Han Solo Movie Composer REVEALED, New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Books, and SDCC!

We’ve got news about the untitled Han Solo
movie that will be music to your ears. Oh I see what you did there. Oh yeah. This week, on The Star Wars Show! Andi talks future Star Wars books with Del
Rey’s Elizabeth Schaefer! Matt Lieb checks out all the Star Wars at
San Diego Comic Con! And much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters it’s
The Star Wars Show! Hi I’m Anthony Carboni
And I’m Andi Gutierrez, welcome the The Star Wars Show the only Star Wars Show where
one of the co-hosts is wearing the same outfit she wore last week. Because we care about pre-taped interview
wardrobe continuity! Yeah! Let’s go to the news
While the movie may not have an official title yet, the upcoming Han Solo movie has found
its composer. John Powell, the Academy Award nominated composer
best know for the Bourne series, Shrek, as well as the Kung Fu Panda and How to Train
Your Dragon will be scoring the untitled Han Solo movie. Powell now joins Michael Giacchino and John
Williams as the third person ever to score a Star Wars live action film. But only the first person to score a
Star Wars and a Kung Fu Panda film. Take that John Williams! Noob. You can listen to his score for yourself when
the untitled Young Han Solo movie directed by Ron Howard hits theaters on May 25, 2018. Last weekend during San Diego Comic Con a
ton of new Star Wars books were revealed during the Lucasfilm Publishing Panel, including
more titles in the journey to Star Wars The Last Jedi series of books. Highlights include Jason Fry’s adaptation
of The Last Jedi, another installment of Pablo Hidaldo’s visual dictionary, Phil Szostack’s
Art of The Last Jedi book, and a Thrawn adaptation from Marvel because dreams come true! All the Thrawn! Also announced was Elizabeth Wein’s, Star
Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron, a book detailing the “harrowing story of the courageous
bomber pilots and technicians of Cobalt Squadron” from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Starring Rose, because she’s the best. But most importantly… we announced Chewie
and the Porgs…an adorable children’s book about Chewbaccas misadventures with the pesky
porgs of Ahch-To island. I love the porgs! Ah Porgs. They’re like a little owl but there also
a little puffin And they’re kind of penguin-y and they got
little funky teeth I bet they just hop around and when they look
up at you I bet you melt. Just melt. Finally this week, as we literally just talked
about San Diego Comic Con was last weekend, and there was a whole lot more than just Star
Wars books at the show. That’s why we sent our good friend Matt
Lieb to check out all the Star Wars on the show floor. Enjoy
I wonder when we’ll see the first Porg cosplay. Hopefully today. Hopefully I’ll just walk out and they’ll
be a Porg waiting for me. I hope that everyday. Hey everyone, Matt Lieb here at Comic Con
in San Diego checking out all things Star Wars because Star Wars is the name of the
game, and the show, let’s check it out. Here we have C’ai Threnalli, you may know him as the winner of the Ello Asty look a like contest. It’s Poe Dameron! Thanks for giving Finn your jacket that was
super rad of you. Keep it, it suits you. Just for sake of argument, how much weight
does that hold? Up to 130lbs. What if you had a 220lb baby? Probably not. But it would test the limits for sure. These look a lot bigger in the movies. Oooh check these. Oh shhhhh, gosh, damnit Adam Driver! This is our K2-SO life size figure. Because he is so top heavy we had to actually
cast parts of him in metal in order to get him to stand stabally. Ahhh! High five! Oh low five. That Ewok is cute but he will also crush your
head between two logs. It looks like right here that you are going
to reveal a special helmet for us? This is the Poe Dameron replica graphic. So this helmet will be available right around
the release of The Last Jedi. Can I try it on? Definitley. Now I’m ready to fight or ride my 10 speed. Whoa!! This is Hero Droid BB-8 from Spinmaster. He’s about 2/3 scale, full function RC and
all these features. I love you. Help me Emmy nominated Star Wars Show, you’re
my only hope. We’ve got some new releases we just announced
at New York Comic Con. The facial features on Rex and Rey are using
a new technique where we take images of Daisy and Temuera Morrison and we can map them directly
onto the sculpted toy head. I’m overwhelmed! I am here over at Pop Minded by Hallmark! You need a downed AT-AT tape dispenser right? Who doesn’t? That’s so amazing. Wow, hey hey. May I have one for free? You know, it was said that working for the
