I placed on the desk in front of me you see the girls look at me but wildermann does I've just pulled a bar of gold out of my pocket you wrote a poem of course I did you did say they were gonna read poems today alright yeah because of what happened I didn't really expect you to bring one in surprise I can't wait to read it I've been it's been a while since I've read one of your poems I am interested well it can't be better than mine's let's see where this road is brought man but ahead of me was paved with dirt and gravel beyond meandering through the bumps and gaps of my daily tribulations but something changed along the way and the dirt turned to grass rocks turned the flowers attempted to deny this false pretense my mind beheld some reason I didn't question it kept going clouds overhead dissipated and this and the Sun shone down on me once more it feels as if it was forever since I last saw it the road ahead has a stop in it as I approached it I saw her picture embodiment of everything I was missing as a person well sir I god I'm scared to became the better I felt she sat down in a patch of grass smiling at the world she saw me I saw her it all changed instead of turning away and scoffing like my past she took my hands into hers and made the road ahead or road worth traveling she's by my side now walking the same Road how things ended up this way I'll never know but one thing I do know is where this road has brought me well there you go good job see I told you guys is a good boss a good poet none of y'all believe me I never knew Batman kurai poems either but you know it's what happens when you're a millionaire it's got people who can hire for that shit shut it you never will be Batman I don't know he said a pretty Batman s Klein last episode for some people pointed out he was like that night isn't over yet the night isn't over yet Alfred no he's not snitch I'll give him Batman he can't Nick he's not snake yeah I'm not giving him snake snakes too much of a bad you could be Batman he can't be big boss no one could be big boss oh yes but ultimate badass he is because he can make a cardboard box look badass he can kick your ass and I'm using a cardboard box if that's not badass I don't know what is man can literally use anything and kick your ass he's a badass no one could be as good as Big Boss that's what the girls like stunned except for say Orie she looks off to the side China had her face red as a cherry right now amazing you did a very good job at the language:0 whoa thank you zero siree scoot your chair closer to me and wraps her arms around me well you're welcome I'm glad you liked it I fold the paper back up and hand it to say worried who takes it in hold it against her chest I love it so much it's a zero poem about me he okay everyone I think that's going to be a good place to leave it for today masking Yuri turn away and stood to pack up their things Monika looks at me and gives me a sneaky wink and look so sorry Sarah looks back at me and I can already predict what she's going to say zero can we yes we can walk home together yay Naga gets up and starts to pack up her stuff as well so already seems I've gotten everything ready to leave I've got my backpack sling one of the straps over my good shoulder and start toilet door with her she and I leave the room you grasp my hand with hers and stays close to me you both meet our old spot and split up hey zero hmm do you want to hang out later I don't see why not I just got to go get something for Julia and then I'll head over okay he sorry beams and gives me a hug I get ready to retaliate let's go and shots off towards her house i watch her as she goes and I walk to my house I've taught some backpack on one of my couches and grab a small manila envelope those placed neatly on a small coffee table in the middle of my living room it's labeled zero with familiar neat handwriting from a specific brunette I know they can see under the couch and open the envelope and examine the contents inside are several files and documents about the people who are detained and killed tonight I brought say our way back initially there was anything that's useful you can't really just tell something's useful its first glance actually told me to look for outliers such as age race occupation or finances the people involved or scatter across the board so there's little I can gather from that other than the operating group not discriminating against age they'll take whoever they won their ranks the races to I also mixed which is it's a lot of crime syndicates are predominantly Caucasian Hispanic or african-american so this group once again will take anyone in their ranks which don't necessarily seem to strike me as an organized crime sort of deal I keep a she's a little telling anything useful at all and I have to do finances so our overall conclusion is that these people were hired to do the things they do but by who we don't know police interrogations don't tell us anything useful either scowling to myself I put the documents back into the envelope and slide it into my couch seats as a temporary stash my phone dings it detects measures from salary hey I'm gonna take a shower and clean up before you come over sorry if I take a bit sir he says he one of her usual emoticons and I just offer in a knowledge much and put my phone back in my pocket leaning back into the couch for Julia to give me a call so we can discuss a few things and it is along for sure rising my door and invites herself in I returned the envelope to Julia and we conclude that until one of the people in custody breaks about their boss I think I'll provide is going to be useful it was an irritated sigh I accepted and followed Julie outside outside Julia I continue to talk in her car for longer than I really expected or wanted us to she gave me the normal run the but around then no one should know of how much involvement I had in the situation and if possible no any involvement completely it's customary for agents of the company did not exist when things like this happen which I'm more in tune with since I'm easily able to work in the shadows and disappear just as quickly as I appeared let me finish our talk and the Sun has started to go down in the night creeps up close the door behind me grab a quick glass water and down it from the faucet I still haven't heard anything from sigh or ease and she messaged me earlier small twinge of uncertainty starts to envelop me and makes me feel like I should go check on her I mean I'm done with Julia anyway putting a glass away in the cupboard I exit the front door and start walking to Sara's house she's probably fine I know it takes me forever to take a shower walking into her house the lights downstairs are off oh it's a small power surge it takes a second master just but something just feels off great to be safe I decided to call off her and just go to her room quietly skulking up the stairs I finally reached Sara's bedroom doors closed the light inside is on I pressed my index and middle fingers against the top of the doorknob it's cold so known as touched her recently say hurry said she was gonna take a shower earlier so I quietly turn the head to her about it heard it said to her bathroom and saya knows there's some humidity still lurking in there and a damp towel but no se re so she must be in her room but that's odd she isn't making any noise or movement at all after enter a door and