why am i sat like this because we're coach Wow we're gonna do sex talk that's fine hey you my name is Thomas TomSka Ridgewell and welcome back to content I'm here with dr. Lindsey doe a clinical sexologist and an operator of the brilliant channel sexplanations which is a channel that I've consumed a lot of and now I know what might be P do so please go to her channel if you need to know anything sex related you're the expert literally and literally I love your videos thank you wherever they are do you think you can just make videos appear it doesn't yeah you don't have this power you know all the tons not all of them you don't know all of you're gonna teach me some actually do you know frebel okay we're gonna go so we're gonna get to this I'm assuming you know a lot more slang and technical terms for sex things for the actions for the body parts for the functions and I want to play a game where you tell me that what I have to fear all they are and if I get it even kind of right I get a point I don't get a point there's no point all right yep some points this is a stupid idea but I really just want to excuse to hear some funny words from an expert what was the first one rebel rebel rebel like I have a cold trouble trouble in in the UK it's frebel fro cool are you be ble and in the United States its compersion whoo okay is it is it a is it a body part a bodily function or a sex act these are the three kind of experience it's an experience is it like I use make me think of like compounding is it like when someone sits on your chest is it cake sitting what is it doctor dough what is what cake sitting oh well I mean the name is what they sit on the cake and that's like I think that's like a French people and then there's cake farts which is that but they thought on the cake okay frebel is when you experience positive feelings when someone you care about is experiencing pleasure also like arousal from seeing them aroused yeah so this is jealousy so is this the basis of like cuckold arre not necessarily because you're not getting off from like the pain of it okay shame of it you're getting off from the enjoyment of it oh that's sweet in other words yeah well know what how about get out of here from epidemiology 'no epididymal and then epididymis which is the tubing that comes out of your testicles this be like if your balls are getting blue balls blue balls technical time for a thing that people claim doesn't exist but totally does you made a video about it didn't they did yeah and i was thrilled that you made that video because i've seen a lot of people need to argue like no it's this like it's it's this intrinsic element of rape culture web it's like guys lying and saying that this is a thing that happens to just get more sections like no no it really does it's a real thing yeah i mean if people are using it for that ends then bad bad people but totally real yeah have experienced would not recommend having variants would not recommend I don't have false but it happens like in my clitoris and my vagina pink wall think I had those pink ovaries was the note pink ovary yeah that one I didn't know this is like I wanted some dick trivet ISM tribute ISM so is this trip is in three no oh do you want me to do a visual enactment I don't but please do I don't want to see it but I do like there was the time you did a video where you is this what people would call scissoring yes that's it is that a real thing that seems like really confusing yeah what some point a couple lesbians like hey do you want to trip it didn't Tim you want to trip tipping tripping you want to trip let's get cribbed laugh oh man that was fit but she tripped out me last night docking docking the penis that when you put the two like the penis in the foreskin of like someone else's yeah like you make the foreskins kiss this is my penis and that's your penis oh yeah and then your penis foreskin comes over my or all like this great thank you I'm always heard of that it's like I'm glad that someone made a word for it but I can't imagine anyone ever doing it why would you do it like even if this um finger cuffs where you put your fingers in and then you use your force field that is genius hands up hack hats off for innovation soaking soaking oh I don't know if you have that one here it's religiously affiliated I got nothing Ikon it's when you're avoiding having sex because you want to save it until marriage and so you just put the penis into an orifice like the vagina and you just set it there it's soaks and it doesn't count hey it does it does you have to protect yourself again sexually transmitted infections you could possibly get someone pregnant and you're definitely having sex yeah that 100% like he's like oh only one thrust doesn't count what exact number does count that's a really grim thumb I just don't like you might look all it's doing no no I'm gonna call it's doing from now on yeah that's the British dub hashtag official terminology pediment yeah oh oh I guess we call it P dementia here but it's pet like Oh ped how the hell can you tell the difference in a man yeah that's a good question is that just like you you're just like well in two feet you know just got a foot fetish Oh is there one that you want to be stepped on what me is it the belief that you have to bind feet no is it the like you're getting the old I just want to save you tell you the answer no that's the fundamental dimension is the belief part yeah and the foot is the pet