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And the whole book is an email
to his daughter, who's dead. And his name will be Norm Hull,
because he's just a normal guy. But not everybody will get that. That's just for the
scholars 100 years from now. [show music playing] You know how I've always
loved your novel, "Faster than the Speed of Love"? OK, what's this? She's peanut buttering
you up for something. And– and you
know what's weird? You're on a show. I'm a writer. It's– it's almost like
the universe is trying to– I don't know– make us
work together or something. I don't know. Do you want a job on my show? Hey. Hey, don't put the
universe's words in my mouth. OK? Well, this crowd was
promised an author. No! Oh, god! I can't kill Brian,
even for Penelope. He's my dog, my friend. Well, I wonder what words are
going to come out of this pen today. All right, I can do this.

16 thoughts on “Happy National Author Day | FAMILY GUY

  1. I know Brian is a terrible writer, but everyone else are not helping him when they make fun of him for it, especially Stewie. If they want Brian to write good material, then give him constructive criticism, not deconstructive criticism

  2. Gosh Brian is annoying, he believes he a this great author but he know he not, and that what annoyed me.

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