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Oh good good thank you for being here I have to say congratulations on your best-selling book the love audits thank you it's a great feeling to know the readers are responding and dating and dating yes this is an amazing contacting love because love is practical I truly believe that love is work don't wait for love to find you get out there and go find it bold ideas well speaking of ideas I have something I want to share with you guys this is something you can do with that special someone to show that you love the holidays that's beautiful and they're so easy and fun to make your boyfriend's identity is a mystery but we want to know what's in store for your Christmas and what is his name there will be snow and fun I'd like to chat with him about a new year segment y'all said hey no I have another chance to sweetheart I can't just leave you're right okay I'll work on item 1712 but I really have to go okay we'll talk about how far behind in points I am when I get home but I can't keep your you're breaking up yeah sorry I had them gvr's I could not watch it and tell you what I think later punching somewhere on my behalf well actually we should talk Johanna Marais my dear you are no longer just a name you are brands okay you're being really nice and scaring me your fans love you get letters all the time how much more fulfilling their lives are because of your blogs and your books your best-selling books I'm good just do you want me to afraid another Christie oh let me just check my schedule McAllen Entertainment the TV producer the TV producer I met with down the Cowan their head of development and production and he may have mentioned that they think you might be ready for your own ego I'm sensing a save for later but love what you do but it's a three-step process ministers with your seminar I'm sorry my wife they're sponsoring the Christmas in the air festival and it just spins summoner check step 2 holiday began Allah the one that's written up in magazines where people clamor for good I guess you'll be planning it wait that's in less than a week oh and you also be yes but that's on Christmas Eve details oldie it's non-negotiable hey they're considering this to be rotation their event of the year and show them what you're made of so they can help you to millions of television Devils all across America every single day number three way crazier funny you should say that they want you to attend Oh like I can give a speech and if I can plan a birdie every one of your boxes in your it wasn't Christmas my someone wanted me to remind you of what a fan she is and say thank you for all your great advice that's very trained who is it my ex-girlfriend can I amend me I play safest they have certainly had less eventful days besides if I got water say things to her sing them to the author of the love audit any points I have created what some might view as a love like savor while others see me as more crazy at Thanksgiving who'd rather tell you why you're single than just enjoy your dinner that's actually not the worst what I've heard but I want a feeling philosophy more than points and checklists correct me if I'm wrong here and I'm making a very educated though not by intentionally eavesdropping guess that your ex is unhappy with your inability to follow us certain author slash romance experts slash Christmas gurus system of finding and keeping your life there were signs that puts a kink in Christmas what exciting things will you plan for yourself is it a silent movie marathon too on the nose I'm so sorry what is it about the point system well but I believe it's a way for both science to figure out what they want by giving of themselves so G is with each other for what you want or need you don't do things well yep so it's a way for both sides to figure out what they want and how much it's worth I suppose but point systems and checklists and perfectly romantic romantic gestures don't forget the forehead kiss exactly every time I think I have it figured out there's something else that's why I got us whipped cream she was playing by your rules and sometimes no matter how hard I tried and I did try yes no and I bring this up because sir I mention it on the segment this uh unseen mysterious man you have in your life and this a pillar of perfection who stands in direct contrast to flawed men like me I guess readers are apparently dealing with all based on rules said according to Valerie tell my ex-girlfriend according to you who created them could be the in relation was their question you sound just like Valerie she sounds just like you that works hard I've great friends I love my family they get along with dogs and cats I'm sort of jungle gym you know you like somebody you think that they like you saying that because I said I was gonna watch Christmas movies alone your Mount McKellen entertainment has expressed interest in creating show for me they don't want to just get to know my work they want to get to know which includes off to mention never seen boyfriend exactly and you want me to play said – laughs mention never seen boyfriend it's complicated but yeah you realize how wild this house that will make you a deal pick you'll be perfect for a kissing boyfriend and I will do everything I can to help you understand the love audit so that you can fix things with Valerie it's only about a week okay I just could you the seminar has my calendar I sign on the dotted line and then when you enjoy your back in the throes of you know love will break up and I will have a press release drop the pressures of our careers put too much strain on the romance and we've decided to part ways but of course will remain the best of friends and we ask for privacy during this very difficult time please settle yes what are you doing giving you it's a napkin it's a love