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  1. A woman who is unapologetically herself,daring and deeply rooted in what she believes in,Inspiring,,,,I love Chimamanda.

  2. actually no.. it's not fear of fragmentation and the unfolding passions. The leadership predicate their position privilege and power on the myth of those cleavages

  3. Don't just listen to Ngozi Chimamada, pay attention to the culture that made and raised her in Nigeria is a dying breed that needs the World's support to survive under Biafra Nation.
    Pay attention to GENOCIDE in Biafra, the spirited Americanesque High Flying Eagle ethnic group tied by the Wings to the Lead Winged Turkeys of Nigeria as they weep, fight and breath for freedom from oppression and Genocide.
    If USA ignores what's going on against Biafrans, USA has no moral value to call itself the citadel of Democracy and freedom.
    The Republican spirit that has endured in Biafra Land way before the American founding fathers reigned is being ignore in Nigeria today by USA because that's the way Britain wants it.
    You don't want them immigrating into your land, help them survive in the own land, simple and short a solution.

  4. As a Jamaican American woman I’m so proud to be African I was always a proud African way before it became “popular” to be African. This woman makes so proud to be African and a woman.

  5. Ha …, African young ladies there is alot we can learn from our big sister Ngozi. she is intelligent and the composure is great

  6. White men and woman will always speak of Africa like the colonisers did.They will always demean Africa.Africa had been stripped off all its natural resources by the white males , until today the white Nations still grab the natural resources from Africa . Before you blame Africa for its trouble we want you to acknowledge that you are responsible for the woe in Africa.Your so called great economy was built by the finances stolen from Africa. Ethnicity has and will always be politicised the colonizers used the divide and rule to cause confusion and the ethnicity confusion.Africa needs to work hard and rise up and be strong together to fight the oppressors and rewrite their stories.We should not let the west (white foreigners write our stories)

  7. Indeed beauty & brains!👌🏾
    She’s one of my role models.
    From East Africa with lots & lots of ❤️

  8. I wonder where these guys get their stats from. I was raised in Eastern Nigeria and FGM at least in Anambra and Enugu was unheard of.

  9. She is indeed a woman of substance. I just came across an interview a few days ago and I love her confidence, maturity , vision and how she is able to speak so eloquently and engage the attention of the viewer. I really know nothing much about Africa besides the usual tourist stuff …Nigeria was just a name. I will now find out and read up more about this fascinating land.

  10. Those girls who run away from schools must check this lady. Education is powerful and it empowers someone. I love this lady. She's open-minded

  11. Really just now i realised why i like this wonderful woman. Of cause the level of her incisiveness always captures my attention, but today i had came to conclusion why she has achieved a lot. Chimamanda Ngozi is the real epitome responsible human being. It pleasant to me when she said she sees herself as Nigerian, then Igbo. This epitome of true nationalist. My best wishes to u now and always.

  12. very beautiful African lady …i once read her book..,"Purple Hibiscus "…she is a great African woman

  13. Boko Haram is simply a foreign invasion of Nigeria, the motive is obvious but the end result, is yet to be determined.

  14. Coming from 2018, Northern states do not receive more than Southern states. Not even close. The state of Rivers alone receives more money than the entirety of the North east.

    While I agree that inequality in the North as with other parts of the country are largely due to poor governance and the Northern leadership is to blame, we must remember to get the facts right.

  15. you would not! if you were born here, you would not consider america yours. at least not fully. how can you keep a place that cannot recognize you and will not welcome you, as your own? do Palestinian see isreal as theirs, the maaori see nzd as theirs, the shiets see iraq as theirs. no. you cannot build a home on the shifting sands of a weather beaten beach

  16. culture is the life force of a society. culture preserves society, to say culture changes is to say a society changes. it always makes me wonder can culture or a society be designed.

  17. Wow! Great interview… Really loved it. Those of you criticising my Steven, please stop it. He was just genuinely pleased to have her on the show.

  18. She is the reason Europeans don't want black women to be African leaders. She doesn't kiss white ass and she is not easily controlled like black men are.

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