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you got the rise mistress to do just side stay everybody [Applause] this is Jason so know what to do hey there major Daniel it's me don't worry I'll be there in time for your big moment by the way we've been married for five years I just love you so much I can't wait to go on vacation you camp here for the NAA clear ceremony thank you know this man I do Wow f-22 Raptor that's that's the favorite nice little fire [Applause] and the Russian airspace Hey it is my honor presented Jason Danville with the prestigious Collier trophy [Applause] thank you ladies and gentlemen I'd like to thank general Linford and the National aeronautic Association and most importantly I'd like to thank my wife Sally before I was an aeronautical engineer I was an Air Force pilot in fact I even flew in a few of these events and we used to joke that we weren't in the Air Force we were in show business you know what the first rule of entertaining show don't tell so sad master diving in the world seriously well Dewalt twirl five minutes it's a kid but it's apparently the oceanic drop-off meeting all I'm supposed to absolute style sweetie are you ready yeah I'm ready feel yeah it's gonna be good pretty bad course not really but at the anniversary baby [Applause] [Applause] forget about it don't add to that we're outta here sweetie hello all right are you ready so what is it what what happened yeah no that's right uh-huh thank you anything well we appreciate it and yes happy skies to you too well we're good with insurance we just have to use the tickets within a year so young I believe it yeah she was my mentor my oldest friend could have been mechanical failure fog turbulence they're not sure this is Africa how's that oh just an expression this is Africa police where you rarely find out how a thing happens once there were no survivors yes who's got will fill you in on the legal implications and then I'll follow up with the practical applications can we what about this applications or implication watch for ISA and her husband Frank left four children Peace Corps brought them back to the US a month ago wait you're not going where I think you're going are you this is their final will and right here that's your name isn't it yeah you know I haven't I haven't seen her and that was a long time ago and her daughter was just tough possible Guardians the immediate families are out parents have passed away Frank was an only child Teresa's sister is on her second tour in Afghanistan you were next in line my Teresa and Frank believe that if anything should happen they couldn't trust you but they care of their kids well something has happened excuse me Dorothy right of the Ohio family I'm sorry this is just this is a lot to take in all at once the Ohio Center a family protection and summit car that I gave you right right right um okay so here's the thing you know tessie's my oldest friend and I would do anything in the world for her but the truth is we're completely unsuited to be parents I mean not even to take the kids we have careers we travel we we barely even have time for each other kids Don the PlayBook playbook you know what I mean and I can't cook I mean I I can't I don't know the first thing about kids or what to do with the two of us nobody's trying to force unity yeah all right then I guess that's that and I don't suppose you'd be interested in seeing them wait they're here little Jordyn they were brought in two weeks ago from DC they're staying in a group home okay so you just assumed that we take them well frankly yeah as per your commitment to your friend my wife and I would like to have a private conversation please yes of course what give this happening so I really can't believe this is happening I very honestly no no way we can adopt for kids just not all right no we throw an air ball and they're right an obligation an obligation or something what what I don't know I mean they're kids we're not gonna feel good about ourselves unless we do something right and maybe we do something temporarily yeah until they find a real long well damn right real family and be better than that group home I hope and that's little short impressive young lady hasn't smiled too much since she's been here but then you could blame her a tiny one is suddenly she was adopted from China when she was a year old Korea's 15 born in Guatemala he was abandoned when he was three ended up on the streets Teresa and Frank adopted him five years ago and the boy is Kayla adopted in Uganda the name is for Jordan hi I'm Sally I'm so sorry about your parents thank you I loved your mother very much so did we hi okay hi Caleb it's wonderful to meet you hi hi son I'm Sally how's your mommy's good friend this is Javier I am here hello it's good to meet you you must be Jordan I'm Jason that troublemaker must be Caleb ha I'm not a troublemaker all right donal back I was just kidding so you're all gonna come and stay with us but yeah you like that hey how those bunk beds come oh you know kami MIT Collier trophy would possibly go wrong yeah what could go wrong he's then week my mom she she was great I don't know how she did it I just didn't pay attention I guess he's just so focused on myself no tell me about it all I want to do is fly once I did I never looked back this then you're here hi