Hard Core Poetry – Tavares w/ Lyrics

40 thoughts on “Hard Core Poetry – Tavares w/ Lyrics

  1. I heard this song maybe a thousand times growing up, however, I never had an understanding what it signifies to I just remember how it felt so good when I listened to it and how sweet it was in my ears, though at a young age, it somehow lift my spirit. Didn't know the title or who's singing it. I stopped watching television 4 years ago, and I became happier as a result. On my spare time I watch good documentaries, read quality books and listen to good music especially those songs and music I grew up with. I stumbled on this one, and wow, what a gem! Not only is such a wonderful song, it's so significant as to what our world is coming through these days. My spirit just flows with each words in each line with a wonderful promise. And as I listen to it now comes a realization how many of us spend our time wasting and focusing on things that are so distractive, unnecessary and insignificant. it's so easy to forget that life is supposed to be good, not just for some but for ALL OF US! We are here to have fun; to experience joy and contrast, NOT to suffer! If that is what you are doing right now, STOP! Take some moment, realize that there's beauty all around you if you only see them with your heart. Other ways of saying that is take the good out of the bad. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. Peace out! 🙂

  2. A música mais linda que eles gravaram e uma das mais lindas que já ouvi. Não me canso de ouvir!!!! Que interpretação! Ele são maravilhosos sempre!!!!!

  3. My brother bought the album. We both wore it out. This one was one of my favorites, although it didn't get much airplay. Rest in peace, Willy.

  4. Still have the 1974 album but to this day Don't know if it was Bitch or Chubby on lead. Anyone know for sure.

  5. I never give so much attention to the song during my highschool days , just now I realized the beauty of the song , It brings back memories , the lyrics is so amazing if you realize. Outstanding.

  6. Hermosa, cuando las vuelvo a oir lloro de felicidad y tristeza, ojala pudieramos regresar el tiempo!! Los amo mis Tavares

  7. Singing along with this one of the most beautiful songs ever made in the universe again and again…


  9. this was an excellent video with one of my favorites by Tavares along with The Love I Never Had. I still have this album which is like a greatest hits album. every song was great. Butch sang the hell out of this song. Memories of fall 1974.

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