Guante – "Ten Responses to the Phrase 'Man Up'"

47 thoughts on “Guante – "Ten Responses to the Phrase 'Man Up'"

  1. Fuck, now my eyeliner is running.
    (p.s. not "guyliner" because it doesn't need a new name just cause I have a dick)

  2. The one and only time anyone has said this to my sons, my oldest son was seven and my brother in law got an earful. Where is there to "man up" to when you are seven? What man knew anything about real manhood at the age of seven? Be gone with the nonsense. He's never said it to my kids again and he'd get another lashing if he ever did. Pretending men aren't humans with human experience and feelings is literally killing them! I will never not love this poem.

  3. This is the best response to a serious issue i have ever watched and I wish they showed this at school

  4. I just wanted to say to you, Guante, that you have been an inspiration to me for years. I listen to your poetry and music on a weekly basis for years now. This poem, in particular, relates to me and has helped and kept me going in a world that doesn't understand me. My father is one of these manly men, and I thought for the first 21 years of my life that that is what I had to be. But fuck that. Thank you, you change the world, you're a voice that combats the darkness. Thanks dude. I wish I could repay yah. Tears

  5. I want to have meaningful emotional relationships with my brothers. I will never tire of this video.

  6. Beta male college kid with a deep voice that would talk soyboy crap and could never 'man up' to defend his country while talking crap about the MEN that do. Millennial smh

  7. Thank you for your words….
    #11? Please insert the letters “H” & “U” before the “M.” Before you come in swinging your big boy lexicon. And it might be a good idea to drop the “A” & “N” if you’re feeling like the authority on manhood, you know, just hum a few bars instead of filling the silence with your absolute truth. If your song is true, we’ll hear it. And if it inspires or breaks some new ground or simply just breaks it down into me and you and then no “me” and no “you,” then strike the “P” and insert “S.”

  8. I love this.
    Number one: Fuck you
    Number ten: No
    And everything in between was just absolutely fucking golden

  9. "You can’t arm-wrestle your way out of chemical depression.
    The CEO of the company that just laid you off does not care how much you bench.
    And I promise, there is no lite beer in the universe
    full-bodied enough to make you love yourself."

    I had to press pause, start clapping and literally yell:
    "OMG [email protected]*KING THANK YOU YES!! Y E S !!
    Excuse me, can we show this in EVERY SCHOOL and maybe even at work, cause yall children, teenagers and all grown-ass men and women and everyone in between and beyond has to hear this!!!
    Ok, continue love, if a meteor hits me before I can listen to the whole thing I'll come back and haunt the next person to click on this!"
    presses play

  10. "Here's an idea, grow a pair of fuckin' balls and man the fuck up already."

    That was the angry reply that was posted in response to various postings about the plight of men in today's society.

    I would estimate a 98% chance that this angry response was from a woman. Why? Because shaming tactics are one of the most common ways that women keep men in line with their female agenda. (Shame, blame, and calling names.) Standard operating procedure. That's about all they usually have to say.

    Grow a pair… That means "you men continue to play the traditional male role while we women become liberated, pick and choose what rights and responsibilities we have as it suits us, and continue to utilize you as a dog with a paycheck. Continue all the traditional male duties and responsibilities, but relinquish all of the traditional male privileges." But to me, growing a pair means taking full responsibility for my own life, not living under the yoke of domestic and social servitude, and becoming liberated myself. That's what takes "a pair" and not continuing to live the way women tell you to live, a neutered shell of a man. Being liberated takes balls. Big ones. Try it and find out for yourself. Society frowns on anything that doesn't benefit society, and doesn't give a damn about you personally.

    Man the fuck up already… That means "continue to protect and provide for your woman and kids. Shut the fuck up and don't complain when you find yourself living in HER home, nervously watching everything you do or say so she doesn't turn around and divorce you, taking your house, money, kids, sanity, health, and reputation." (With the eager assistance of the cops, the courts, the counselors, and society in general.) Man up means being relegated to the garage, like a dog. Man up means putting up with her constant demands, negativity, ridicule, abuse, and manipulation, all because she has a pussy and you have a cock. All because "that's what a real man does." And when she physically assaults you, you get arrested. And when she says you raped her, you get arrested. And if she cuts your penis off in your sleep (Lorena Bobbit style) she doesn't go to jail because she says you "abused" her.

    Facts… Men die at a significantly younger age than women, lead women in the top 10 causes of disease, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration, mental illness, and are 400% more likely to be murdered and 500% more likely to commit suicide.

    For you to accuse a man of "whining" by pointing out to other men that this is a completely unsatisfactory state of affairs, that they need to drop out of this soul-sucking scam and go their own way (MGTOW, Men Going Their Own Way) is either ignorant or maliciously manipulative. You are saying that pointing out the facts is whining, because it doesn't agree with the female agenda.

    This is the time for men to be liberated. Our time to self actualize, Our time to celebrate manhood. This is Our Century. The Century of MGTOW. And it's only beginning. The tsunami of social change that is coming will be part of history. Huge. Wonderful.


    An ordinary guy with big swinging balls who is unafraid to speak out and help other guys to wake up.

  11. "What about purple?" I'm non-binary, and honestly purple has always been one of my favorite colors.

  12. I swear I feel this. Growing up I was never really a guy for cars, sports etc. I was enticed by other things. I'd be called a crybaby for the simplest of things and now, I don't even cry at funerals…

  13. The depth of this poem is so powerful and the 7th point needs to be plastered on every surface of our lives

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