Dorothy hi everyone interesting place yeah it's a little teched-out but it's my studio and we live upstairs thank you auntie Shelley Edie's Sally Ugandan custom don't use mr. and mrs. so much it's our last stop oh let's not play that right now all right letting you go uh why don't we go upstairs here let me help you okay guys follow me all right thanks Dorothy you're welcome John okay so I have identification travel visas and medical for you and here is information on Uganda good idea what are you making well something resembling a smooth and even if this is a temporary arrangement it's important that the transition as quickly as possible so I've made appointments for you at two schools in your area elementary and high school great I don't want Daniel back are you sure it's really good make sure happy inside you and I both know Jason and I are cut out for this we don't want these kids get attached so the sooner we can find him another family the better oh it's not easy to place the four of them together but I do have some leads so I'll call you as soon as that machine thank you look what so this looks like an interesting game is it called a Wesa national or game of Uganda how do you bike you start on your side and you start selling your seats what's so easy to me that's because mom and dad let you win it's like I've got banking now and then maybe we can think about maybe making some dinner I have a better idea let's just order something in great idea I can help you prepare a meal no no no it's ok like we'll just order some pizza Thai or Chinese whatever you guys like we can Dorothy told us you can't cook she told you that I love to cook especially for my family I can help you even me and our family the women always prepare meals together ok well Jordan to me in America you know lately the whole gender thing you know men actually can cook these days they like you know yeah yeah let's let's give it a try ok gentlemen this is it Porter's their little washroom over here alright got the bunk bed someone stops me yo care of that mm-hmm all right we've got sorry cycles we've got a TV and Xbox darts but that's kind of my little work area so you may want to you know play low you like this what is he it's foosball what's that foosball foosball is the National table game of America wanna know how to play what do you think I like this one hey man do you like your room I've never been in a bunk bed before foosball was fun I even be my brother who tells everybody he is the best football player in the whole world I don't say that yes you do stop it all right well why don't we eat our hot delicious omelets could we say grace mouth full yeah sure of course I mean god preserve us from all harm and may hold our mom and dad in his embrace may he bless this food to nourish us that we may work in his service amen amen amen come on boys covers what is that that's my work what work is it I design engines I love engines even me no you don't yes I do no you don't hey guys let's think hey to go to sleep all right hey boys night good night major Jason goodnight he has a tongue something tell me something I'll do it no no no I I'd like to try what is it don't tell her about anything she'll get into it okay so would you like me to tell you about well what me and your mommy were best friends we used to sing together a lot mostly at the hospital for little kids but I remember this one time we went and sang at the zoo but did it Oh in America it's the place where we keep all the animals so that we can go see them they found out that there was a sick zebra so your mom said let's go sing to it that's funny yep it is did you know that the zebra is your mommy's most favorite animal in the whole world that's why we went saying to it in a song see zebra please get bed zebra zebra you okay guess what that zebra was better the next day and everyone at the zoo thought your mommy was a very special person they were right weren't they okay I know sweetie she went away but when she comes back I'm gonna give her love presence want to see that's very beautiful it's because my mom is special what are you doing come here you'll see should not do this does not belong to you look it is our school let me see let me see tell me little brother got a pistol up there in the world yes yes the vapors is in all of history uh Oliver's retired in anymore Simon see there you know that place ah home good morning beautiful girl morning hey listen say gotta go to school score no I mean like we got to take them all right I'm like yeah you know no listen like what what are they gonna eat we got to make them breakfast have you thought about breakfast I mean like what are we gonna do I got it all taken care yeah okay then let's do that cake let's go fix that guys like cars yeah this your last one okay safety first don't forget to buckle up they chase something can I drove this car know how to drive a stick hip new years old hey what's up sweetie yeah I'm now walking this brain yeah funny I mean look everyone knows I've told them all about Jesus listen to your track it's fantastic I've got a feudal obligations obligations sorry we just gotta talk about this later fuckin Slater okay Fargate yeah you too Thanks bye kids closely one thing do not get jobs that have agents right must we find jobs now no Caleb or your kids get to be kids ok ok on