Haps Thoughts: Is The FFXIV Content Cycle "Stale"?

34 thoughts on “Haps Thoughts: Is The FFXIV Content Cycle "Stale"?

  1. I would like some content that you could do solo and not reliant on having a party. Make fates doable solo somehow and add some new progression system to weapons maybe. I reached level 70 with Astro yesterday and now I have to wait till my dailies reset to get better gear. That’s lame.

  2. As a new player this is one of the things that worries me a bit about playing 14. I'm enjoying it so much, but since I began I've learned that they did have some sort of class customization in place with the idea of cross class role skills, and then they removed it and also removed the need to dip into other classes to unlock jobs. For me that's just a unique aspect of a game that sets it apart from others, so it was sad to hear that they'd done away with it.

    Horizontal progression is something that's much needed in any mmo. Players don't know they need it, but it's up to the development team to understand the difference between what players want (short term) as opposed to what players need (long term).

    I'm hopeful, otherwise I wouldn't still be playing it.

  3. The content is always high quality, but the issue is that the formula is always the same. Same series of things to do, with new names and new locations. Is this a problem? It depends. I did quit the game because of this, but I know plenty of people who still enjoy it. But it's going to be a matter of time. If the formula is not updated, everyone will feel the mold, eventually.

  4. the only thing FF14 lacks really badly is the world content…. its sooo bad and stale worse than gearing. i want a world to explore and go adventure with my friends similar too FF11 and Classic WoW there is a threat behind every corner. but no FF14 is very instanced based MMO ur always safe and always queing for raids and dungeons and getting those currencies to get the gear which is not that amazing. World content and exploration is way more fun and thats what FF14 is missing

  5. I know nothing about FF14s online ventures but I can already tell you it's better than Destiny 2. You guys receive patches that contain DAYS of content. Compared to DLC that takes forever to finish. In comparison to Destiny 2 when you are done in 2 weeks.

    Love your game. It's not stale. Just cast more fire bru.

  6. Bam! Yes Mr. Hap, its been stale since release lol. That's why I only have maybe 5-6 paid monthlies since then lol.

  7. dungeons need savage mode, 24man should be every 3 months not 6, omega 4 sets instead of 3. So more of whats there.

  8. Considering I used to play WoW (started late MoP, dropped mid-Legion) and looking at things now, I'm grateful that there's a fair bit of consistency in regards of patch content and in terms of gearing. I like being able to run stuff at my place for the week and knowing I'm making some form of progress. I like knowing what's coming and knowing there's still something for me to do

  9. yes. get tomes capped, do weekly raids, try savage, rage. the end.

    EDIT: that said, more Deep Dungeons please, they're fun and certainly a nice change of pace.

  10. I'm a old wow pvper (wrath/cata). And I would like the grind for pvp gear that will benefit us pvpers in battle. And a grind to be the best pvp player. I really branched out with raiding with this game but pvp is always what I look for in mmo's. If they could give the pvp community that sort of content I think it will bring more people to play and also for other ffxiv players to try something new. Also just add a deathmatch for pvp please!

  11. realistically by the next expansion they'll need to either do a complete overhaul of their combat and basic systems or player numbers will drop off. The way they game is built gives it a very limited tactical and nuanced feel and people start seeing through reskinned bosses and the same dungeon layouts and arenas soon enough.

  12. I'm so glad I quit FFXI when I was able to get out before the game died (sold my account in 2009 for a good amount), also quit FFXIV right afterwards. SE has been notorious for fucking up their games that I just up and decided to quit. The main reason why I quit, is that they made the game easier for the casual base. They completely ignored/fucked over their hardcore base by catering to the casuals only. If I wanted to fucking play farmville, i'd be playing farmville.

    Anyway, fast forward 6 years later it is happening again. This time, I'm glad I am not supporting SE this round. GL to you guys and hope you guys find what you're looking for in an MMORPG.

  13. I obviously don't speak for everyone, and don't expect anyone to agree with my opinions. I can only tell you the reason I left FFXIV almost 2 years ago – the main reason, and really this applies to every other mmo that follows the same general format, is the gear grind. I got to a point where I was really tired having to upgrade gear every time there was new content added, just to stay relevant….yay new content, more grinding dungeons/raids every day for tokens so I can get new gear….again…that makes a game stale to me. I consider FFXIV to have probably the best story in the genre, but it just wasn't enough for me anymore.

  14. Coming from WoW, I love that FFXIV has a regular content cycle. Try spending seven months with no pve content at all. FFXIV is a great game, and I'm glad that they're interspersing some new things within the consistent things.