gesture all right you see a napkin but the recipient sees that you care and you are aware they think there's someone that you should be giving them to also or I forget in your head look I'm I'm really sorry there's there's no good way to say this but if we're gonna do this it's gotta be believable and I think we should start as soon as possible is that right I have been reading the rules remember less six trillion something give or take a trillion okay so is your partner understand them I'm crazy this whole thing is crazy right give up my mom opinion or my professional opinion scare me mr. professional you've got this you get to do what you love and share it with the world that's my mother Oh sweetie you're a mess no your father I love you I love you too mom I can't believe I'm doing this [Applause] sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry do you ever wear a suit do you ever wear jeans so this is where they really can't all right let's get inspired Wow spring festive my little celery stick stocking hung by the chimney with care to everything a list the Macallan event is important its family friends and a way to combine those aspects so it doesn't feel either to business or pleasure to fight this magical integration of both maybe this'll help well you know I think your concept is amazing might even be bigger than biggie pudding do you always have to be so silly can you I mean my name is Barbra and your advice it completely changed my life I mean I've practiced everything I made my boyfriend do the loss checklist we figured out the plant system he was a bit behind but he totally mastered the love gestures wonderful please tell me more you were right I'm about to have my own deal-breakers even if they are super important to me as you said I should be a friend to me well I'm just so happy to hear things have changed for the better I mean I would have never seen myself with him until he completely transformed into a totally different person but was so nice to meet you thank you yes one way to go for the record I would never wear garland note the title Christmas romance New Year's wedding Thanks sounds rough hey don't knock it pay attention your dollar could be plenty hunting them you're like Oh Ted dear sweet sweet Ted note self thank goods are on that's it thank you so much for being here with me today let's talk about love and how to find it but more importantly how to keep it succeeded in taking the important first step it's what you do next that's the difference between Christmas turkey with the future in-laws or TV dinners at home alone so evaluate concentrate designate first evaluate your potential mates as competitively as concentrate on your romantic goals finally you must designate what is important to you and that means making hard choices is this person really fulfilling me if I don't like something can they tell them then you have to ask yourself what can I write that with and more importantly without remember you don't succumb to loneliness [Applause] they were great really in tune do you think totally okay let's hear it I can take it uh you're what oh you came you saw I'd like to hear what you think okay well it felt a little surface cold maybe things aren't working out it's just move on without trying to fix them you say it has the path to love or marriage but maybe some people might think it's selfish it's Valerie selfish for going for what she wants that's different she's different if she is it better to not be honest with yourself or your partner for the sake of I just believe that people are perfectly imperfect but flaws can be charming you know what make you you laughs make you smile you need that spark imperfections also add it up cause rips one person's charming flaws and others irritating fail I just don't understand why do you think telling people to go for the best is wrong because the best is an illusion but a pair of old jeans with a rip in the seam and a hole in the nee that the make you realize you're comfortable with who you are and who you're with comfortable is complacent please this is dumb rose my boyfriend's build that you the two of you are gonna be joining us for our Christmas Eve gala everyone up McKellen's is very much looking forward to what you're going to do to make it special extra special we want the best that you wonder Marais can offer into core music food and that holiday feeling is only you can bring and frankly will you show to us we want to show to EMSA us this country no pressure mr. McCullen George I am just so thrilled with the opportunity to give your event every bit of my passion and ingenuity no perfect prepared to have you both up tomorrow afternoon wait Joanna it's been an absolute pleasure I'm so excited about collaborative YouTube I'm looking forward to getting to know both of you more yes to be perfect okay mr. McKellen I'm not a total fraud what any minute hours we better get to work okay I stand corrected the North Pole relocated here right here you can tell a lot about a person from their tree uh this is my parents and me when I came home for Christmas the first year I left for school you all look happy no we weren't Christmas is a huge deal in my family we have relatives that I cook there's kids and music ton of presents how about you I'm their only child the rest of my family is scattered and my parents retired to the sunny side of Florida take this holiday cruise to the Bahamas just doesn't exactly scream winter wonderland to me yeah as a kid I couldn't get enough of spending time offense no victory as I got older most of the time was spent with friends in the city we told ourselves holiday orphans and then you know someone would get adopted out when they found a new family to spend Christmas with Valerie her family is great very open there was a whirlwind catching up with people she wanted to see