to snack something wrong high school before this is smaller very much money welcome to America go big or go home I didn't mean go home that's just phrase you know that's weed so alright let's go to school I'm Jordan smart a I was born in America but for the last 11 years I was in a small school outside Kampala that's in Uganda okay so you goodnes a landlocked country and in Africa my favorite thing about moving to America is where my Zetas CC was born the most famous football player in the world my memory about the country where I'm from is war refugees displacement camps poverty drought famine cholera but I really loved it and I missed it a lot apologies my ladies and gentlemen get that domestic situation kept me behind the power curve which means what this koushin you didn't keep up with your expectation very good terms bare feet was I mean mr. Breton your airspeed was less than required for the maximum lift-to-drag ratio exactly remember slower you go more power you need which is the case in attempting to get children to school when induced drag against increase let's see where we left off we were discussing the printer taste Danville in general inferred you request an immediate response tell him I'll meet him yes sir how are you classes okay just okay no one ever heard of Uganda same here who's the girl with the blue hair and what computer class for the air you have to go meet Sally up here buck in that way not from around here what makes you say that only highly unusual people check out the community service booth everybody's pretty usual around here hey Steve well yeah I'm new cool Noah Jordan Peace Corps at least my parents were rule and I hope that that's crazy where Uganda Peru live after you've been there well actually just kind of a geography geek I've never been anywhere but hey capital cities GNP national bird I'm your man I like that we'll help man so sign up you can tell me all about how the real world works why do you want to know that someday I'm gonna see it all now who is that kid never seen him before happy iris dell'arte you know I love every day [Applause] thank you look this just not fit right to anybody else I care are we not on the same page here I'm not what's happening over here I don't know is it me is it the song what is it at least that's what it's okay sorry you're right it is I know I don't know what's going on with me missus the kids ha the kids I forgot it yeah those kids kids what's up with the kid she just inherited a whole bunch hi kids yeah bye you guys want to rock a little Xbox counselor yeah okay so your money is running just a little bit late I'm mom oh yes sorry of course but I'd like both of you to stay where I can keep an eye on you and Caleb you look after your little sister okay I'm not you are so little I'm little are you really a big donor I already told you if you want I can tell you a very sad thing something only a big girl can understand do you want me to no son late son what happened what happened sweetie here come here tell me what happened what's wrong suddenly what is it what happened Caleb told her about mom and dad sleepy time now lose every time asleep finally hey how's school American students are different how's that just are you don't like them I like them they're just not serious it's some are but mostly not Jordan are you hungry you want to Bowl surreal or milk or you can talk or no thanks I'm just gonna go to bed okay good night good night beat me again boys it's time to go to bed come on let's brush your teeth hey boys boys it was me who did it not Caleb if ever punishment it should be for me only yeah you can use my computer whenever you want but what do you have to do first ask permission that's exactly right do we all understand that yes sir midget I see here you sleep not even a little she said I can't do this it's not forever no I mean I can't like I don't have any parenting genes or nurturing instinct or something you know how to love that's just who you are that was all that it took Jason hmm these kids are hurting in I mean I show it yeah but it's seen only a matter of time until no something terrible happens and then what do we do we're gonna handle it you had it rough over there I know that you were born to fly you know that too don't you son now I was and this is now sir you sure about that yes sir I am well let's put it to the test then shall we what a few Jason what if I was to tell you I wanted you back in the cockpit I gave it up for a reason sir as you said that was then this is now the design team wants you it could be your own test pilot the Air Force is looking at the f-35 f-35 Lightning that's it outstanding jet fighters well yes it is and it's highly underestimate yes it was and I would need a fair bit of travel longer stay overs at Langley Sally might take issue with it but you can deploy countermeasures for that right I have time to consider sir all right talk it over with Sally but get back to me problem by the way small Sally at the ceremony she's still quite the character yeah she's all that huh okay before you go a few fellows might want to shake your hand Jenny Bobbo ever be or hedge a yep you speed maniac bagels Westgate Freddie look at you you city slicker you still driving that old Chevelle of course I am what are you still doing the NASCAR thing as much as I can not that