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great novels for kids chapter books every kid should read part 3 the last next in our rundown of great kids novels let's look at some great adventure stories one of the most famous children's books ever written was by the Italian car locality it's The Adventures of Pinocchio it's funny but it's also definitely an adventure story as the wooden puppet who wants to be a boy ends up getting into terrible circumstances over and over until he is finally reunited with his father Geppetto Reagan Kipling wrote adventure stories as well the most famous being the jungle book which has the famous stories of Mowgli the boy raised by wolves who among other things must escape from some crazy monkeys and battle of fearsome tiger The Jungle Book also has the story of rikki-tikki-tavi the brave Mongoose who saves his family from deadly cobras el frank Baum wrote the wonderful fantasy The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in this story young Dorothy and her dog Toto are lifted by a tornado to the Land of Oz where she meets the Scarecrow the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion together they must defeat the Wicked Witch of the West one of the greatest writers of the 1900s was j.r.r tolkien he wrote The Hobbit which is about Bilbo Baggins and his journey with Gandalf the wizard and 13 dwarves to the Lonely Mountain where they must defeat Smaug the dragon tokine's friend CS Lewis was another great writer his most famous book was another fantasy The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in this book for brothers and sisters Peter Susan Edmund and Lucy Pevensie discover a magic wardrobe which takes them to Narnia where they befriend the great lion Aslan and must defeat the evil white witch it was EB white again who wrote Stuart Little which is about a family who are surprised when their new son turns out to be a mouse Stuart the mouse has all sorts of fun and interesting adventures white also wrote the trumpet of the Swan about a beautiful swan called Lewis who played the trumpet very well it's an adventure story too in Norton Juster his book The Phantom Tollbooth a boy Milo receives a magic Tollbooth which takes him to a world of words it's hard to explain you'll just have to read it which he travels all around it has all sorts of wordplay and we thought it was great fun this is Milo and talk the watch dog get it watch dog Madeleine L'Engle wrote a famous series beginning with a wrinkle in time in it meg Murray and her genius little brother Charles Wallace travelled with their friend Calvin O'Keeffe in search of the Murrays lost father he is being held captive on a scary distant planet Ursula the Gwynn is another famous writer who wrote a rather easy and short book called cat wings it's about brother and sister cats who are born in a city with wings they can fly it's fun and there are three more short cat wings books the newest and last book will recommend is by JK Rowling you probably know it it's called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in the United Kingdom and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the United States ask your parents to read the harder stuff to you and read the easier stuff to yourself and remember you can always listen to audiobooks as you drive in the car have fun reading

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