running errands sometimes I felt like it would have been really nice just to have some quiet time with cocoa in a fireplace did you ever tell her this no I I don't know well that brings us to our next lesson Christmas cards but you love that you love them okay this one is for a movie that's my mom's brother super very funny museum curator you know they enjoy never married my dad sister she teaches history and she volunteers at an antique shop maybe uncle lumen Angelus you get together as go bowling yes slight interest in each other about everything the love audit is so bad okay this was all an elaborate ruse to get me to help you with your Christmas cards I don't forgive you on one condition all is forgiven a little too long I'm curious how did you become Joanna Moray Wow I always loved crafting and baking I went to design school and I started this tiny little business out of my living room where I help people at parties and family gatherings Christmases and I realized people wanted more than just puttering the perfect legs so I started giving advice and they kept asking that I'm a Goldie the rest is history great I'm right place I'm gonna open your eyes phones and how to get it we used to be so in sake there's so I thought men Wow don't give up on Valerie just yet remember you have a secret weapon thank you I should be thanking you it's not every day you learn so much about the boyfriend he was supposedly out for years the stars I see well you better get inside before too much of this stuff Falls I make a pretty mean snowball oh good thank you tonight I'll see you tomorrow you ready we play AG business like it show we break up how anyone can think for old Manchester great is never gonna work okay think this could work no this is gonna work is you know how to make it work things you do are special because you were special you wouldn't be here if you weren't you have a lot of stuff you let the words speak to you sir it's my message it's my car manual okay you must know what the fates have in store for me this vehicle may hydroplane while driving at high speeds on a slick or wet road perfect it's now or never you know I've heard stories that ringing the doorbell can help or if you're really old-school you cannot I'm thinking oh I see you're willing George to throw open the door and whisk us inside we'll go right there much getting ideas I can't wait to get started I'm so glad not the feeling this is the start of something wonderful I couldn't agree more please meet my head of development and production my son del Joanna more a really incredibly so nice to meet you hi I'm Ted Helena's boyfriend I don't know who to expect you've been shrouded in secrecy so this the perfect you lose a boyfriend we'd run the figures on the facts Joanna moriya's good business Boyle we want to turn that into viewership and not only expand your horizons shatter that geez geez she's the best incredible your ad revenues increase year to year and your awareness level among prospective viewers is nothing short of a dream no pressure sorry I'm interested in taking up and completely derail this I don't like how mr. 3-piece suit is talking to you so or he's an executive getting to know my potential clients Oh Joanna jerk producer right you have to put people at ease every day before you put them on TV and there's a big difference between talking to someone with respect and talking to them like like I appreciate this I do the way he talks and sees it so perfect as someone jealous jealous let me point out your boyfriend just let me get started on the calendar number two adele was quite a handful especially at Christmas and don't let him tell you otherwise I plead the fifth and I kind of asked my father to as well well in all fairness he did produce some wonderful content it's really impressive they tell he returned although I do believe there are times when he prefers his development reports to people you always know where you stand with facts and figures I'm a big fan it's do lists so just from putting the show together to you know wrangling the elements being part of the little moments that you don't expect okay Phaneuf to-do list to reminds me let's talk gala got a dollar business they would love to get started as soon as possible I have to admit that grandeur of the event I was a bit surprised to see the house wasn't decorated at all not even a tree my mother took care of the interior mrs. McKellen passed away early in the year just after the holidays that hasn't so they had heard her voice echoing your garland brighter lights dimmer ornaments I'm so sorry for your loss our sympathies Shirley thank you real we appreciate that end my dear she was quite the fan of yours in fact your big hair is just as much of her crystal hours as it would be a wish fulfilled for her if you'd like to get started no time like the present follow me so here this time I stand corrected again the North Pole relocated here oh my gosh I can't believe how much stuff is in here oh it's all semantics yeah my mother just believed an addict are like I'll never take it away now she used to say the Christmas of the past is its own Christmas present that's for my first book I was so flattered she found anything I said helpful well I'll leave you to it great thanks oh it would be much faster with you as our guide of course efficiency is key yeah why we just take everything we can down adele perhaps we can stage things in the main hall I think that'll be fine all right well we better get crackin okay you all right yeah you're straight here sir all of our memories you know what I'm better than fine I think I just figured out my theme first Christmas forever memories I'll leave you two here I got you this job you owe me one over a standout penny must have said yes kissed a few days off spend time with her and then went to George chance managed