we're trying to persuade your or anything Jason no no no no I never suspect that and you're the one they want they're there with an officer watch what we tell him look I told you Milwaukee was great I'm ready for this this is it oh yeah now really really okay then yes set up the meeting the Mocambo you never know who's gonna be there so you're saying I should put my game face on yeah yeah that and do that little Sally thing that you do right what hello oh no it was she okay ya know I'm on my way I'm on my way thanks okay hey Sully let go sorry where you going could you tell me where the nurse's office is thank you excuse me I'm Sally Danville I what happened oh it's all right mrs. Danville she's fine yeah it's just an earache well what do I do warm water a couple of these drops every four hours want a little tell me something cause it's cheap I'm sorry aren't you long enough hey what's going on down here I'm sorry hon – Sonny okay not paying attention can you forgive me yeah I'll speak to him nope Jordan can you just let me go – me no my drums my house my turn please – raise up in – I guess you like music huh in my country we have music every day that's fun I'm sorry I did that dude it's fine you know what curiosity is good never lose it let's just not worry about this okay how would you like to jam with my band here not really yeah I didn't guy could arrange it yeah I am very ashamed I told you it's not a big deal seriously I'm not ashamed about these drums I am ashamed about what I said to my sister sit down listen Caleb I know you weren't trying to her suddenly you were just telling her the truth telling the truth is a really hard thing to say actually it takes a lot of courage which must mean you're pretty brave it's nothing to be ashamed of right right auntie Sally yeah I love living here with you and major Jason hi beautiful girl sorry I'm late we need to Bobby ever be at the base my man from the squadron just drive NASCAR before we join a service here at the base yeah no general inferred but I'll tell you about that later how was your day wonderful yeah my wonderful new heart sounds complicated yeah it would have been simpler if you're here alright what happened mmm details don't matter really just you know kids I'm getting attached and you know the time responsibility you know in our old lives we're just not gonna really get them back to adduced my Betty you talk to Dorothy and thank you thank you thank you so much Wow well I don't know I just feel weird about it yeah I mean you're right it's the right thing you do great people wonderful people ah yes so what do you think it's not to like would we still get to see them that's not a problem just needs to be convenient all right so I will expedite the paperwork and Caleb and some leek and probably move in this weekend excuse me try that again oh don't worry I have a very good family willing to meet with Xavier enjoying they're not right in town wait wait a minute you're gonna support mom I explained that it's difficult to find a family that's willing to take off wait a second this just can't happen they need to go to the same they need to go to the same family mrs. Danville you were the one on the phone to me about the children becoming attached and how it was too painful for you to deal look I need this to happen the right way and I just don't have time for this I just don't sir no Jason I have an opportunity to go on tour do you know what that could mean why didn't you tell me cuz everything's out of control you know our lives I really like them back the way they used to be you know Sally now I need to talk about this I guess see that what is this about a tool he's got something lined up for me oh well don't act so excited for me it's not that well what is it it's just wow I told you I met with general in first yeah no I'm sorry I was a little out of it he wants me to fly again I thought you said you'd never fly again you can't turn this one down psyche a dream come true so what you're saying is that one of us needs to stay home with these kids and I'm saying that I'm just trying to put everything on the table on the table right so both of us can see that your practical opportunity beats my mercy I'm very come on that's not what I'm saying I mean well let's what you in terms of dollars that's true it's true what if there was a remote possibly that I could actually make a V ever I thought of that maybe I could actually that's not good crazy everything I've done looks like I'm not getting crazy here listen I'm just trying to figure out how I'm supposed to live with a husband that I love this career that I have passion for him and now these four kids that quite frankly I feel responsible for Oh it's pronounced Uganda Oh gun death it's no I doubt I'll make a very intense theory you should try it's the most beautiful country in Africa sounds like you miss out I miss my friends well you know what a good newspaper Wow look at this place who drives these cars students kind of cars that get out but tablet this is happy aerosol art ah he's a man with a golden booth Javier they can meet you son I'm Tamblyn I'm the football co-chair I'm honored to meet you sir they played a bit of football huh someplace else yes sir I like like it don't like it I don't really care oh I'm interested in is are you any good at it Kowski Danny give