Greatest lyricist Of Our Time? Eminem Rap God Reaction

27 thoughts on “Greatest lyricist Of Our Time? Eminem Rap God Reaction

  1. Suma Lama duma Lama you assuming im a Human what i got to do to get it thrugh you im a superhuman. And im made of ruber so that anything you say is recataiding off of me I bearly heard anything els.

  2. Uh suma lumma Duma lumma you assumen I'm a human what I got to do to get it through to you I'm super human inavaded and I'm made of rubber so that anything you say is recashading off of me and it will glue to you I'm never stating more than ever demonstrating how to give a mother freaking audience a feeling like its levatateing never fading and I know the haters are forever waiting for the day that they can say I fell off they'd be selabratining cause I know the way to get them motivated I make elavating music you make elavator music

  3. The only thing missing at the end of this song is the Mortal Kombat announcer saying "Flawless Victory" LOL

  4. Tupac was a storyteller. Biggie was not a Storyteller at all. She rapped about small stories that surrounded his little area in the hood. Biggie never rapped about something that was extremely important for everyone such as Tupac. Tupac we better than Biggie. Biggie shouldn't even be in the top 10 in my opinion. I'll please biggie at maybe 12 or 13

  5. Biggie rat about the hood for the most part. Let's be honest there was nothing unusual about him compared to other rappers. He was not a great Lyricist but he was okay. He couldn't wrap with speed from what we can tell. And he wasn't a Storyteller like Tupac

  6. Much respect to Biggie but again I don't think he was that great or unusual – spectacular as a rapper. Tupac had something it was truly original because his lyrics were poetic as well as form of activism. For the most part biggie raps about the hood

  7. So once again biggie lovers all respect to you. What biggie didn't have enough talent and wordplay to be put in the top 10 or 15 ever. Everyone loves biggie because he got shot and became a legend. Tupac was much better than biggie all day long

  8. I will get responses from this – – – Betty is not even in the top 7. I don't even want to put him in the top 10 but I would put them in the top 15. He didn't really show me anything spectacular or unusual

  9. Actually I please Tupac Above biggie all day long when it comes to lyrics. Biggie couldn't even compete with Tupac when it came to pure and simple poetic lyrics. I'm from the East Coast also so I know all you guys and girls kissing me right now. That a joke. Tupac was more talented than biggie

  10. If I'm an actor and I make one movie which is great and then die unexpectedly does that make me a legend based on one two or three movies?

  11. The reason I don't put biggie or Tupac towards the top of the list is because they didn't have a large amount of product.

  12. Enough said. James Dean never got an opportunity to prove his longevity and acting skills long-term! Biggie and Tupac never got a chance to show what they would do long-term so they stay in our mind is some sort of Legend or fantasy but I can't put them in the top five simply because they don't have the acculeads or the volume of lyrics. I know I left a few post but I'm just trying to let people understand yes Tupac is a legend and yes biggie is a legend but they did get a chance to show us all they have so it's silly to put either one of them in the top five. Just like if I can go out and make a movie and do a great job get then I die unexpectedly. So you going to base me as being the greatest actor or in the top 10 because I need one or two great movies? Unfortunately for Biggie and Tupac just can't do it

  13. Substance people put James Dean on their wall as a legend does that mean he's the greatest actor there ever was or even in the top 10 or 20?

  14. So we put Biggie and Tupac up on the wall as immortal. It's not because we think they're the greatest there ever was. People put James Dean on their wall as a legend when it comes to acting

  15. Biggie and Tupac didn't have a chance to give us enough music to see where they were so it's kind of like Theo James Dean or Marilyn Monroe pictures hanging on a wall because they died so young they will ever be immortal

  16. There's only one reason why I don't put Biggie and Tupac up top and that is because we never actually got a chance to see what they had fully over. Of time. It's like if you love a release yet that's the only one you here

  17. I'll see that again. It took biggie getting shot to give Jay-Z a spot. We all know biggie was the man out of the area most especially. Biggie and Jay we're in the studio with Diddy Coming In writing checks.

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