Hanson Romantic Symphony (conducted by the composer, 1939)

23 thoughts on “Hanson Romantic Symphony (conducted by the composer, 1939)

  1. One of the great American symphonies of the 20th century, alongside  Randall Thompson's Symphony #2. This first recording is great in that it  goes all out to hit the big moments. It also truly accentuates the syncopated rhythms in the final bars like no other recording ever. The only other recording you really need to hear is Hanson's stereo recording for Mercury Records in 1958. You will be blown away.

  2. I'm so glad I didn't watch that movie 'Alien' before hearing this, I know what this music is really about–it makes it countlessly more beautiful and touching. Actually, what I hear in this music too is John Williams' heart beating intensely.

  3. 30.1.19. Hanson. " Romantic"! Yeah! Hanson is supercool. He's : 1896+60=1956 :A Monkey.

  4. Although I also LOVE Hanson's magnificent performance on his later Mercury stereo LP, there are certain parts of this recording that grab me like no other recording, especially the last few minutes, which express a great vitality, especially in the accent of the syncopation during the build-up to the finale, which I've never heard again in any later recordings, even Hanson's.

  5. So special with Hanson actually conducting his work. Thank you, shellackophile….. Just read this, "Hanson was displeased that the theme was used for the closing credits of Alien[12] without his permission, but decided not to fight it in court." Doubt Scott even offered to pay…. sad

  6. why this beautiful, moving, tuneful symphony isn't on symphony programs puzzles me.  American orchestras appear prejudiced against their own native music.  never hear harris, piston, hardly any Bernstein , certainly not Ives.  a shame.  does a disservice to our heritage.

  7. The only thing that "brought me here" was that I played this piece with the city orchestra I was in, 10 years ago. Never seen Alien 😀

  8. This piece of music is one my parents loved / walking together through the hills above the UC Berkeley campus in the 1940's as young lovers

  9. My community orchestra is performing this symphony soon, and as I am charged with writing the program notes I have been listening to it with a music theorist's ear. I note all the gushing comments already posted. Doesn't anyone dislike this music? I find that each time I hear it, I like it less–and I didn't care much for it the first time.

  10. That pause in the Second Movement, followed by that soaring horn run gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.

  11. Thank God for movies, such as "Alien," or most people would have never heard this wonderful music. I cry every time I play it.

  12. En baguenaudant dans les prés du passé on peut cueillir des bouquets de fleurs folles et improbables on peut revenir avec des extraits somptueux de Howard Hanson et se dire que l'on a gagné du temps et de la sérénité !

  13. what a great service you give us sheckophile I did know of this performance I think its better then the mercury but the are both wonderful

  14. There never was an actual "Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestra", though many have thought it was the school orchestra of the conservatory. It was a recording group consisting of members of the Rochester Symphony Orchestra and faculty of the Eastman School.

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