this man the ball see what I can do with it football player go for it kind of European we can work with it he's got attention lighten up son he's a loser coach Javier back to work you tricked me doing you a favor that that was no favorite house to make me a fool but you know what has been around I happen to be the street I am no fool I know that bow is not a soccer ball Javier trust me you showed them and they were in profit laughs that's just guys they do I'm sorry if you thought that I tricked you hey have yard look at me I would never do that never okay okay let's get out of here hey Jordan well where's all the air I don't listen girl with blue hair but he's gonna be home for dinner oh this is Noah no Aurora doc hey mrs. Danville husband pretty well no I see you too okay I checked out your music pretty cool I really like the acoustic stuff hey keep up the good work all right can we just go promised me be here never breaks the promise I'm gonna kill him it's not good q Thank You Caleb I'll remember that better alright hey guys lighten up take a breather but you can't do this huh don't pretend like you're not impressed then hello okay I'm here alright alright just calm down with the police okay tell them we're gonna be right there okay alright what's the situation not good wait he's my brother I should be the one that goes why you because I need you to stay here with Caleb and sun-li he's my family not yours Xavier is our responsibility I think you know my brother better than I do and I didn't say that what I am saying is it right now you're in charge of this house and two young children I need you to do this for us please we're gonna get through this I'll turn out you'll see hold it hold it responsible for javi Archuleta it's alright he's free to go we just got to finish a little paperwork okay excuse me hey um I'm Christine I was with Javier all those guys say Javier started it but he didn't they teased him about playing football they're just jealous cuz he has way more talent than done especially Danny it was Danny quarterback he's like totally insecure because the coach is so impressed with Javier at the football coach oh yeah like he really wants happier to play on the team I would never do it I never say never I understand what I'm saying Lisa why don't you get the car what happened everything's okay it's nothing serious are you hurt it's not mine take it off I'll wash Jordan you don't have I want to that okay with you Hey Hey look at this I wish for something look Jordan Solarte date of birth 16 sweet 16 this is a huge deal I'm gonna I'm gonna throw her a party and you know what I'm gonna win this girl's heart if I have to jump out of her cake for dinner so what I want to know is you're gonna be there for it you're gonna be in the service against land Jets look if I take this job I'm not gonna be traveling all the time and if I am I'll be back on the weekends to make out for weekends nice or I'll just put my life on hold so it's gonna work out Dorothy's gonna find a family for these kids and we're gonna get back on with our lives okay look you know I don't know much about this parenting thing but I know these kids and kids need a you know male role model father figure especially those two boys they need to see how to be a man you know how to do man stuff hmm right now okay okay what man stuff it is city slicker hey Jeff guys Jeff Burton you're some friends I want you to me we're done all right see must be taken down all right yes you mean let's beat you got hey guys this guy's a real deal he drives racecars I uh I'm a dad too so I'm pretty happy about that took first place 21 times hey man you know I've been lucky Thanks Hey yo fellas thanks for being here oh good time here hello I'm looking for something like you know kind of big big rectangle this tall something like that thank you streamer's maybe some balloons xever ha ha zebra seize up please cat better see Brasi back ok when I was a little girl I had to write paper in school about an imaginary character named Roxy then made my hairdresser and in your sleep she comes to visit you and she lands on your head she does a little dance it'll go in you wake up even a fancy little hairdo well you like that okay Gina you don't play as well as you think you're gonna be sorry you even thought that offense the essence of air power stupid cow near the road peace through strength victory through the fraud never hop and be light for nothing was that me no idea all right well okay maybe he played once or twice every night with my dad he was really good and way faster than me what else did you do with him oh you know stuff okay we used to hike a lot you show me different plants and I mean he taught me about all kinds of things for example like the right way to eat seasonal grasshoppers or how to ride a donkey backwards by pricking its tail with a thorn I'm sorry I'm sorry sounds like he was a wonderful man you must have been a great father I'm sure he was goodnight hi I'm sorry to come so early hello Dorothy hi what I have to say can't wait where the children duh having breakfast I'll be quick about this about what Family Services has stringent guidelines on guardianship and foster care we take our responsibilities very seriously well we know that you said parenting wasn't in your playbook clearly you were right I just