I swallowed what's alive I have my mouth and I gently opened the door we should open doors like normal people oh my god it's other MC where's that guy is that oh it's Kangin that's first I was like is that exit music extinct oh holy shit he's crossed bonds they were taken home I give a gun I'm are you waiting for me for so long no show up eventually Kagan what the hell site before me really freezes meet me in my tracks Kagan's holding say aura against his chest no I'm wrapped around her waist and the others pointing a gun at her head blood instantly turns cold and he looks into my eyes finally Jesus Christ you take so long just check up on your waiting fucking creep bad villain say worried what did he do you know sorry sobs helplessly trying to pry his arms away from her oh come on sweetheart you can say it get your hands off of her Kagan my voice calm try to rationalize situation what exactly is going on not a counter it Kagan's appearances dissembled like he was under a lot of stress and finally snapped because I was a common cold as if this was planned it's a couple of scratches on his arms definitely are trying to get out of his chokehold old old looks to be a generic 9-millimeter handgun his finger already on the trigger ready to fire no I don't think I will you don't control what happens anymore I do Kagan you hurt her I swear to god I'll make sure you suffer a fate worse than death at this point what are you going to do I have the gun and I'll do what I want with it an offer a response and just slowly paced the left side of the room taking chef Sam and say Ari so they're constantly facing me head-on I can't get an angle on either of them and want you to stay back against that wall right there naw so the wall that say where's calendar posted on it so they comply close to the wall so I contacted me tears trailing downer panicked face and there's anger taking over me to my best to remain calm and collected done that Kagan holes doesn't look like it has a modified trigger system so I could figure out what type of gun a handgun has determined the pressure needed to discharge a record discharge around Arras doing anything if it means they or he gets hurt and it's we do there's both my hands outwards on my ways to show Kagan I do not have anything in my hands about to make me get to a choice aren't you doing this I was trained to do this to show that I'm not much of a threat to the aggressor as he is to me the most makes them feel like they're in more control of the situation are you here Kagan what does it look like it looks like you're just setting yourself up for failure here failure failure I've already one zero one what exactly ever since you came here you've heard everything I've had planned planned so you mean everything was planned to circumvent you if you're not showing up that night I looked through Sara's bedroom window no no this would have happened you got involved in something you really shouldn't have you're the reason all this happened someone like you shouldn't be around girls like say Orry she's sweet caring and trusting but you you have the eyes of a killer the demeanor of a man who knows only to harm and not heal you're better off a loner in school mind yourself remained the weirdo they'll initially thought you were so you mean to say because I stopped your perverted peep session you caused everything to happen for lack of better terms yes so the kidnapping was planned by you kind of yeah people do almost anything if you promise them what they want so you purposely hurt the girl you're desired sometimes you have to do what's necessary to justify your means Kagan you're fucking stupid all right clearly he's insane but also alright you're a smart guy you understand this I I don't see how hurting an innocent girl when your problems are with me would justify any of the atrocities you've committed paid people to police say or eise you could stand up against them a protector guilty as charged that's nothing compared to what you have done zero in the last 24 hours how many people have you killed well yeah I know I was the one organizing all of it dumbass surprise you son of a bitch Oh getting a little mean now eh how could you put say Orry through all of this you've caused too much trouble for me to just let this go people at school talk about much of a hero you are but how you save so away from hell and you were her angel God it should have been me let me guess your plan to save Sarah from the kidnappers just like you originally planned with the bullies now you're catching on it's easy when a girl's hard overview say versus what stole what stock stockily stole Khalid Stella cliff its stoic loose like I just said no like you knew nice try Monica so oh you can't hear the music anyway yeah back to yo burr can get him right now gentle bird it's easier what girls heart over you savor stoically and it was going swimmingly until you showed up reward it all started around your parade there Kagan shut the fuck up I don't want to hear your smartass mouth right now please shut up say Orry I'm a little busy dealing with the cockroaches and bothering me he presses the barrel of the gun to his temple and my stress comedian lee skyrockets so you decided after I've ruined all of your plans you were just gonna pull a stunt like this but exactly do you think something as genius as this will accomplish in the end get on your knees and begged me to keep say aria-live no please oh please mr. gunman please don't hurt my girlfriend and make a mocking told my boys new slide jazz hands that insult to injury do you think I'm joking at this point I just want you dead you've gone my life will be so much easier sing the same could be said about you yeah could you shoot me I bow to no man especially woman to my girlfriend held hostage this Susan to request this is a demand presses the barrel against a over his head again damn it loosens confidence a bit need to decide what to do fast dick apply with his demands and my hand gun just hold him small on my back around my waist and I could go for it you're gonna make me choose that aren't you why would I go for my handgun you can just shoot going for your handgun when they already have a hostage the worst thing to do going for the handgun is obviously the dumbest one to do just comply I decided to lower to my knees and keep my hands raised Kagan you have no reason to bring her into this let her go you and I could handle this man-to-man tempting but no do as I told you beg for sailor's life so I'm exact contact with me tears still dripping from down her cheeks she shakes her head and looks away Kagan please let's say or we go she's innocent all of this and she doesn't deserve to be put through this you can even bring yourself to harm or something I can't fathom but again your problems with me your focus is on me Kagan please leave her out of this is that the best you could do that's all you could say you think will save your girlfriend and I used to pleading for other's lives as you can tell so excuse me if I'm not a petty little prick like you you have a lot of nerve saying that you have a lot of nerve being within a mile of my girlfriend if they attempted to peek at her like a pervert you are and as I said then you're lucky that in just smarter you're right then and there looking back I really shut up it's quite all right and everyone makes mistakes your mother just happened to not correct the