36 thoughts on “Ham Poetry

  1. I think it's super funny how people who are just thin get accused of having an eating disorder but no one will say the same for fat people… strange that no one will point out that the morbidly obese are a drain on our healthcare system thus making healthcare more expensive for the rest of us

  2. Hello ma’am you are seriously over weight and are on the verge of serious conditions that may be fatal but we aren’t allowed to tell you that in case your offended

  3. No no no no shes got it wrong it's not "FAT girls walks into a doctors office" it's "Fat girl tries to walk into a doctors office but can't cause shes stuck" having obesity and would rather stay that way rather than be healthy honestly so much fkn i canny dae it plus i just canny be arsed being healthy in her life.

  4. Fat girl walks into the world, gets so fat as to generate gravity around herself, turns into singularity and destroys the planet.

  5. She's probably a Marxist, too. Implementation of those ideas tend to shed the pounds pretty quickly…

  6. Oh man i wanna hear your comments on this but i just cant sit through her bitchfest again. This is NOT poetry. This is complaining. Maybe rap. Not poetry.

  7. I'm not a sidewalk doctor but your fuckin fat loose some God damn weight tubby guns dont kill people the most in America heart disease does

  8. Spider bites actually lower your blood pressure, really serious ones lower it significantly. Improper treatment will mess you up

  9. Thinness = health. Yes usually also sometimes heroin addiction or other serious health issues. Just saying, carry on.

  10. Fuk this excuse for being fat get of ya ass watch what you eat exerciser every day even just walking some were should do it i should know my mum was morbidly obese she died at age 32 so did my brother at age 32 take responsibility for your self and your kids before its to late oh and im 51and i keep moving around all day regardless and work hard physically ?

  11. i say let these land whales go ahead with the way they are, Darwin tells us the results…

    dont get mad when he addresses the elephant in the room, im fucking dying dude!!😂

  12. Sorry Dank, but you shit the bed by standing in the EU elections for Ukip. If you'd stood as an independent I'd have voted for you, but as it is I guess the SNP will just get my vote as usual. Soar Alba.

  13. I hate the fat acceptance crap. I am a fat tub of shit and the world should feel free to berate me because of it. I am a disgusting fat ass, and more people need to tell me as such. I am being 100% serious.

  14. Her denial of her being unhealthy want's me to kill myself. Like seriously I was bullied for being fat I got tired of it so I started dieting and exercising. I lost the fucking weight and now no one even mentions it because I'm at a healthy body weight. I even gained the respect of some of my bullies. Sure still fuck them for what they said but now they've seen I did something about it instead of whining about it. Action speaks louder than words and sure words might be powerful but words alone don't guarantee that anything will change. You have to make the change. Going to the doctor and saying it hurts because I'm fat and they recommend dieting and exercise or in worse case surgery and getting upset because you have the emotional strength of a tooth pick the slightest confrontation and it fucking breaks. You SJW's are creating a toxic environment. You won't let nature be the way it is and you won't allow the youth to be encouraged to like the opposite sex and to like where they are are not have to be persuaded to become transgender. You with all your so called progressive bullshit is causing humanity to regress as a society. This is why we hate you this is why we need to stop you. We are the ones trying to go out of our way to help persuade you or down right stop you from continuing because you are evil in your beliefs. I hope you all find yourself gassed you fucking evil wretches.

  15. I used to be fact and I find it insulting that these fat pussy women and fat pussy men can't muster up the fucking courage to lose the fucking weight by dieting an exercising it isn't that fucking hard. These fucking weak willed people want to be in control of others and lead them into accepting themselves how can you expect too lead them if you have no courage or will within yourself all its going to lead to is you bullshitting them into a false sense of security and when they actually need you you're going to crawl to your safe space because you're offended or its hard and stressing you. Boo hoo grow the fuck up stop being a weak sake of shit or move yourself out of the way so that people who actually want to make and effort can achieve without your protoplasmic body and weak personality getting in the way.

  16. Funny AF! Being obese affects the health of others too – just ask a nurse who has back problems caused by having to move fatties on and off surgical tables and trollies. I used to work in a hospital and saw this first hand. In fact the reason I was working there in the first place was to cover for someone who was off on long term sick due to serious back problems caused by moving a obese patient. Perhaps refuse treatment to obese patients if their illness or injury is the result of their obesity and they have been advised of the problem before but did nothing about it. Alcoholics are denied liver transplants on this basis.

  17. People like this are why family insurance at my job is $400 a week. So yeah. Take a jog tubby you'll only help other people.

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