finished reading a police report on Xavier fighting another incident like that and the agency will remove the children from your custody sorry to come so early but it had to be said don't listen to her we're doing fine are we coach let's meet you I'll come back Danny pioneer a little piece Bank that's gone in there how'd you get color farm with bright so in the music a Caleb I like to play on the job my teacher told me the sound of the drum is like the beating heart but for me with this sound I can forget all the bad things that happen in the past dude that's my kind of music I was thinking we start on the end did you think you know Stevie ready let's hit it one two [Applause] keep your brought kit it's ugly yeah that's real nice then listen sweetie you can't bring kids in here it's just a sound check anyway the joints closed it's all good man no it's not good it's not all good guess who's here easy poppet that's right corporate billboard man is Fillmore West before it hey clay I know easy topics one big dude I love listen just take the kids to the band room they won't make a sound right hmm all right that was sweet let's go here we go now we Oliver Sally said once Alice's is law right so I want you both to see your book sit down here on this fine comfortable couch don't move don't make a sound a nothing right nod you ain't sorry know you understand it all right brilliant yeah you effects kid kill the smoke the sound check Thanks okay now listen just kick Izzy a little taste right just a wee bit so this is an audition no no no you got the gig it's just you know he's a promoter with a ton of crowd sound you know and who's this know what no Aurora nice to meet you mr. damper hey you're no uh-huh yeah yeah get your distance sweet back in one daddy see if you got it watch me all right [Applause] [Applause] nice job everyone hold on there those belong to you ah yeah yeah I don't never allow kids in any venue on tour including this one excuse me this place even open right now I'll ask that point it's my tour of my rules so get the money here right now or you don't go in that stage you know what Sully why not just take my from an ice-cream you know chocolate in there laughs clay just just leave it yeah you know why I've got this other gig it's actually a much bigger deal at the moment so why you doing this change of plans I'm out of here hey do you my system in learn that's cool yeah Wow hey what's wrong nothing this is this is great each shouldn't have gone to all this trouble in London travel it was fun Wow look at all this I'm just gonna go put my bag away excuse me Hey I don't want to talk about it can I come in Jordan what's wrong why did you have a party you turned 16 it's a big deal you know thought it was a special occasion it's not anymore Jordan I'm sorry if I upset you I don't understand it doesn't matter yeah it matters matters to me what about your parents yeah you can tell me can I can i really can my mom and I we had this boy you know we're together a lot because we all help them out in the villages we delivered food and medicine and Muhammad I never had any time together so that's what we planned I told her what I really wanted when I turned 16 but I wanted more than anything was just one day one day just the two of us no party just time together but no wonder you didn't want a party I didn't even want a birthday I want my mom and dad back thanks for trusting me thank you for being here look she just seemed happier kick that football that I kid is incredible I mean he's really incredible so Jordan come ready donkey Packers but there's a skill center I'm not surprised jeez hmm I've been thinking tell me – oh no it's just something about all this that I honestly didn't expect these kids you know what I mean it's no planning no even so I I know that it's gonna take you know a lot of sacrifice from both of us I know but I think it's worth it I mean do you think yes yeah haha Dorothy come to Paris you know frontier hey – sir – sure I've got some great material oh that's great so glad to be there no no I need a big stage you know bigger than anything time time look good look for that I listen clay what do you want I'm sorry you missed uh I let you down okay I'm sorry please you're the only one that can make this happen for me please hello you have one new message mr. mrs. Danville good news we found the perfect family that will take all four children transition is Center this weekend I need to come over right now Christine I gotta talk to you go you message you know Dayton Ohio two amazing facts Wright brothers invented the very first such taxable engine powered aircraft and the first recording of hang on Sloopy which became the first dis Roxxon of the state of ohio anchor nervous to you know oh this year everybody yellow you know later yeah I'm just on my way home are you gonna put the three sister I'm not sure about that are you good pretty much goodnight wow what a day you talk to Dorothy well Ike left message at the office and they said that she'd call back she's still okay with what we're doing absolutely good about you you okay with compromising your dream come true well you know I was thinking after Buster crashed yeah they had to go out there and make a living for us and still what I want to do it's just a bigger us better dream mentor Jason Hoppy here's magnet