one she made jokes on you asshole I never knew my mom I've never had to beg for someone for attention like you have your mother he lifts his arm to hold series waist and jerks up so now say worried by her neck tighten his grip and gently chokes I already tried to stand up and he presses the barrel against her head again serious tear-filled eyes closed at squint blow up against the boils I watch helplessly we still would have breathe but not much he's putting her through copious amounts of stress just to get me to break Kagan let her go and fight me like a man there's no honor in this honor you think of a shit about honor I copped a look like I copped a look if they already naked you're talking about honor I thought that maybe since you wanted to kill me you actually put yourself to a challenge you want me dead right you can shoot me right here and right now and that might feel good how good would it feel if you'd give me a chance to fight back and still kill me his face person he looks off to the side for a second will loosen his grip on salaries neck not a bad suggestion not bad at all take the meds fall silent and evidently thinks make eye contact to say all right now that my head either just was trying something help calm her down doesn't move her head much and just hangs it loudly yeah look at me fine with how things are right now you're being dental satisfy me no matter if you fight back or not well time to die take the place the gun in my head then smiles that's how I die don't like a new better and just spout some sarcastic bullshit at him especially if as my girlfriend hostage I should be disappointed at me taking one final look and say or his eyes goes my own bow my head I'm sorry I failed you sorry is there so much better than this Oh what the hell Oh son your king him scream out in pain oh my as he said I knew shit I was about to say that she's gonna bite him isn't she I knew it I knew she was gonna bite him opening my eyes he say where he biting down on the arm that Kagan uses the holder to manage to get a good grip to Higgins violently shaking his arm to get her off this is my chance using my right knee but just planted on the ground I take my left foot used to shoot me forward getting his eyes widen as he sees the Grim Reaper charging toward him or on my hand around Kagan's right wrist was holding the gun he's in my other hand I reach in between him and say re and pull say re away next I got him onto the top of his head grips a pair I pushed him back into the window good get off me don't stand there for a moment well that 10 still focusing on the gun in his hand right still pressing his head against the window he starts to swing back hitting me in the face a few times but feeling to loosen my iron grip on him not letting you get away Kagan I told you to bring her into this you'll suffer not a dog on the lion you've entered my pen that's cornets he swings once more and makes contact in my right temple temporarily stunning me my grip on is doesn't loosen you and your bitch of a girlfriend going to pay for this you could call me a bitch we will not call her one boss that toward me with the hand I was gripping his hair and slammed it back onto the window window breaks under the pressure and glass shatters everywhere God zero sorry screams my name is Kagan managed to point the gun at me until my hip and shove my knee and right into her his ribcage meets his right side reflex he starts coughing and drops the gun my god he lifts his head out back from outside the window and practically growls at me but I take the hand that's holding his head slam it back down and gets a shattered glass room in the window Kagan screams in agony and I feel the razor-sharp glass shards tearing in the back of his skull scraping of the glass that gets a sculpt sends a very chilling and disturbing sound in my ears you've heard but I've heard worse much worse this is nothing to me I am shadow Shadow the Hedgehog I'm sorry sometimes it's just it's hard not to if they lose the fight back causing the slam his head repeatedly onto the room of the window zero watch out I'm at the corner of my eye I see a bloody hand with a sharp shard of glass swing toward my throat dunk my head just in time is too sharp piece of glass makes contact in my arm yeah god damn it Kagan fuck yourself press the glass deeper into my arm and twist it around sending intense searing pain through my arm I Paley start to slam his head against a jagged glass the window again and again into his head let's go up the glass in my arm breathing slows and his body goes limp release my grip on him stand up even slumped at the window you you were a monster only protecting someone I care about when else would have done the same Kagan there's no response it's waiting stopped his lifeless body slides down the wall and onto the floor breathing heavily look over to say Orie she wants to my side zero are you all right I'm fine just a small flesh wound what about you how's your neck it's okay just a little sorry I want you to call 9-1-1 and get the paramedics here Shirley remove the sharp glass in your arm first no that isn't a good idea if you remove it I'll tear through more muscle on the way out and caused me to bleed even more gross I'm sorry it's fine sir choose our phone and get the call for help well there we go see I knew that was the right option to close about to say if the gun options are right Alton I'm gonna really have some issue oh no I'm not doing that people have to look for that themselves not going through all that again just to look at the gun option this is 40 minutes already they were not done that's when you have to protect someone that you love you'll stop at nothing to assure their safety you go to lengths you thought you wanted but you were never be able to go and all you and you will want is justice in all you'll want is just to see their smile again the important woman told me that once and I never understood it until now so was that kid all along correct it was behind all of it planned it from the start since I stopped him from peeping on say Orry I don't know if we've confirmed he was behind it's our kidnapping incident then I could fabricate a story regarding his death and we can move on she'll be reported by the media tomorrow morning Thank You Julia don't mention it you did very well this last week not affect now don't start getting too cocky just maybe think of a conversation I was actually a while ago I'm curious hmm don't worry about it you just talk behind your back like we usually did no she and I did that with you two huh you did not one thing about you that we agreed on was that we could both rely on you need a deal I know I give you a hard time but you are someone I can come to rely on shit don't start getting sappy with me it's kind of disturbing coming from you we can go back to talking about I found your drawer when I was younger no alright then I'm gonna be going now you get inside and get some rest and for the love of God can I please go a few days like hearing they've gotten into more trouble Oh about that what is it now Sarah's pregnant are you serious no oh my god the look on your face I officially hate you good night Jules night till they walks to her car I'll walk back inside my back onto my bed and close my eyes for a second wait overhead somewhat blinding me it's over it's all over thank God I turned my head to look at a sleeping sorry