GTA VC – Exclusive Japanese Content [Comparison] – Feat. SpooferJahk

45 thoughts on “GTA VC – Exclusive Japanese Content [Comparison] – Feat. SpooferJahk

  1. Do you have a magazine with a GTA series article? I would be very grateful if you could scan or photograph me your issue. These GTA articles usually have a lot of interesting stuff inside. If you think that your article is uninteresting, contact me anyways. Be aware, that I don't care if your issue is not written in English. If I use your scans or other materials in a video, I will give you a shout-out. This would be my special thanks to you. If you have something awesome or a lot of articles, I would be happy to give you an early access of my upcoming video (or even videos) absolutely for free. Do you have GTA press kit or non-English GTA version? Contact me here ([email protected]) Thanks in advance!

  2. In Germany it is supposedly the same. I am from Poland and I have a question. Do you buy games such as GTA or Wolfenstein in your country or abroad?

  3. X is no and O is yes. i dont understand why english games just dont follow it. X literally means no like your wrong and O means yes or your right.

  4. Ahahah its like porn! I love when they censor penises and vaginas with a black bar or blurryness, its amazing, you are watching half porn! Same goes for hentai in some cases

  5. At least Japan had enough sense to censor the horrible comic sans on the Candy Suxxx spotlight.

  6. It is funny how japanese censor violence in videogames while also producing the most gory cartoons for kids….the land of the double standar….

  7. Why would censorship be a need in Japan when they've been making gory and disturbing anime since the 70s, 80s?

  8. You're telling me in Japan they'll sell manga with gratuitous violence, blood, and nudity to kids but GTA has to be censored?

  9. I'm just imagining somebody walking into Diaz's office and seeing an inspirational poster of a cat that says something about "Mondays"

  10. Anyone using the Japanese version for a speed run makes their run invalid. . . Yes invalid!

  11. Seeing Anti on this video now is really awkward, considering he got banned for cheating many of his Vice City runs. Oof.

  12. Why the HELL would Rockstar not allow you to have a limo? Do they hate people having fun?
    They do the same kind of crap in GTA 5…

  13. Reminds me of how the magazine covers in the stores in Ryu ga Gotoku are removed but they're there in the English version–which means they either added them or had to add and remove them for the Japanese one

  14. can we please ban censorship from games PLEASE gaming is art so give it its freedom especially for games 18+ cuntass media

  15. You say speedrunners play the japanese version because of the bug, which is true, but normally they use japanese for the language anyway because it makes dialogue faster

  16. Except "Anti" is now banned from speedrunning for life because he edited the game files to increase several vehicle speeds, and lied when confessing which caused all of his runs to be removed.

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