Grieves – Bloody Poetry (Official Video)

32 thoughts on “Grieves – Bloody Poetry (Official Video)

  1. Awe grieves looks so young.
    Lol been listening to this dude for ten years now, we are getting old homie.

  2. I know that this song was originally released under a different name. Anyone know what I'm talking about? This was before Together/Apart came out.

  3. I was 16 when I first heard heard of grieves on a warp tour cd totally missing his set lol I'm now 23 drunk listening to this by myself #wherehasthetimegone

  4. This man came out with Together/Apart when swag was called officially dead and outdated. Now, I don't care about his story, but I prefer him over Aesop Rock.

  5. First song I've ever dedicatedly mesmerized, Musically and lyrically. So great, I'm always singing this at work all the time.

  6. I don't like rap, I'm more of a punk and metal guy, but this guy is so fucking good, first rapper that I listen to

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