to help our project my mother ran the decorating staff like a well-oiled machine they disposal this event was really as much my mother's as my father's I'll hate him if I don't doubt it you can do this is you know how to do this making moments and besides it's never just business when people are involved are you beating my buck okay I'm gonna leave you and your notebooks to work up some Christmas magic good agent okay [Applause] tell me with you usually one please tell me who this woman is and why is she in my for you of course mr. McKellen you know she is she is funny story Valerie was trying to reach Joanna to get some things side for Goldie that's my agent cell reception was not working very well as she can get all of her so she took it upon herself to drive all the way down she's such a go-getter as yes shopper but we're so sorry about the late night intrusion and the slight change of plans in that case I will bid you good night city as soon as possible nonsense there's already a bedroom made up next to join us stay the night it'll be safer than driving home at that snow okay Valerie I will show you to your quarters first of all Valerie it's very nice to meet you I promise you none of this is what it looks like that's exactly what he said it's true actually if you could step outside just a minute I can't just for me it's so romantic the fact that you Johanna Moray would bother to take an interest in Ted I'm right here and me to try to help what can I say I think this is a good stopping point parent perfect thank you morning good morning this is one of my favorite Christmas memories are you so loved watching my mother baked with the staff and I'd always sting one thinking she didn't see she would let me pretend things she didn't see well you still want a mine I will see him you know we do have people to do this oh I know and your staff has been so helpful when you decorate inside and out but you know sometimes you just want to do yourself not just making a cookie dough you're making a memory banking and baking pies for you guys when did you do all that know efficiency is key they can wait but you didn't bring any of your stuff raisins from my last trip I'm a whiz adjusting to new insights Joanna doesn't matter awesome number one assistant helping out okay how could I say no all right well I'm just gonna finish up here I gotta get these in the oven cup some pies then we'll get on the jury kidding no call me old-fashioned but that's usually how you get one from out there in here taste him Bellary sometimes it's nice to do things the old-fashioned way it has you know we have people to take care of the tree as well you mean our closet over there isn't this the coolest thing ever it's something I'm just gonna go get a handle on the tree I'm coming with you we already think I can't believe you've never really explored your property too small probably seen more of your house then you have banded records I'm just as far back as I can remember I felt busy and almost kids play tag and I played TV producer my dad's thang that it all worked out in the end – I want you to know it I've really been enjoying my time here things are moving more quickly than I ever could have hoped I don't know I've seen here with your lists schedules making sure there's a place for everything and everything in this place I like that and a partner is complimenting your partner is in itself a big compliment Chapter four kiss him up you're good they're having a good time he's probably talking to her about spreadsheets he's talking to her talking was never our problem I was me saying the wrong thing Oh Valerie wonder if maybe that wasn't our problem Joanna says maybe I needed to know what you think you just because I was following advice from someone else doesn't mean it wasn't what I was feeling but they're Joanna's Azure or Valerie thanks it's still me so it's important to know that your life we're not just getting a tree and that's bridges and needles so what are we getting it's a symbol a greeting a Christmas tree should you know remind people of their Chinese she'd reflect the spirit of Christmas of love and family and friends those still with us and God there there it is so certainly make a statement it's not even decorated yet that's the best part can only get more beautiful things are already looking to you you made that Antonia how could you tell me that look right here front Center Thanks I have such an interesting way of looking at things and that's why I wanted you the show you've opened my eyes to so many more possibilities it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas George hello Sonny pop in and see how things are going I think tomorrow you'll only see a transformation what you know I'm especially looking forward to the tree it was one of my wife's greatest achievements and considering she followed your lead for many years I'm sure its ingredients I think so I wouldn't make you any promises I couldn't keep good night Kenny I'd better get back to my work welcome to your first session it's a little unorthodox but please have a seat okay well today but I want to work on some core concepts respect love understanding and pushing it's important to talk to your partner about these concepts but that sets your communication hasn't been great up to this point instead of saying them to each other you'll be saying them to me I think that sometimes the things you can't say to someone's face are usually the most honest first and just look away thank you Hilary Ted now tell me how you're feeling and remember respect love understanding sometimes I wish you would respect the fact all I'm asking you to do is try a little bit harder to take things more seriously and just love the left gesture is more the napkin was a nice touch you could do that more often okay tell me what is your feeling I just I