that's called a lump in my blanket she looks so relaxed and comfortable despite everything that happened I thought joy she emanates never fades that is what I love about her I guess I probably follow her lead I'm pretty exhausted as well leaving a quiet sigh as I get up walk over to my door and turn off the light I'll head down next to say are under the blanket and I rest my head against my pillow almost as if it was instinct their rules Laura wraps her arm around me smiling lean down gently and kiss her forehead see and you wanted to look at the other ending we're still not done my schedule for mods I've been looking at it it's been piling up I got to do URI route I got a place summer hope longer roads is coming out soon and I still have to finish interview Club upzu people think I forgot about all those I didn't hurry it's getting cloudy already give me a damn second woman just got back from your therapy all finally we're helping her also sorry depression I know I said you're a front seat now you're we're really worried you are now I guess do this every depression I've convinced her to see a professional therapist so we start the steps of helping her depression I forgot she even had it well again we'll talk about that later when this ends at first she was worried about the cost thanks to everything I've saved up so far from work famous not a problem Sarah talks over onto the balcony he look at the sky it's so pretty out today you say so he should rain soon – yep usually get a good drizzle today take a seat on my chair and look out of my balcony clouds are indeed rolling in and I was predicted by media blue sky barely get the form of gray aura that grace kills the land so he walks over to me smiles and sits down on to my life I wrap an arm around her and hold her close she giggles and leans back on my chest holding the book we're planning on reading together oh so canonically that's all the emcee looks he looks like the emcee what that's the way is zero because of the gdl CMC so that means that one thumbnail where I use the MC to represent him I was right Jade giggles and leans back onto my chest one of the book we're planning our reading together thank you for everything my hero he I should be thanking you you saved my life that night by attacking Kagan well if I didn't do anything you're going to die and so was I I did what came natural to me I thought my best to protect you zero and that's what I was saying that's what I liked there you go fucking bite his ass do something it's because he I love you you're still having arts I'm saying it aren't you don't say it that way it's just something I never said any one of my parents before well you probably used the time saying it than I do but I love you too sorry he versus just sit there and enjoy us being close but then she cracks open the book and urges me to read you start to read until the clouds form more and more into the sky sorry said she always wanted to sit outside and watch the rain of me sometime honest I almost I mean I've left around here I have the opportunity I plan to enjoy every moment of it life always win some and lose some take the experience on that and use it to better your future there we go credits we finally made it look there's not skewed finally made it oh gods long yeah that was good I like to look at earn I've heard from in a while I was expecting to see him there and I saw that ah so let's talk about my full opinion there's not see again because she helped make the music the piano parts so that was nice having everything I enjoyed it maybe I'll show you guys the alternate thing for what happens when you shoot say re they shoot sorry when you shoot Kagan maybe I'll show that in the beginning of Yuri's route probably I'll probably show that but there right now video is probably long enough is this because I have to talk about my full opinions on this and other things so look there's you yeah you're freaking dummy oh look there's me and there's you again there's not so yes now let us discuss you're welcome game you're welcome mod anyway yes let me discuss so my god dammit yeah I know look whose oh fuck I didn't save my fucking last thing did I huh shit I think I have some I think I still remember some of the things I want to talk about alright so what is there on this one so yeah we did say art so also for you also just a clarifier few people asking for Monica and not skis routes you can't do them yet actually first if I clicking I'm gonna so I'm gonna something's in this crash I'll feel like doing that right now oh I can't wait okay click return nice anyway anyway fuck it so let's see let me talk about what I wanted to discuss socio route it was pretty all right all right yeah it was all right I didn't really I didn't hate it um I definitely enjoyed I think chapter 4 a little bit more granddad gripes with that chapter 5 of it was still pretty good it was pretty no all right you know I didn't have a lot I had some issues I'll just tell the server how we're out in the hole right now so my only issues this year we're out I talked about her toughen toughening up I already talked about that that was an issue I talked about for I don't feel like I need to go into more depth of that just feel like she said toughen up more uh I already talked about Monica's actions in the mod didn't really agree with them and then say oh he's route ever kind of weird they really enjoy it and we already discussed uh since a or he's depression was something I want to talk about Sarah's depression in her route takes us a beer backseat and I know everyone's gonna be like but zero she was kidnapped when that happened after she confessed I know what that doesn't mean that had to happen like she didn't have to be kidnapped right there cuz like I feel like say or ease depression is a gigantic afterthought in this mod and I feel like if since it was shouldn't have even really been brought up like you honestly could have just got rid of the cutscene of say re talking about how she has depression you could have removed that then also removed the fact that taking her to therapy or anything and you would never even know she had depression still like she did nothing that really shows that she had depression to the point where it feels like that scene where she confesses to you about it meaningless like I felt like it was only there because oh say already has to have depression like that's one of my biggest issues with it like you could just take it out like I said at the time you probably forget she even had it cuz like if you still had really bad depression a point I want to make was when she was kidnapped and when she saw Monica get punched by the guy or when she saw MC get hurt and stuff she sells zero going through all that and getting hurt she would be like I just want to die I don't want to get out of this forest I just want to kill myself all these problems are happening because of me like her depression is gonna be telling her this stuff and she's just gonna want to kill herself she thinks she's worthless she thinks she's causing all these issues because when you have depression you think it's your fault we kind of saw a little bit of that when she was like I'm sorry but I feel like that's the thing anybody would do but if they're kidnapped they'd be like I'm sorry and then it's be like hey don't slide it you know stuff like that but like I feel like her depression didn't