part you just did you believe in feet something about feet that has to do with that they are divine they are sacred and sexual is important it is a moment thing foot belief there's a foot belief is the belief of this sexy I don't want it to get in I said what size are your feet oh the assumption that there's a correlation between this foot size and penis size is that I don't know oh why does no one know the answer to this how he does it a commonplace no cunnilingus yeah I know that one that's that's when you outsmart someone else in bed when you're like you talking you're smarter than them when you have cut like cunning linguist Thanks yeah you talk yeah with your mouth mm-hmm on someone's genitals yeah I don't know how to pronounce this next one oh that's German okay I'm gonna try metal mert's ah meters Mertz Michael Smith Mike hirschberg's if it's germinate and it's not going to be based in Latin Latin ate origins so it's very hard to figure out the etymology of it I like that's your tactic but you have a strategy for Elvis come on goo intern let's go and have a meter spurts okay Hans I got nothing I cannot possibly even begin to figure that out it's translates middle pane or I don't know if it translates middle pane but it means the middle pane and it's what happens around ovulation when the egg is getting ready to come out and it hurts nobody nobody talks about that they talk about the pain from cramps and PMS and all of that but they don't talk about ovulation pain but we have now tonight the Mickey smirks yeah raking raking that was a the correct response I think for most people I just immediately imagine that it's like dragging your toe or finger nails over someone's genitals not toes not fingernails teeth teeth dragging your teeth over someone's penis toothy blow job toothy blow job do you know what the corona is my Corona is that my taint hmm I didn't like saying those words you have tape you do I don't know should you have the word taint do the word Gooch yeah well I know the what you Julie okay the perineum yeah but I'm talking about the corona the perineum is this pirate is the this space in between the genitals and the anus yeah that's the perineal these are the genitals these are the genitals and this is the famous well I do not know Tate Gooch ha yeah we're talking about the corona okay what the fun is a corona what's the corona of a Sun do you know the colonel I do know I know the beer corona yeah okay well it's all referring to the crown oh okay it's just the bellend so it's the ridge around the head of a penis so if my head was a penis hello right here is the corona the bellend the what bellend it's called a bellend yeah oh my god yeah wow you guys don't have bellend no we don't have Belon Belon yeah like it's one of our most common insults is just that big profile someone is the you know the bell-shaped crown of a penis the bellend that's a good one right that's a good insult it's a good penis based in Seoul as well you know supposedly that the Bell end is there to scoop another person's sperm semen out of a vagina Oh for all those occasions when you're running a train on someone and you're just trying to you know see who wins the impregnation game right great who has the bigger scoop e'er bellend oh poor corona no I'm your cheapest I don't know if I'm pronouncing it correct oh me oh me Amy Jesus a porn star if I do porn that's great Amy Jesus well then that just makes me think of cheese and then I'm like Amy cheese's image image image cheese's and it sounds like a natural process and now the subject is going through em Bateses and is turning into a beautiful flower I don't know I give up I don't know what then you scratch during sex oh it has a technical name yeah like oh wow it's amazing when there's a name for everything I mean it's not not surprising but does that even need a name wasn't scratching fine I like that it hasn't mean nothing muffing is that when you like oh that's when you smush your face into a vagina and scream its muffing time yes okay what's my thing it's when you put things into the inguinal canal what's that in bodies that have testicles the testicles descended into the scrotum but before that they were up in the the abdomen the inguinal canal and so you can use those canals to like either put the testicles back in or finger them or fuck them so someone who is the size it's like the eye sockets for your balls yeah it's a form of transects yeah okay that makes sense yeah yeah buffing time boy howdy have we learned a lot today knowledge was exchanged it's like I am sex-positive but I think when I'm in my office describing sex words I'm inherently it's inherently just like we're having fun we are having fun sex is fun tell your friends don't what how do I what would you say to the youth of tomorrow today stay curious stay curious go check out sexplanations and look at the things if you got a question about sex just type then words into that channel and maybe maybe dr. doe has made a video about it maybe she hasn't maybe she needs to get her act together I'll never know why and thank you and bye and thank you bye


  1. Wait…didnt he?
    thinking intensifies
    Tom what happened?
    I am confused
    Did you actually shave your whole hair or not?!

    sOmEoNe EXpLaIn

  2. In Australia we don’t use Corona or Bellend…. we just call it a knob 😂 or another term I’ve heard a lot in Australia is Helmet 😂😂

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