Handmaids Tale Part 2: Crash Course Literature #404

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  1. My friend's mother always told me to not take my freedoms for granted but to not become complacent and now I'm thinking maybe she was quoting this amazing book haha. I never made that connection till now

  2. β philosophy. penalty = slow extinction of your substrate; progressive despair of you and yours

  3. I like this book because it demonstrates if you don't like women being cum dumpsters or murdering babies then YOU are the bad guy.

  4. This idea of caucasians being a marginal group/minority being researched and experimented on sounds disturbingly racist. I mean, seriously, did white people ended up being thrown back to the stone age on this far future described by the book? Is Atwood trying to say that non-whites will take over the world? Isn't that the same sort of rhetoric that the KKK and the alt-right usually preach about?

  5. John's speaking voice makes complicated sentences seem easy. One note though: in the this episode, one of the handsmaids is animated as black. Given the explicitly racist nature of Gilead (and the society is arose from), none of the handmaids would be women of colour, as white supremacists generally want white babies. In the book Offred notes that various countries had been trying to increase the caucasian birth rate. She states that the Marthas, the lowest ranked women within a house, are "brown". They weren't allowed to use the front door – but some of the handsmaids and the wives could. So, that made me think that all the handsmaids were white, and that the Marthas (and some of the econowives) were women of colour. What do you think?

  6. Wait, is that actually John Greene? The author or just a guy named John Greene???? Either way, you’re awesome

  7. There are only 2 genders. Please don’t label something as educational when “all genders” isn’t a fact. There are only 2. What happened to you John? Trump Derangement Syndrome I suppose

  8. just a few things – offred finds out about her mother at the red centre I think it's called, and the commander's wife finds out about Waterford taking offred to jezebel's because of the lipstick smear that she leaves on the coat that she took from the wife's closet

  9. halfway through this video I found myself wondering what in the world john was talking about with the casette tapes and then I realized my edition of the handmaids tale DIDNT HAVE THAT EPILOGUE IN IT

  10. Yes in this story and the tv show of The Handmaids tale I can see all the evils of our human world past, of Political and Religious regimes in one big cesspool. That's where the author and the writers of the show , got their material from scary stuff. It's sobering to think what humans are capable of and yes it could happen.

  11. i love this video, still it makes me sad to see the like-dislike ratio in crashcourse videos that talk about feminism when the host is a man and when its a woman… guess it proves the point

  12. I don't think that the battle for equality and equal opportunity are never won. I think they can be won. However we must always fight fiercely to protect it. Atwood's work shows us how quickly those rights can be taken away again.

  13. Do some on Songs of Innocence and Experience and The Kite Runner so I don’t fail my a level xxxxx

  14. When was June's mother's fate mentioned in season 1? I watched it twice and I don't remember Moira talking about it.

    Edit: I'm assuming that maybe it was mentioned in the book but not in the show. Can anyone confirm?

  15. I love the authors voice, figurative language, personification and analogy in the book it really makes the situation come to life. I tell you though my favorite thing about the entire book was that one of the professors was from the Republic of Texas, Texas once again became its own nation. Glorious.

    Never really liked the book though.

  16. The passages you have chosen are so stunning, almost in a beauty so shaded as to be criminal in fictional prose made metaphor and page.

  17. This is why I dont read female authors anymore. I don't like the focus on detail and interpersonal relationships. I want the spy or reporter viewpoint instead, the male perspective.

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