Group of white nationalists interrupt author during discussion at Politics and Prose bookstore

60 thoughts on “Group of white nationalists interrupt author during discussion at Politics and Prose bookstore

  1. Glad there's some push back against the anti-white racist rhetoric shown by the likes of Jonathan Metzl and his hateful supporters. Yes, every single person who attended that conference is an anti-white racist and a hateful person. We're going to tar them with the same brush and treat them exactly how they've treated ordinary white people, whether they like it or not. These people de-platform and shame, they don't value diplomacy nor humanity.

  2. The same white nationalist that held a rally in Charlottesville that resulted in a woman being killed & many injured.

  3. If you had told me three years ago that this particular block of Connecticut Ave in DC would become a focus of right wing extremism on two occasions, I would not believe you.

  4. The guy with the bullhorn also led a protest at Michigan State Univ. last year or so. Heimbach and Spencer were prominent. It did not end well for their side. It's on you tube, too.

  5. Try that in a black-ownned bookstore in a black neighborhood! They'll be carried out on stretchers. And they know it.

  6. Gender Druids, Gender Good-Dids, and Gender Fluids. All Virtue-Signalling their Identities. The right to peacefully protest is American, (though outside the premises is what all non-identitarians do – because they don't seek to replace anyone with themselves). These body snatchers.

    The Gender Fluid call out "explain this to your bosses in the morning," is the most reprehensible intention here, because they do not recognize democracy. The Workers Contract is a Marxist Manifesto of 'four legs good, two legs better.'

  7. Why do they keep chanting aim at the end there? Didn't seem like they handled themselves the best there. I agree that author is a racist queer and white people are the best, but what was all that?

  8. I love that new term "White American victims" It is a new term for all those colonizers who were forced to kill and maim anything in there way of their only goal of financial success in past
    and today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. well done to these guys but they should have stayed longer and maybe give out some leaflets and left when they wanted to.

  10. I mean, I'm not really taking their side but I can understand why this is happening. You don't really have the right to all surprised when suddenly a bunch of white men have something to say about the situation after being demonized in the mainstream and social media for a decade and a half. What did you think was going to happen?

    I know the Surprised Pikachu face is a dead meme at this point but it seems to be pretty apt here, tbh.

  11. Won’t be long before one of these worthless cowards bursts into a synagogue with something a lot worse than a megaphone.

  12. This looks staged. I am highly suspicious. Who before this event heard of this hebrew author or this judaic narrative of "It's time Whites (with us Hebrews controlling the debate, of course) had a discussion about what it means to be White in America"? I call more judaic dialectic here.

  13. Call the police immediately. You don't know if these people came to just yell or to shoot. Always assume it's the later.

  14. Those simple backwards morons don't even know what that song is really about and what the lyrics mean, which is what really makes this hilarious. I knw, I know, to a supremacist reading is so hard. I mean all of those words and letters. These inbreds have just been WAITING to be told it's okay to be who you truly are. Good job, Murica, you played yourself… Again.

    I'm not sure why elementary schools had us sing that song anyway.

  15. Jewish author celebrating the destruction of white America is shocked when white people show up and are unhappy about it.

  16. I wonder how welcome a gentile author would be in israel trying to sell a book advocating for the destruction of jewishness.

  17. publish where they work-go to school- identify them- get them fired- use tactics to stop these a holes!!

  18. comment by dave not cathy- have ready access to police- follow them out- get license plate #'s. have resistance methods ready

  19. first time these DC Proudboys faction have been in a bookstore, or this close to books without use of their crayons, their entire moronic lives.

  20. Can't wait for the antifa to show 'em a bit of actual physical power and send them home whining back to their racist mommies lmao

  21. I would have given anything to have seen them confronted by a large native American who asks "Whose land is it?"

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