Halsey, BTS SUGA -SUGA’s Interlude (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

100 thoughts on “Halsey, BTS SUGA -SUGA’s Interlude (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

  1. I don't love this man just because of his visuals,i love him for being suga,i love him for being the original he is,i love his passion for music,he taught me how..to love the original me…i love him for being talented..i love him as a man and idol…everything about him is just different….he's unique i could tell..i know,he loves me as a fan..that's fine….totally fine for me,atleast i know he loves us,maybe i'm not lucky cause he can't be the future husband for me but i'm still lucky to have him as my brother

  2. Nothing to say cause it has touched every listeners core of the heart💜💜
    Suga – calm, uncomparable voice
    Halsey – cute, angelic voice
    Both voice are rare & if you combine their voice than you'll have no words to say how much amazing, awesome, meaningful this is
    Hats off to HALSEY & SUGA 🎩📴😘😘😘💜💜💜

  3. 0:13 – Halsey Vocal
    0:25 – Suga Rap
    0:50 – Halsey Vocal
    1:16 – Suga’s Rap
    1:40 – Halsey’s Vocal

  4. Plz… Who loves this songhhh..
    Me yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍👑👑👑

    Yes :😍😘
    No :🤐😠

  5. Halsey said she asked yoongi to feature on hwr album as she was a big fan of his solo work and felt he would fit well with the her album

  6. Halsey said she asked yoongi to feature on hwr album as she was a big fan of his solo work and felt he would fit well with the her album

  7. The song is good but damn I'm in love with this picture of yoongi how come I've never seen it before

  8. I think Suga is a very unique person on my opinion I heard his voice and I fell in love with him his quotes are very true and he’s a very honest person if you think about I wish I could meet him but no chance of that but at least I’m a big fan of him owo

  9. It kinda makes me cry even more to know this came out on my birthday
    Love you sm Halsey and Yoongi💕
    I love how talented artists don't need to undress themselves in MVs but use their voice and their feelings to create a song as beautiful as this one in all aspects of vocal, rap and lyrics💕❤ I hope this will never change and I wish for the best of them❤

  10. "playback speed: .75x on Yoongi-ssi-ui lines",,
    why am I panicking while reading his lyrics on the normal playback speed??

  11. Yoongi's voice is just pure magic.
    Is like, I can't understand what he is saying, but, I can feel what he is saying.

    This, this is not Suga, not Agust D.

    This, this is Min Yoongi.

  12. Things you lived for and the things you love might change. That’s true, that’s true so are you gonna move? — Yoongi

  13. Halseys part reminds me of a Linkin Park song but I cant put my finger on which one. Just how the flow goes…..hmm just me?

  14. I hope one of them reads this. Whether your in prison or famous you have to stop caring what other people say and do. The only control anyone has is over themselves. People are always comparing themselves to others, those who feel they come up short tend to criticize others. If someone throws shade your way just get that dirt off your shoulder. Negative comments say everything about the one commenting and nothing about the one the comment is aimed at. People often act like crabs in a bucket, if they see one of them is reaching the top they pull it down hoping to pull themselves up. Like RM says do you. Do the fuck you want.

  15. He didn't say the "SUGA" part, because it's already in the title. You automatically read it first, before the music even starts.

    Genius beyond this world.

  16. I honestly love Halsey’s voice from what I’ve heard in her work with bts. Idk about her personality or anything like that (ik a lot of people were angry at their collab but I don’t follow her so I wouldn’t know) and I haven’t listened to her other music bc I kinda gave up on American pop, but HER VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL

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