internet would never lead to anything but guess what. Free poster. You are watching The Star Wars Show. I think he’s heading for that small moon. That’s no moon. This week, Elizabeth Schaefer was kind enough
to join us. Thank you for joining us Elizabeth. So you are the senior editor at Del Rey books
That’s right Tell me a little bit about what that entails. I get this question basically every Christmas
from my extended family. What is an editor? What exactly do you do? So basically the best metaphor is probably
like a director of a movie is sort of like an editor of a book. Basically every piece of the book I get to
touch base with. And you work on all the Star Wars books that
Del Rey has done Yeah. And you’ve only been there for a little
while but you came from Disney? That’s right. I did Star Wars at Disney. Star Wars has been such a huge part of my
career so I am so happy to do that now at Del Rey. What’s it like working at a company that
has been so integral to keeping this saga alive? It’s an honor. It’s scary at times. I remember right when I started woring at
Del Rey my first month is when we started working on Thrawn. First month working at Del Rey and you’re
working with Timothy Zahn on a Thrawn novel. No pressure! None at all. Were you like an avid Star Wars book fan before? Totally. I have to admit that I was really into the
young adult series like Jedi Apprentice. That is such a huge part of my Star Wars book
love. You’ve got a lot of really cool stuff in
the works. Thrawn just came out and it’s killin’
it. You’ve got Phasma coming up in September. But I wanted to talk a little bit about Inferno
Squad. What was it like working with EA to make those
two mesh together? They’re wonderful. ANd it’s been great to have brain storming
calls for us working with video game people. Ways that stuff in the book might influence
the game and they’re just recording some of the audio stuff now so as a gamer, knowing
that I’m going to be able to play Batttlefront II and see some of the characters from Christie Golden’s book show up? Inferno Squad. Oh man. If you like sad things happening to your characters,
you’re really selling it! I mean, very exciting action packed but also
heartbreaking. There’s a time where Christie sent me an
email saying, “Oh I thought of this great idea for this thing that will happen in the book
and it’s just really gut wrenching and beautiful.” ANd I would just send back a picture of the
Emperor going like, “Good” Those are things that form really strong memories
in fan’s minds. I think a lot of times our fans get connected
to the saga through books on a deeper level than they do the movies. What would you say is your biggest goal? The place you want them to hold in our community. My goal is for us to tell the best stories
we can that represents the most number of people that makes Star Wars feel as rich and
alive as as anything else that you encounter with storytelling wise. I think you’re doing a great job. I’ve enjoyed everyone of the books I’ve
read so thank you so much for coming by. Can’t wait to see what’s coming out later
this year! Me too. Phasma. Phasma. I’m here with the Emmy
Emmy Emmy
Emmy Emmy
Emmy Nominated Emmy Nominated
Emmy Nominated Emmy Nominated web series here. Emmy nomination. Nominated for an Emmy we’re sorry
We were nominated for an Emmy I just like to point that out a lot. Hey can we talk about the Porgs some more? What do you want to know? Just about everything ANDI. Thank you for asking! What do they sound like, how much do they
weigh? Are they soft, do they have nightvision… I don’t know these things why don’t you
ask Pablo? Oh it’s weird. My key card stopped working on Pablo’s floor. There’s probably a reason for that. However, since we know you guys love the Porgs
as much as we do, we want to hear your Porg poetry. ASend us your best Porg rhymes using the hashtag
#PorgPoem and we’ll feature our favorites here next week. Finally, because we’re an internet show
and you pretty much have to do this at the end of every video otherwise it’s not a
real internet video…make sure to like the video, subscribe to the channel, follow us
on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and as always May the force be with you! Shall I compare thee to a summer’s porg? That’s good. That’s a good start. We want to hear your Porg poetry! Send us your b—buh—baby! Please don’t send us babies Send us your
baby! Give me your first born and I will give you
a Porg- don’t. I’m working on my haiku right now, 5, 7,
5. Porg is one so it’s easy. Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg
Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg Porg.

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