really do anything in her entire route it had no impact till the point where I felt like it shouldn't have even really been included at all if not much was gonna dip head was gonna be done with it I'd be fine if there was just no depression say Ari you don't have to give her depression granted the only problem by not giving her depression then she becomes not say Orange she's a just a bubbly girl at that point she could be anybody she's a generic character the whole point that makes a re interesting is the fact that she has depression on the inside she's not totally happy on the outside she's dealing with her own internal problems on the inside or basically her entire thing is a facade that's what makes her interesting so it's like she just kind of feels like a bubbly girl I guess is my problem in fruits and it feels like and since her depression isn't a big deal it kind of feels like her depression goes away because the MCS there like even Natsuki points now she's like before you started showing up say or was really dim like they're talking to her depression was horrible but once I'm see showed up everything was peachy but everything was just fine and I'm just like that's not good you shouldn't use the emcee she shouldn't be using the emcee as just a way their oppression should just go away because MC loves her like that's not her depression should work yeah that's really my only biggest gripe would say or his route I think is his her toughening up yeah I feel like she need to be a little tougher Monica's actions in the mod I didn't really like I feel like should have been a little smarter when she went into the forest thing and I already talked about in the previous episode I feel like she should have you know dude she would have been a little smarter I feel and so his depression getting a gigantic backseat was really something I was not a fan of because I mean I feel like it shouldn't even been there to begin with but overall good route I liked it it was still pretty good like I said like it wasn't terrible I have those problems with it I feel like it was alright I think probably out of all the routes it might be my least favorite one so far I mean granted I haven't played all of them to completion but I can say before they're ending say always is my least favorite but you know it was still good though not saying it's bad it's just it's a you know it's good so yeah that's my promise I always route if you only wanted to be here for my say or you're out notes then you can feel free to leave now because right now I'm going to talk about some things with the Monica route that's not done yet but I wanted to talk about it maybe so I can give my feedback on how I feel about Monica right now in her route because I never really got to give this information like I said if you don't care about that and you're wondering if there's gonna be more content in this video there's not it's just me talking you're free to leave right now if you don't repair you can leave if you're still here and you really want to hear one opinions on Monica's route so far then hello welcome so in case you forgot about Monica's route Monica's route contained Monica's whole Donna cos whole thing was that she's being confused the zookie and stuff my issues with this with her route was one Monica's characterization Monica does it feel like Monica and her route she feels like a damsel like she like I think I mentioned this before where I said all the girls in the mod feel like they're just there to do something stupid so the emcee can show up and seem heroic a lot of that happens in Monica's route like it feels like Monica's usefulness and her like smarts is taken away from her in order to make the ain't given to the emcee to make him the hero like she really like she says lines to say or II like like she's talking to say or II like oh yeah I'm so glad to have him I don't know where I'd be without him and stuff like that and it's like Monica you can handle yourself so so I mcdu some degree like she's acting like she legit can't function without MC and like it just it feels weird it doesn't feel like Monica like I want Monica to be able to like stand up for herself a bit it feels odd it doesn't feel right it's also the fact that I feel like Monica also it was the whole thing where she's caught by the people in her house and they have the gun tour my thing with that is she was kind of way too fast just instantly start crying and thinking she was gonna die I feel like Monica would probably be a little calmer during that again I don't know not gonna really throw this one is a big point because again interpretation they're really not gonna sit here and probably be like because I could see it both ways I could see her crying cuz maybe she thought she was gonna die but on one hand she would also know that these people aren't gonna kill her because they're useful she would probably just comply because crying isn't gonna do shit people have a gun do you Monica would know these people are gonna fucking shoot me I'm also just comply with them Mazal just comply so that I don't get shot I'm not gonna sit here and cry so it's like that was basically one of my things with it I feel like Monica just needs to be a little bit more Monica she's the act like she is she has confidence like I feel like she has no confidence in that mod and I feel like it's because there was a line where Monica talks about how she has to feign confidence I think it's in the original game she talks about she has to feign confidence there's in the original game my Monica died this is a this is a straight solo me talking I guess I'll have to think I think it was something in the original game where she talked about feigning confidence my Monica's dead because of confidence she talked about feigning confidence and I feel like that was taken a little I feel like taking I feel like they took that message to think Monica has no confidence because in her route she doesn't seem like she has any confidence in anything while it's like Monica just when she says does she feigns confidence she means sometimes Monica is still a very confident girl she's the leader she has to be confident and even then even though she hadn't even know sometimes she has to force herself she still is confident herself so it's like I feel like I wish in her route she was a little bit more you know outgoing and confident not just sitting here hoping for someone to help her though oh I hope my MC is gonna show up soon Oh help me like that's what I don't like that like I feel like Monica also I feel like after witnessing MC gets shot and then afterwards also being held up with a gun I feel like Monica would be a little tougher again it's something like when my thing would say re but with Monica it makes a little bit more sense cousin Monica you see this guy like okay he almost died in front of me basically he died risking his life to save me and he also he saved me again I feel like I need to be a little bit more useful and stop just sitting around crying it's like I feel like she would try to help him out more like I don't think she would just like sit there and wait for him to do everything by himself I feel like she would assist a little bit more or at least try to help like and she can help is the thing like I want there to be a time where MC doesn't want her to help and then he ends it ends up backfiring and then she ends up helping and