house I looked everywhere anything nothing I'm good out there hola we put on Kneipp it's just a matter of time good thank you I mean you did the right thing coming here wish most parents had your common sense yeah he's got the Wells they found me we found them at the mell gunwales Hospital emergency we're here to see Xavier sell art eh are you family yeah yeah we are we're responsible hey uh can I talk to you guys for a second no he's okay if you cuts nothing broken why would your cart kind of mangled ended up on the front lawn no we don't care about but why why did he do it children were seeing their brother Javier salar de sure just for a few minutes he's ready so person are you okay I'm okay what happened there was a message on your phone he found out you're gonna send them all away to another family and well come on it's all right he he thought you cared more about him than that mr. Bizzy damn right it's heavy you all right yeah oh thank goodness did you leave us a message yeah you didn't get it we found the perfect family they'll take all four transition is set for this weekend no we didn't get but Javier did Oh Dorothy we are happy to tell you we don't need a transition we we want to adopt the kids and make it official well that's impossible not point he's not impossible yeah I mean you begged us to take these kids and now we want to we're ready but that was before before what I explained all of this to you after the first incident I warned you I was serious I meant it look Javier he was just upset and he didn't know it Dental we cannot allow it well what yeah I mean we we've become a family now we love these children wreaths we want to make it official that is not the issue Family Services cannot take a risk in you to our own risk come on nobody starts out being a perfect parent you need practice you make mistakes and then then you know sometimes you blow it yes and both of you have done all of that I can't agree with your proposal and if you attempt it I'll have to fight you in a court of law look Dorothy listen you know we all started with this we we were just concerned about the inconvenience on our lives about our careers and our relationship but these kids changed everything and just set us on a completely different path better path you know beyond our narrow vision yeah we're ready to say you know give it all away instead of taking it for ourselves and we mean that all good feelings aside there's no evidence that you two can deal with this enormous responsibility you can now all four children are to be remanded into Family Services protective custody pending placement you can't do this fellow children my mother and father taught me to speak my mind yes that's that's a good thing you think you know the right thing to do but you don't you have no idea how hard Sally and Jason have tried to be good parents it was an obligation at first we could tell that but it's different now Xavier didn't do what he did because they were bad parents he did it because he was he loves them and he was upset because he thought that they didn't love him we all know that's not true and we all love them and we won't live with anyone else no matter what you intend to do in court I appreciate your feelings having yeah we will wait there's a reason sally was on that list my mother believed in her trusted her with her most sacred possessions out of respect for that from my mother and father will you please reconsider and not fight against it can you appreciate how sincerely our department considers the welfare of children because nothing else really mattered you know Dorothy I listened to Jordan I feel the looks on these faces and there's no question the welfare of these children could never be placed in more capable of loving hands the case is closed I'm telling you what these days on the every year we all come for the same reason to celebrate the family of man right I tell you what we have a girl that's a late entry but she is definitely someone I'm sure you're gonna love ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for Sally Danville and plain truth thank you so much it's so great to be here I just want to thank Randy Jackson I want to thank my manager clay or but I I really just want to thank my husband Jason and this is this next song it's brand-new and I wrote it for my family Wow my family so here we go [Applause] [Applause] moving if we open our eyes to the blue if we open our locks but away together [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] together you got the riders never stressing too much you know just hired to the beat you jump turn up the stereo turns on Street you see that you happy son beautiful [Applause] we do hard supa date just so [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

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  1. I thought she was joking when the girl said whose the girl with the "Blue" hair..later on saw it that it was indeed actually Bluue😅

  2. I don't know how 309 people could not like this movie. I loved it!
    Thanks to those who commented on how great it is. You're correct, it really is the perfect feel good movie.

  3. Can I just say this one of my favorite hallmark movie the stepmom and the older daughter their gorgeous💓 even the songs are really good

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