Harry Potter Books vs. Movies (Top 10 List)

The Harry Potter films are incredible to say the least however The books are far superior to the films the films of course had to cut a lot out of the story when turning the novel into a script in this video I’m going to list 10 things they cut or change when adapting the books to the big screen Number 10 Harry and Voldemort’s I color in the books Voldemort’s eyes were red which is not the case in the films although They did keep his snake-like nose Which I was happy about as for Harry his eyes were a rather important detail as they were Identical to his mother’s green eyes They messed this up even more in the films as Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter has blue eyes While the actress that plays Lily has brown eyes they make reference to their eyes being the same colour Several times throughout the series, but they’re not you have a size number 9 Ron’s first year of Quidditch in the films the first time we see Ron try out for his house team was in a sixth year But the first time he actually tries out is in his fifth year He decides to try out after his parents bought him a new broomstick his reward for becoming a prefect He starts out awful, but ends up leading his team to victory and winning the Quidditch Cup He also turns the Slytherin smocking song Weasley is our King into a triumphant song for all Gryffindor’s number eight Spew or S.P.E.W This stands for the Society for the promotion of elfish welfare this was an organization that Hermione started to liberate house elves in the fourth book she gave out Badges in the Gryffindor common room in return for them donating a bit to the foundation She also left clothes around the common room that she had knitted hoping an elf would pick it up and would be free but all it led to was Dobby being the only one who cleaned the common room as the other elves were offended number seven the Incomplete Weasley family in the films were introduced to six of the seven Weasley children Ron Ginny Fred George Percy and Bill But they left out Charlie, Weasley. He was mentioned a few times during the series I probably works at this room – but he never makes a direct appearance except very briefly in a newspaper article Where you can barely see his face? He made an appearance in many of the later books he went to the Quidditch World Cup Helped with the Triwizard Tournament by bringing the Dragons went to bill and fleurs wedding and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts All of which he was absent from in the film’s number six, gillyweed This was what allowed Harry to breathe underwater during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament in the film Neville is the one who gives? Harry the gillyweed, but you can oshige gillyweed in the books however It’s Dobby who gives it to Harry Dobby steals it from Snape’s office and gives it to Harry minutes before the task began number five Luna and Neville’s relationship and the films they may never learn Luna romantically interested in one another Well they did do a good job setting this up all the way back in order of the Phoenix in the books this never happens They were always just really good friends number four the Quidditch World Cup in the film They are on the top level of the stadium with very bad seats where they can’t see much of anything In the books however They are invited to the minister of magics box seats to watch the match number three Peter Pettigrew or worm tales death Well Harry and Ron are trying to escape the cell in the basement of Malfoy Manor Wormtail comes down in the film worm Cell has just hit with a spell by Dobby and he falls to the ground In the books however it is much more complicated after Harry reminds worm Cell that he saved his life during the events of Prisoner of Azkaban The Silver Hand that Voldemort had given to him during gobble to fire reaches for his throat and the hedge strangles him to death number two the maze This was the third task and the try was a tournament in the books the champions have to go through a maze where many different Creatures stand in their way there were boggarts acromantula blast under scrutiny Sphinx whose riddle Harry had to answer to get by in the film however there were no creatures Instead it was the maze itself that was after them The maze was almost alive and was after each one of the champions Finally number one the Marauders Backstory one of the most disappointing things that the film’s left out was the story of the Marauders the Marauders consists of Moony Wormtail Padfoot and prongs or Lupin Peter, Pettigrew Sirius Black and James Potter in the books we learned that James Sirius and Peter each become an animagus They do this so that they could be with their friend Lupin when he turned into a werewolf they also created the marauders map Something that was very useful to Harry during his time at Hogwarts They go into a lot of detail about how they bow it’s Snape and eventually how James matures and ends up dating Lily Thanks so much for watching guys. 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  1. 4:18 what is the most disappointing thing about the films is that they thought the films could live up to the greatness of the books

  2. you forgot about the Room of Requirement

    (in the books Dobby suggested the room for the D.A. but in the movie it was Nevill….. STUPID WARNER BROS STEALING DOBBYS CREDIT!)

  3. Film and novelizations are completely different mediums. I love the books, but the films are great. Why can’t we acknowledge that both are fantastic? And… are you really telling me that you wanted a SPEW subplot in the ‘Goblet of Fire’ film? They would’ve killed the cinematic flow of the movie.

  4. it feel to me that the emotions are more important in the film than canon.. they left out lot of emotions to add to the movies but.. the book is always better than the movies. always. this is with hp 100% true. cause it is not obly different for the reader of the book but even for canon. Elder wand?

  5. Did Aberforth used his patronus charm during battle of Hogwarts in the movie or Semas and Ginny, Just like novel?? Cos I'm pretty sure it was Aberforth.

  6. I think when it comes to goblet of fire the movie was better than the book for the statement that in my opinion ( no offense to any of yours. ) SPEW made Hermoines character fell more weird and annoying. When all other students were not having good feelings about spew, JK Rowling made Hermoines charector talking about it all the time.