actually helping him out that's one thing it seems like the sense he's very stubborn in terms of people helping him so I think would actually be really cool if she helped him out cuz I feel like there's something you could do with that oh yeah it's like I just I don't like how she's a damsel I feel like she needs to be act a little bit more confident and I feel like she should act like this way this is my opinion on how I feel like Monica should act to my other problem the whole uzuki situation so the zookie is so the motto so the sprite for uzuki the whole point of the plot for Monica's brow is that she's being confused for a girl known as uzuki the sprite for Sookie is say annika it's in previous made character it's a fusion of Sarah Monica now the problem with this is that say Annika looks more like C or E that she does Monica she really doesn't look like Monica so it honestly it's like it's kind of hard to really it's funny because I have a thumbnail for the furthest for their part where they first I think show is uki and I put the resemblance and I put them side-by-side looking at it there's not really much resemblance like maybe the eyes like that's kind of it like there's not much resemblance she looks more like say Orion than she does Monica but again my whole point with that is I don't think there was anything Eagle could have done I'm pretty sure he's only using the say annika sprite because he doesn't have a sprite for Julie Julie fucking was her name Sookie Julie she doesn't have a sprite for Zuki so I will you know cross that out fine you know maybe she's supposed to look like Monica I'll take it but there is one problem I do have with their sweat job and that's the crime organization that's doing it if this crime organization is supposed to be this light you know this underground crime ring is supposed to be this advanced and this dangerous and this smart how in the hell are they confusing to girls yeah they should definitely be able you just doesn't be able to gather mm-hmm they should have realized by now that they really should have this is an underground crime ring they should be like oh yeah hey way we just got the filed that one girl that was with the odds those look that was with the fucking dude the grim reaper uh yeah apparently she is Monica who goes to this high school not the zookie the pop idol like you think they would have the fucking files and shit for that like it would and then some people are like oh they shot at him because they saw DMC with her so this gang is apparently not that smart because if they were they this gang apparently isn't smart anymore because if that's the reason they're shooting Monica and they're taking pot shots in the middle of the day yeah just because oh he's the guy who was with the girl who we've been hunting that's probably her they're going they're taking they're attacking off of assumptions and I'm worried these people don't seem that threatening anymore they don't seem that smart they're not that highbrow anymore like these these criminals seem stupid then you can't be both smart and stupid I mean what I'm hoping for is that me saying this makes it get explained later cuz as of right now that's a problem that it's like how in the hell are they getting these things confused it doesn't really make sense to me yeah but yeah that's like the zookie situation doesn't make sense of your that I think those are my only problems with the Monica route I think which was it again recap Monica's personality and just the uzuki Monica mix-up or how smart that gang is those were only problems I just really mostly I think the biggest thing on top of Monica route is I don't like the interpretation of Monica that much so far she seems way too scared and relying on other people too much to the point where I'm like this doesn't feel like Monica this feels like Princess Peach like I feel like Monica would try to help a little more even regardless of what she has to go through but yeah I don't really have any opinions on the say or URI route so far I think those are going swimmingly Natsuki say or URI not skier URI routes so far those are going fine I really am looking forward to announce he's route I like how that's being dealt with with Nazis father and such and with say oh and with URIs I like that route so far – I was going I was going to say something about URIs route where I was like it's kind of weird that URI is you know the tough one and is doing all this stuff compared to all the other girls when she's like the shyest one how the hell is she you know staying calm throughout all this but I like that the mod did call to this and they actually made it that she's cutting herself to kind of calm herself down and give herself a high and I'm like okay that makes sense she's cutting herself she's doing something that pleasures her and relaxes her so she's like okay I can deal with this now like it's basically like you're he's taking drugs like I'm fine with that what the phantom cigar but anyway yeah while you were gone I'm not gonna ask you a question we weren't here Demonica talked about feigning confidence I was in the default game right yes okay I was just making sure because those is clarifying how was I had to go to war it's okay I know that feel anyway that is it I hope you guys enjoyed um the next video will not be fruits it will be summer hope because now that we're done with Sarah's route we are now going to switch and do summer hope bro click doesn't got an update so you know the drill we're gonna stop we're doing go to summer hope and then we'll go and we'll do more Yuri when then after Gary duh if longer roads is out but we'll play that if it's not out then I'll just look and finish interview club with recordings even though interview clubs still being streamed which by the way being of any of your club when nose-up videos get uploaded keep in mind these are probably streamed before these are recorded strays are streamed actually before fruits came out because think these might upload times are gonna be weird as hell looks like but the interview club uh pisode is already on twitch right now you can go watch them they're the full entire vods are there on twitch but yeah they're not caught up and uploading to videos yet because until I finish fruits I want I didn't want to do until I finish fruits yeah next video will be summer hope anyway I've taken up enough of your time thank you everybody who wanted to listen to what my opinions are on this shit i rambled for a while I do that a lot just want to make sure I'm feeling all my opinions and I'm giving everyone my opinions on why because apparently a lot of people were confused why I gave fruits a tear on my mod list even they're saying why isn't a nest here so I'm giving my full opinions now on these mods yeah that's been it um I guess for people who are asking cuz I know so for some reason someone's gonna ask this yes fruits is still a tear I only played one route first of all so I don't know why also second of all I don't really think I don't really know if fruits can go into a steer from just giving me a chapter 5 for each route because I mean basically 80% of the mod have already seen I'm only waiting for that extra 20% so even if it's like the extra 20% it's fucking amazing it's like still be 8 here because of the rest you know yeah anyway that is it I hope you guys enjoyed this has been zero I prefer you to draw

