Great Composers Bach(BBC TV series)pt.1

when the biologist Lewis Thomas was asked what message he thought mankind should take to other civilizations in space he replied I would send the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach but that would be boasting there is no musical greater emotional depth than this what it is of the highest order music can be intellectually complex and yet completely intriguing and overwhelming emotionally if they have been low back they probably would have been no further history of music as we know it they would not have been Mozart as we know him they would not have been Beethoven as we know him they would not have been romantic fira as we know it every period music has been informed to some extent by the example of both I can't imagine a world where you wouldn't play ma it's just too important when johann sebastian bach died in 1750 he was mourned more as an organist and keyboard player than as a composer and for almost 100 years after his death his work was known mainly to connoisseurs and professional musicians yet today the resonant power of his work and the depth of his influence is regarded as one of the greatest achievements in the history of music bark believed that the aim and final reason of music should be none else but the glory of God and the recreation of the mind his sacred and secular music is seen as both the culmination of the Baroque era and the beginning of the modern age perhaps the most performed musical accompaniment to the Christian rites of passage of birth marriage and death in Western culture bark is the first great modern composer he was able to articulate the inner self of modernity and we are modern people when we listen to bark therefore we listen as it were to a father figure to somebody who forged our culture at a deeper level than the purely cerebral or the philosophical and gives to our fragmented lives a gravitas a high seriousness a sense of significance that takes us beyond the muddled presence and helps us to touch something timeless and eternal that is yet also deeply Western the youngest of eight children bark was born in eisenach in the central German region of taringa in 1685 at the time touring here was a loose assembly of small states dukedoms principalities and free cities almost every local ruler boasted his own band of court musicians and each city had its own official music makers Italian French German Polish and English musical styles could be heard from Dresden to ere foot and vark himself came from an extremely musical family perhaps the greatest family of German musicians of the 17th and 18th centuries there is this great sense that the whole family played and composed for each other this is a very early piece Capriccio on the departure of a beloved brother which was written when one of VAS brothers we think may have gone to fight in the army in sweden and it's a very simple rather delectable piece with the call of the post horn in it you can tell it's a very very simple early harmonic style you barks father johann Ambrosius was both a trumpeter and violinist employed by the town council and the ducal court of eisenach while his uncles and brothers worked as keyboard players Organists and chamber musicians throughout touring gia and neighboring Saxony there were musical gatherings and Garland's in both the family home and at the town church of st. George giving back a formidable musical education this is one of the few pieces going back to buffs lifetime that we can touch today it is the place where Bach was baptised two days after his birth on the 23rd of March in 1685 his parents Elizabeth and ambrosia spa stood around this fond and also his godparents Sebastian Argyll who gave Sebastian bajas

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  1. Is that a Gould variation near the beginning? It is marvellous. Yes, as Ms. Armstrong so aptly puts it, Bach articulates the Western soul.

  2. Очень люблю ХТК! Один американский муз.критик сказал:"Бах почти заставил меня поверить в Бога!"

  3. Too bad the audio isn't synced but ask the muslim in germoney what they feel if they listen to that. Allah Akbar my ass.

  4. Very informative documentary. That Bach walked 200 miles to study in Lubeck showed his unyielding dedication to learning his craft.

  5. Some of Bach's music is quite jazzy…
    Ahead of its time
    Regarding some posts on truth, it can only be correct once
    The problem is human interpretation of it for example in religions.
    They all call a garment by different colours when its blue.
    They all have different versions of the truth which is not logical….

  6. While I have been accused of being a Bach scholar (an honorific which I hasten to avoid at almost any cost, by the way), I do wonder if the irony of the comments here is being missed by those making them. After hundreds of years, the argument still rages. JSB would surely now, as he was known to do in his own time, find that hilariously funny. Way to keep it classy! Way to keep the man, the myth and the music relevant! 🙂

  7. it's obvious you're into the more romantic and expressionist composers but to say that bach's style of music doesn't hold up today just because it's different?, such an immature comment, you're not aware that people have something called taste. You talk about the emotion that you feel in those 2 pieces but do you think somebody else will feel the same way? NOT I, anyway it's obvious that you're too young to be aware of certain things.

    Mahler seems to attract the youngsters these days…

  8. This really isn't going to be very much fun if you're not responding to what I've actually written. But you are a hater and that seems to be the consensus on this page. Yes, I am making a kind of sacrifice just by trying to help you. If you are not going to try to mitigate the deficit in your reading/comprehension skills and your poor grasp of logic – let alone the discursive and paranoid nature of the content as you struggle to form your sentences – then I shall sadly be forced to give up.

  9. You use Christianity as a way to glorify your own egotism and lust for violence. Jesus would have castigated you were he still alive today. True Christianity is cosmopolitan, for in the Bible, it clearly states that all people are born of God, whatever their religion or station in life. People like you have chosen to ignore this, and now we have only those who follow in the footsteps of Satan, people like you, masquerading as Christians. Hell awaits you when you die.

  10. So basically, you're a Hitler-worshipping, narcissistic Nazi that wants to nuke the Middle East back to the Stone Age. You're a psychopathic piece of trash, and you look down on people, not because they have done bad things, but because they have a different appearance than you. I'm not Muslim, nor am I Middle Eastern, but people like you are responsible for all the evil in this world. You belong in jail, and then after you die, in hell.

  11. I read it all. And now that the nausea has subsided, I can with supreme
    confidence report the following. Your issues are palpable. Your whining
    claptrap indicates intellectual laziness and an unawareness of the extent
    of your ignorance. This not unlike the vicious plagiarist Mohammed (blood
    be upon his hands) – your own cult leader. Feeling inferior as you
    deservedly do and envious toward people of the book, he produced his
    own crap – replete with extrapolation on false beliefs. Feel better?

  12. You clearly didn't read anything I wrote, much less understand it. You've made an ass out of yourself.

  13. Bach was indeed a formidable master. I never said otherwise. I merely say that every musical culture of the world deserves respect, not just Germanic music. But being obtuse and xenophobic, you fail to grasp this truth.

  14. I didn't see anyone here,in this discussion,mentioning that Germans are superior race.Those are your words and it seems that you have some kind of complex because of Germans.Like it or not,Bach's music has such depth and strength that even non-Germans consider it one of the most significant products of human spirit.Although he is rooted in western musical tradition,christianity and German he transcends religion,nationality.But is he German?Yes he is and unfortunately that's bothering you.

  15. The Germanic tribes had no poetry, no real music, no philosophy (other than primitive notions of their own supposed superiority, preordained, of course, by their bloody-handed, malevolent gods) when Greece, Rome, the Middle East, and East Asia had beautiful literature, technology, music, and culture in general.

    Germanic people caught up later, of course, but the fact they were so far behind for so long ought to prevent you from thinking them to be a superior race.

  16. Besides, most of what I wrote about Bach was praise. But because you're one of those Germanic supremacists, you take offense to anything other than a declaration that Bach was literally a god.

    I hate to tell you this, but Germans and Austrians are not gods, nor are they a superior race. They were killing and eating each other (and anyone else they came into contact with) at a time when Greece and Rome had thriving cultures: vast literatures, poetry, music, philosophy, and technology.

  17. You're an arrogant piece of shit, clearly. If you believe Schoenberg was a master composer, then clearly you know less than nothing about music. Being completely deluded as you are, you think you know enough about me to declare with total certainty that I cannot compose.

    Did you know atonal music kills plants and shrinks the human brain? It's been proven, but arrogant ideologues like yourself don't care about things like facts. It's the idea of Germanic superiority that you hold dear.

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