want you to look at me and see Who I am inside ah perfect if I've learned anything it's that life isn't it's a series of moments incredible little slices of silly and serious that affect you in ways that sometimes you don't even understand and that's okay I just want you to love those moments with me no matter how big or small I want my god and I want you to know that my shoulders are strong enough to carry your laughter and your tears when you come to a crossroads I'm gonna be there to help guide you and that everything I do what I delight on even in the harshest of winters you are my infinite summer I may not always succeed but I will always try you know if I am perfectly imperfect both of you out there you just like to really work we're doing the tree today on shades overwhelming hi I'm kind of at a loss for words for the first time I feel like I don't have control over every aspect of my life and it's really freaking me out that's a bad thing not knowing exactly how everything's gonna turn out but the things you said today – Valerie – they really excited me but they also really scare me because I don't know what the future looks like I think we need to break up and end the charade right something's becoming a disaster the illusion was supposed to be fun and easy you can't control feelings – the illusion I'm not an expert until haven't you had this grand plan but as you say you don't make plans to break them you make them to be them not not sure I know what that means but I do know I can't pretend to be the perfect boyfriend for you if I'm trying to be the perfect boyfriend for Valerie is this really what you want it don't you see you're you're on the cusp you're gonna get your show you're gonna do amazing things I've seen how Dell looks at you I told you about it the moment he saw you seeing you two together you with your philosophies and lists and with his spreadsheets and savvy and suits some ash maiden if not heaven on paper in the I was pretending to be for you but it's fine you know you're free now to pursue tell Valerie and I'll continue to work on whatever it is we're working on George will be thrilled see if it was you deserve the perfect boyfriend someone who digs like you someone who wants success like you you can have you and it's waiting for you right outside it's not my way it sounds like you have it all figured out I learned from the best what do you say we get out of here for a little while so it's certainly been an interesting few days and wait well you came to organize our Christmas event something we weren't sure could even be done and somehow we ended up baking cookies and talking about our past and getting to know one another I'd said it's assistant showing up late one night unannounced that was the topper sitting about her though it can't put my finger on it in any case it definitely hasn't been business as usual look there's something that I should mention that you should know please not things are going well is that so yeah yeah I really don't want to get into the details of it but I want you and your father to know that no matter what happens between him and I it will in no way affect my ability to produce the work with every ounce of creativity and professionalism that he works do I you are your work and your work is you a really short time I come to know you through it sorry what is it evaluate designate and concentrate if I'm honest I don't see Ted as being the kind of guy that could follow those rules but how many points is he really scoring doing the things you need it was it make it sound like a road of military and luck yeah whatever works right I'll get people to step in line that's a lot of books we have the long road ahead if I kept back to that perfect place we were in you're gonna have to work at it but I'm here to help no one the business of loves it's perfect I'm never gonna be good enough for you am i it's more than breeding I'm not ruling out seminars or therapy I've never tried hypnosis you're not listening you're right you can't even put your socks on in the dark blue mean no to listening to people who don't even know me telling me how and when to feel well so that we can get back to never existed what are you saying – well I think you know don't tell me okay Valerie if you're gonna do this if we're meant to be then we have to find our way back there by ourselves without the business of love and without tool of audit Johanna come on join me I want you to know and I know we never say this life the house has never looked better in such a short time mrs. McAllen bookkeeper that means the world to me I want this event to be perfect no matter what no matter what that signals to leave something might be the matter good man I like his energy I like what he's doing in his career here's a man on the way up and I think I may even be able to help lift him oh my gosh okay I'm gonna make sure that I tell him myself know that aside I don't think I'm too far off present you to fit a rough patch yeah actually you and Ted remind me a lot of mrs. McKellen and I and I I don't want to get myself without water hair saying this to an expert such as yourself and then I'd like to admit sometimes love doesn't have her fast rules all we needed was each other I had to hold in her heart to love to tell us what we already knew and what we felt what I believe you feel for Ted and what Ted feels for you because love my dear always be a gamble how could I not look at this relationship through the lens of my own advice things that I'm telling everyone else they should be doing shouldn't I be doing them – they were Ted he's he's always joking around and and I'm serious he's always dressed for the mall he's always thinking about what's happening right then in the moment I'm I'm always thinking about the future I know who I am and what I want it's what I did start