48 thoughts on “HAVE WE SAVED HER? | Fruits of the Literature Club Chapter 5 – ENDING (Sayori Route)

  1. The music in the beginning of the episode…. was the music they played during the h scenes in fruits of Griasia 😂 (don’t ask me how I know that)

  2. Yesterday I didn't have the time to write my opinion, so here I am now. I'm glad we have an happy ending and I love to see Sayori happy, she deserve it. This mod give me action, emotions and scen shots and I thank Zer0, Moni and of course American Eagle (and all the others) for sharing this with all of us. There are just 2 things that I didn't understand in this route:
    1 How a little boy like kagan was able to control a criminal organization? By the way, he got what he deserved, nobody should abuse of the poor cimmanon bun!
    2 Since now I supposed that the criminals kidnapped Sayori just to create a connection with Monika, because she was their real target. If Sayori is the real target, why they ordered to Monika to show herself to the forest?

  3. Wait, am I the only person who noticed the book they were reading? It's Portrait Markov , why the hell does Sayori have that and why the hell would she wanna read that? Doesn't she hate horror?

  4. 1:00 I was actually surprised we didn't go the other way: I would've expected Julia to stick around or at least assign another agent while MC was still in recovery mode and with part of the organization that kidnapped Sayori potentially still at large.

    11:30 I mean, there's a reason the Natsuki Route is the S Route. Well, multiple reasons, but yeah.

    47:40 Oh hey, you found the Chapter Select bug! Haha, I was talking to somebody about that one on the Discord; not sure how to fix it…

    Anyways, mod thoughts:
    Sayori's Depression… I dunno. Yeah, the confession part in Chapter 3 is still one of the more frustrating parts of this route because RINASFT. So, I'm glad to see that he's more aware of the problem towards the end, and she starts getting actual help. Yeah, I wish her emotional issues could've been better incorporated into the more suspenseful part of the story; I want to say it's hard to mesh the two together, but Yuri's Chapter 4 does a better job at it, so… ennnh? waggles hand

    I also want to say, Sayori and Monika are just high schoolers, so expecting them to handle life-or-death situations easily or jump right into basic field medical training seems like much… but then you have a high schooler who somehow convinces over a dozen armed criminals to act out a multi-stage "fake" kidnapping plot, fight a trained killer to the death, and then not rat said high schooler out to the police when they're in custody… cough Yeah, I felt the Kagan twist at the end fell flat. On one hand, keeping him just as the red herring and a desperate loner at the end would've been more believable, but then we'd have no explanation at all for why the kidnapping part of the plot happened (and why they didn't take Monika with them).