  7. I don’t know why but when the thumbnail shows both Daniel Radcliffe and the drawing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cover, they appear to have almost the same face and emotion

  8. Daniel Radcliffe was allergic to the lenses that's why they ask JK. If is it's alright if the eyes are blue.
    And she said it's alright if his mother has the same eye colour…….. YOU HAD ONE JOB FFS!!!!

  9. am i the only one who actually likes that movie harry broke the elder wand in half? it makes complete sense. when it breaks no dark wizard will ever want to pursue it, which means no one will ever abuse its powers. bringing it back to dumbledore’s tomb is so easy to be stolen once again ://

  10. 0:41 Thank you!! I just can’t believe they messed this little but important detail up 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. The differences you pointed out were absolute bullseye
    But i think most of them payed off really well.
    The colour change of harry's eyes were made for obvious reasons.
    The maze in the film was way more creepy and scarier than the books. Given the fact that the movie itself was 157 min long i think it was a great idea of leaving the other elements and it sort of brought e sense of unpredictability for all those who read the books
    And one other thing is the ford anglia scene in the second movie. Who could possibly forget that iconic scene

  12. Don't claim so matter-of-factly that the books are far superior; it's all a matter of taste, and I'm saying that as someone who also prefers the books 😉

  13. I do disagree with the eye thing. A lot of people have similar eyes to their parents but different colours. Its all in the size, shape, angle…

  14. Movies will be never be the same as books if somebody want to go in deep they should read them ❤️ they did good job

  15. I don’t understand why the prisoner of Azkaban movie is so well liked since the best part of it from the books is left out of the movies (aka the marauders backstory)

  16. Daniel Radcliffe had a very bad reaction to the green contacts during the first movie that's why his eyes weren't green in any of the films

  17. I am OK with the eye colour thing, imagine if they didn't cast Daniel Radcliffe because he didn't have Green eyes lol, although he did have in contacts but they were too uncomfortable for the young actor, and it's not like we really noticed Lilly's eyes.

    Voldermort s eyes suit the books but in the movie they chose not to, so you can see his emotions and reactions.

    I do wish they made room for the map stuff even if it became a deleted scene

  18. I’m pretty sure Peter was stunned and when the war ended he was taken too Azkaban. Because if he actually did die he wouldn’t have said Ow…..

  19. Oh my gosh, yes, I read the books after I watched the movies and I was so peeved that they left the Maurarders backstory out.

    It Peeved me


    That peeved me too

  20. I understand why they couldn’t make Daniel’s eyes green as he had an allergic reaction to contacts (and it’s also not that big of a deal in my opinion, as long as they resembled Lily’s eyes) but the girl they cast to play Lily had brown eyes which was a huge disappointment. Like if they liked the actress that much then give HER contacts? They would’ve had to base them after Daniel’s eyes anyway..

  21. In LEGO Harry Potter years 1-4 in the final level(the dark lord returns)you start by going through the maze and is like if the books and movie combined in LEGO if you played the game you know what I mean

  22. Well I bet you didn't know that they try to put green contacts in Daniel Radcliffe but that hurt his eyes.

    Not trying to hate! I am just saying that

  23. Harry's eyes aren't green in the movies because Daniel Radcliffe's eyes didn't react well to the green contacts they gave him and they gave Voldemort red eyes, but they didn't like them, so they kept his blue eyes.

  24. Peeves was never really mentioned int the films. Also, Winky was cut off and Barty Crouch's story did not really came out as it should. Along with Kreacher's tale and Harry's disguise during Fleur and Bill's wedding. And of course the film didnt show the Dursley's leaving and Dudley's goodbye to Harry saying that he's not a waste of space. Ginny and Harry's story wasnt also given justice in the movie. Okay now , I'm done.

  25. one of the things i love of these books is Hogwarts castle 142 staircases and miles and miles of corridors and secret passigways and short cuts im British so read the British Editions Americans books may call them Hallways i am fasenated with corridors and mazes and rowling seems to be to asshe mentions turning corners dessended a starcase went down 5 more coridors stuf like that in the fim it does not mention how big hogworts is in my imagination it has 20 flours and 30 miles of corridors and half hour walks between lessions i think of some of the corridors as stone like some wide and carpeted some moden some like hospitails some hotels some narrow and bendy windowless grythindor tower to be on the 7th flour of the east wing ravenclow 8th flour of west wind sliverion the dunguns under the lake and huffulpuff a few minits walk from the kitchins

  26. In the books Neville had witnessed death so he was able see what carried the carriage to Hogwarts but not in the movies

  27. Can this question be answered?


  28. They did a great job with the movies, but the longer books really suffered in adaption due to all the cuts.

    One change I did like from your list: Neville being the one to give Harry gillyweed. In the books too, Crouch-Moody giving Neville the book was meant to be a hint, but it went nowhere, so Crouch-Moody found a way to have Dobby do it. By making it Neville, it gives Neville a bit more agency, lets him show his wits regarding Herbology. In the same way, I liked how the film had Ron behind tipping Harry off about the dragons as it played nicely into their rift storyline (with Ron angry and Harry, but still helping him in secret.)

  29. You missed out that in the book, in Bellatrix's vault, the duplicate objects burn them and in the film they just suffocate them in a shroud of golden coins and Goblets.

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