Harry Potter Talks About Accio Books

you're watching the Harry Potter Alliance on the Internet and now a word from our spokesperson Harry Potter hey Harry Potter here new spokesman for the Harry Potter Alliance today's video is going to be a little bit different instead of talking you guys about my fantasy Quidditch league or teaching you some defensive spells to use against Death Eaters I actually want to tell you guys about something called Accio books it's not just a summoning charm it's also a book drive and this year Dumbledore's Army is participating in this book drive which is run annually by the Harry Potter Alliance know the Harry Potter Alliance wasn't named after me that would be kind of weird it was actually named after my great great grandfather Harold Potter anyways my friend of mine he knows that I have this video blog so she asked me to spread the word about Accio books don't lose our means participating here at Hogwarts and I think we're putting up some donation boxes in Hogsmeade but any of you watching can participate even if you don't live at Hogwarts which I hope most of you watching don't because I haven't told that many people hug hurts that I make videos on YouTube Hermione have you told anyone else about this oh it just lavender brown awesome now I know a lot of you who watched my videos are probably saying Harry you don't like books you only read Quidditch through the ages which is true but that's a good book and I probably would be more into reading if my mom and dad had been able to read to me at bedtime but Voldemort murdered them the thing is not everyone can have a Hermione who does all their homework for them so for everyone who doesn't have a Hermione they need books to learn reading is important and I know this firsthand because my cousin Dudley never read a single book in his life when I moved into his old bedroom upstairs I saw that he hadn't cracked the spine on a single book and look how he turned down pretty short because he never read books and remember that orphanage where Voldemort grew up I bet they couldn't afford books and if they had had books maybe Voldemort would have read them and he wouldn't have grown up to be so evil and then he wouldn't have killed my mom and dad so extra points if you go back in time and donate books to the orphanage revolt and if Dumbledore won't give you extra points I will personally pay you from my Gringotts volts it's not ribéry Hermione I'm trying to save my parents the wedding that you participate in Akio books is by collecting books and then donating them somewhere that needs you can collect books by going through your own or getting some from friends maybe try casting a summoning term to find books hidden in dumpsters and other castaway locations very Potter oh hi Luna about Hermione a pic-a-nic for a Cure book yes I'm filming right now actually oh well could you please mention that rocks which tend to hide inside local paranormal romance novels and the people should check underneath the book jacket using their spectra specs before donating yeah altona um my friend Luna wants you to know that some books can have racks fruits in them so just you know check for that before donating on that no there are some other books that you probably shouldn't donate any books with things like the monster book of monsters don't donate books like that and don't donate really boring books like Hogwarts a history or frankly anything by the Tilda Bagshot no man oh and some books have been known to be Horcruxes so watch out for that my friend Ron's dad says never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brains probably a good rule to follow here you're definitely encouraged to donate the books you collect locally but if you do want a place to mail them I'll include an address down below in the Chamber of Secrets we have got to find a new name for that and remember books are pretty heavy for owls to carry so I recommend using muggle medium mail more people need to be reading books especially my biography because that's what keeps me alive so Dumbledore has given me permission to extend bonus house cut points to anyone donating copies of my biography any of the 7 volumes will cap if you have any questions about Accio books write them down below I'll have Hermione answer them also I've been looking for Horcruxes so if you've seen any of those around let me know in the comments good luck attack you books I'll talk to you later this book is so awesome that half-wit rinse I said was the king restlessly I can make any

33 thoughts on “Harry Potter Talks About Accio Books


  2. This is probably the best pseudo-commercial i have ever seen in my life.
    And i've seen compilations of japanese commercials.

  3. Lauren you look so good,
    Also I need to find some old books, to give them in. (Love the excellent metaphors as well, books stop violence)

  4. omg, as you said that you were looking for horcruxes, and if we find any to let you know, this video just cut out and said that an error occurred, i think my laptop may be one……………… 0_0

  5. Oh, Wizard God, Potter, you just violated the Statute of Secrecy, and now over 1000 muggles have watched this!! Do you have any idea of the repercussions?!

  6. ps: The throwing book scene must really hurt. I hope you did that in one take! And please, let the next hpalliance video say: "no book were hurt during this video" xd!!

  7. I wonder how every other vlogger out there feels knowing that the uncontested Best Video Ever was made by a kid who didn't even have internet access for /at least/ the first eighteen years of his life.

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