    The Sayori route has difficult problems that don't have easy solutions; for a bit I actually thought Jeff might end up being the mastermind just because he had the resources to do so, but then you'd have to explain why he comes out of retirement to be a villain. The kidnapper gang could've just been faceless villains, but then it just seems like they're there to give the MC an action plot to resolve. So, yeah, I feel like I can't be too hard on the story, because resolving the issues might have required an entire extra chapter to sort them out. Also, the chapter does make improvements on the story: the MC gets to have some action without being a boringly invincible hero, he takes hits and needs help from others, and gets better at being socially integrated. Overall… it's got flaws, but it's still pretty good.

  5. About your thoughts on the Monika route. I understand not liking that part, but I also think it's unreasonable to expect that a person wouldn't be crying with a gun pointed at them like that. Monika having confidence with public speaking makes sense. Monika having confidence during threats of death or serious injury is a far cry from that.

    I'm just guessing here, but it sounds like your real issue with Monika is that she isn't the version that knows it's a game.
    For example, The version that's aware sees a dead Yuri on the floor and thinks "that's a shame." While the high school student version would probably react closer to how Natsuki did; Scream in terror, barf and run off. Without her awareness, she is a mere high school student in a story about violent criminals.

  6. That long final part of Sayori's Route was definitely worth it! A fantastic and sweet ending to a fantastic Route. 😁😁👍
    Have to say though, that sudden reappearance of Kagan really caught me off guard there. I knew he had something to do with the events that happened when Sayori got kidnapped but I didn't expect the story to show it in the way it did and it got really intense at one point where the MC had his biggest "fight" yet.
    However, Fruits isn't quite over just yet. There's still the other Routes to finish as well which we will see unfold in the not too distant future. Let's see what happens in those. 👍

  7. I really enjoyed the video, you definitely provided your thoughts, criticisms, and opinions in a courteous and professional manner that I really appreciated. This is exactly the type of feedback I enjoy the best, because it helps me get into a better mindset of what people are looking at and what their gripes are specifically.

    I appreciate all of this and I will definitely use it going forward!

    Also, cmon man! Don’t you ever just hire people to kidnap a girl and save her to win her heart? Isn’t that how you got Monika? :3

  8. This fucking mod should be in S tier ZER0!!!!!

    Nah I'm messin with ya. It was ur opinion and I can't really blame you for that.

  9. That was a really intense episode, I was really worried that Sayori was going to die at the end of this mod. I'm so glad that Sayori got a happy ending. I'm excited to see how things turn out for Yuri's route. I wonder how long it'll take for chapter 5 of Monika and Natsuki's route to come out since their routes are still in development.

  10. I suffer from depression, and I've been in combat. When someone close to you is held captive, fight or flight and that person's safety take over instead of the depression. Yes depression amplifies emotions, like the fear of losing a loved one.

  11. 46:21
    Me: relaxing and listening to the the nice credits music
    Zero: Maybe I'll show you guys the alternate thing for what happens for when you shoot Sayori…

  12. Sayori route was good but I really think the villain keegan was kinda disappointing I mean doing all that just for one single girl is pretty crazy and downing her into depression just to be with her is kinda a little stupid i mean I think the story and the villain would be better if keegan knew about zeros past and what he has done he did all that to kill zero because he finds him a threat towards his love life with sayori and has just barged in looking all badass and making sayori fall in love with him makes keegan furious and when zero gets with sayori keegan goes mad thinking if he does not kill zero. Zero will hurt sayori thus doing all that stuff because of zeros past actions.

    (This is my opinion plz do not hate sayori route was still good and the devs did an amazing job but I think the villain and the reason was a little disappointing also the mc is badass and I love that do the devs did a great job with him.)

  13. I really did like this route, it had its fair share of bumps but it’s great nonetheless, I hope Eagle continues with modding as he has a talent for it. I honestly can’t wait to see the rest but I kinda am a bit sad that it’s all over now

  14. Ori this is gonna be a long one
    When MC is around sayori is happy that's something that actually happens with depressed people they can actually have people that make them happy but that alone shouldn't be a cure for depression which is why MC brought her to therapy
    When she was kidnapped in the forest I think that sayori would be somewhat depressed but that would be overridden by the fear of not knowing what will happen especially when MC shows up
    OK now that the serious thing out of the way I thought I was snake or at least have a connection to him after the chocolate biscuits thing
    Finally with the whole Kagen gun thing I only have one thing to say EEEEEAAAAAAAAGGGGGGLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    K I'm done fuckin hell that was a long rant

  15. Third comment but fuck it
    Zero, Monika has confidence in the original game because she was the president. When she was deleted she immediately lost confidence. It isn't canon that Monika would be the same if she wasn't the president in the original game so Monika can be changed and that wouldn't really affect Monika's Monikaness.

  16. Can you play again with the other choice?
    I want to know if it leads to a bad ending or still a good ending

  17. Going to bed hungry. Scrounging for scraps. Your planet was on the brink of collapse. I was the one who stopped that. You know what’s happened since then? The children born have known nothing but full bellies and clear skies. It’s a paradise.

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