this lie happiness is never a lie not to yourself or others heuristic or sure what happens if you take a chance on loving your lows I think that's the wrong question for you I think the more you should ask instead is what happens if I never take a chance on life at all oh hey looking for Ted yeah I just needed to tell him something I was going to get a snack it's been kind of a strange day salary hire you or Ted I know as you say good intentions are not safe from complex execution I think he's leaving and I think I'm okay with that I don't know I think I think I've been doing too much thinking to tell you the truth he spends that you want instead of enjoying who they are believe me I know do you also believe in I guess like at first sight but someone you don't really know that crazy that's wrong I think it's wrong not to go for what will make you happy my advice is to forget all my other advice forget the scorecards the suits the colonel exits Shh I'm not angry way to know that [Applause] well I was just thinking about you thank you tell I need to talk to you about something wonderful I also have to use what says the contract for your very own show they want to see it my father is way more into surprises than I am so kind of look just so when he announces it my hunches are gone so in terms of scheduling we're gonna want to get started on concept and development as soon as possible in the air I think we'll also want to schedule some meetings with mark today what is it did I miss something yeah I thought you'd be thrilled so no it's this incredible no I don't think I've ever even been in love what I hoped for or what I wanted but man was also not dead never actually in a relationship I uh I just met him about a week ago myself included that I was in fact an expert at everything I lied to a lot of people and I can't continue to do it that's the woman you're looking for I'm sorry but daytime television will have to survive it with one less show unbelievable jimena that is amazing miracle you're not upset are you kidding you just executed the most brilliant marketing strategy I do picture the billboards when that comes clean you can tell the story in the pilot episode well floss Redemption your fans will eat it up Joanna you came here to do a job and you've done it beautifully so whether or not Ted is really your boyfriend is irrelevant now because we're in the business of do animal otherwise is fine with me with me to discuss the show word that's a date it makes sense it adds up you leave us it's a partnership tell I'm so sorry I can see oh you may have thought I was going in a different direction with this but I'm not looking for a business transaction I'm looking for love romance a spark I'm learning that that gut feeling is more important than being a match made on paper I can't say I'm not a little bit disappointed a little embarrassed but I can say that I still make table don't pass this up because of my misunderstandings it's a good a businesswoman and person to let this go don't let this be the one that got away well what about your father will he feel the same I'm sure he'd be thrilled if you said yes thank you yes all right back to my spreadsheets well I look forward to our working relationship and I'll see you tonight that's my dress it is the first thing I saw was this dress your guess and I can totally put it back Lori yes I think that dress would look beautiful on you you do stunning I go as far as to say I think that dress was meant to be worn by you know you were don't say a word just come with me thank you very much always good to see you enjoy your sentence enjoy yourself Merry Christmas this isn't written I believe she had one last thing to do [Applause] absolutely stunning bell I mean Valerie sorry thank you this dress actually but she couldn't wait to wear all week for such an important event George Dell I want to apologize you would never need Sasori for delivering on every promise and then some while finding a way to do it also I tell you a question oh thank you both but for understanding everything would you come to me into the main hall I think it's time for my entrance I would love to you did what I thought might have been impossible remember when I said one last surprise in store would you mind following me I have something I'd like to show you you have kept consent in this event and that is a very special gift you will brave enough to share that with me so I wanted to return the favor by allowing you to share it with everyone else I haven't seen that photo in over 30 years and those are your guests on their first Christmases because of you I want to thank all of you friends family and colleagues for taking the time to spend another glorious Christmas Eve with us tonight and her here she would have loved this she believed in someone who helped my son and I realized that she will always live in our hearts so I'd like you to join me in thanking the woman who's at the helm of this incredible event of her very own television show where she will share her gifts ladies and gentlemen the star of living and loving chew animal huh I was thinking on my toes and I believe to our best to show everyone with the television how to do both five days a week though you might need a little bit of help feathers nice cats they're not jeans but you know baby steps I thought I'd never get to see you again you wouldn't want to go enter this I did want to ask you when we first got here what did your finger look for you can say you can tell me now follow your heart well that's gonna fight and uh I have one very important question for you will you be my boyfriend absolutely for real no missed no points just us yes absolutely yes tomorrow at 9:00 the miracles of Christmas finale Avengers with a special holiday premiere on a speck

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