  15. When Yoshi P himself said he wants players to unsub at times was enough to solidify that the company was ok with the way they introduced content. As a player I want more "real" things to do, not go grind out some weapon or play in the gold saucer, but something along the lines of like WoWs mythic dungeons. Just SOMETHING thats worth MY time. But SE is cool with being mediocre because thats what the player base is. Heres hoping Shadowbringers brings something new, likely the same 3 dungeons, 4 bosses, weekly grind cap…..hooorayyyy…..

  16. Honestly, having joined very recently, I like it, and I think it sets it apart from the MMO that I've been playing before it (WOW). I don't have time to continuously grind content every day based on unpredictable luck of titanforging and drops, I have a job and would very much like to do content with my friends without them or myself outgearing them in every way, putting us on different leagues of content due our playtime varying whole lot. I hope the cycle never changes in FFXIV like WoW did with their infinite progression systems like titanforging and artifact power, the last thing I'd want is artificial time/luckgated content in ff14

  17. I really like 14 been playing cents 1.0. I'm not sure it's really a Content drought at least for me. But I do feel like as you raise up and levels the game becomes smaller and smaller. When you first start off the game you got towns and cities and zones Quest all over the place. Then you kind of start getting towards the end of the game and now it's just one little city you go to. Then you finally get to start doing the big raid Dungeons and that sort of thing and now you never leave the city anymore. I would like them to start adding content that doesn't have to do with raiding. I want to do stuff out the world.

  18. I think one of the important things is, sometime, when people criticize the stalness of the game, I feel like sometimes they don't realize that they're actually just burnt out on the game. And, in that case, I actually think telling them to unsub actually is a viable response because… I mean, that's the easiest way to get them to realize they were burnt out on it. Take some time away from the game and come back when you get the craving. While you could argue it the developers job to always keep the game fresh, it's one thing to know it's their responsibility and blame them and another to realize that it's not always feasible to do such a thing, even if it is their responsibility.

    I mean, there are legit criticisms against the game. As someone who has… WAY more alt characters than I should, I've sorta grown to hate aether currents for example. I just don't like them and feel like they needlessly slow everything down. And it seems sorta contrived to say I need to go and collect these things when my mount already has wings. (I know they have a lore reason for it, but it's still not my thing) I'm really thankful it was just a one time thing to get swimming / diving. And, I really hope that, come 5.0, they'll remove aether currents. I understand why they put them in. They want you to actually explore the map some. But, I honestly love just flying around the maps and exploring them at my own pace rather than making it some chore to unlock a utility. I've personally found myself cursing the environments rather than appreciating them when I go out looking for aether currents. Sometimes, it feels like it's designed to work against you and to frustrate you, especially in the sea of clouds. I remember looking for a specific current there and I was so happy I was getting close to it only to find it was actually half a mile below me.

    I think it's important to try to distinguish those criticisms from just being bored of the game since you've been playing it for years on end.

  19. It is absolutely stale. It's been stale since heavensward launched and we were doing the exact same thing we were doing in ARR at endgame. All that was really different was a few new abilities. Heavensward and Stormblood could have been marketed as patches for how much is actually different in them from ARR

  20. I am personally tired of tome grinding being the main form of endgame for a none raider. Running a roulette once a day till you cap each week gets really old. I don't even bother capping tomes anymore. I rather blow millions to buy crafted gear, find someone to make me a set, or I don't even bother gearing over grinding tome gear again. For me, FFXIV would have to decrease it's vertical progression a lot, like just 10 item level increase per even patch with a heavier interest in horizontal progression, so we can actually build our character a little more to what each individuals wants, than having to use a dev cookie cutter build that everyone has to play where the only thing you can do is get higher numbers(vertical only progression). This carrot on the stick concept is so old to me as a game reward.

    Content-wise I would prefer quality content over quantity content that is rushed every 4-4.5 months. It's probably why some content comes out half baked, because it was rushed to meet the schedule, and why we are losing out on more dungeons per new expansion, because of the demanding development cycle.

  21. I would like your thoughts on the idea that they keep adding new features to the game, it's expanding horizontally (meaning there are a lot of features that are not related to each other) such as the main game, gold saucer, Blue mage, Deepest Dungeon, Eureka. I feel like the game's development team isn't spending enough time iterating on and developing the core of the game outside of huge content drops or expansions. But even if there are new systems, why do they have to be separated almost completely? Deepest Dungeon, Blue Mage and Eureka feel so contrived, like they're tacking on things that are better served being their own games or somesuch. idk

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