GRE Vocab Wednesday: "Writers in the Storm" Part 3

welcome to GRU vocabulary Wednesday and I am Chris with the goosh and today we've got words that are going to go from easy to harder they are words from the article of the month writers in the store that article just had so many vocabulary words was crazy so I just took all their great words to know for the GRE starting with incredulous if you are incredulous take credit credit means to believe in without so you do not believe something hey there's this alien that talks to me but only I can see it hopefully you're incredulous when I say that if you are believing that well I was just lying that's not actually true so incredulous not believe you now sugan incredulous I was watching the Super Bowl 50 yesterday and I was incredulous at just how boring it was I turn it off after a while so doesn't have to be something wacky about aliens it could be something just more day-to-day I can't believe gosh I'm incredulous how boring that box next we have forthcoming now this might have actually been there as the first word is forthcoming means about the habit right it's not that definition though that it's probably gonna show up on the GRE it's a different definition that relates to our personality if a person is forthcoming they're honest they're candid they're telling you what's on their mind they're not holding anything back so if you're forthcoming and you're taking the GRE and you're telling your friend oh my gosh big test is coming up I don't know to do then of course you're being forthcoming you're telling me what's going on but you do know what to do because you want your vocabulary Wednesday that's one thing that's good cuz you learn words like vagaries vagaries well I just got a little bit harder so the word banker e is an inconsistency and a pattern that is not predictable you think I'm like a vagrant to vagrant kind of wanders around here and there it's a person who doesn't really have a home now comes from a similar Latin root vein which means to want launder so imagine a pattern what's like a random pattern we see in let's say business ah stock market the bakeries of the stock market are known to everyone because you can never really tell which way it's going up or down unpredictable vagaries what works really come next I don't know the vagaries of vocabulary Wednesday or we get premonitory oh that sounds terrible now this words actually not that difficult it's a to always embrace yourself and relax take a deep breath and think cause there's something similar about this word or familiar especially about the first part notice parts of speech count the end they tell us whether it's an adjective or noun but actual meaning comes at the beginning the middle here pre Mauna Kea maybe you're jogging sit-ups is there and you're getting premonition to have a premonition is that like a fourth thought about what something that's going to happen something bad and that's all that Prime a premonitory means it's an adjective form of premonition so if you ever see those horror movies and there's some persons like I had a dream and I saw dead people that means what happened and of course there's all the characters like no whatever that's just crazy talk and of course that person's always a lodger gets like ax-murdered oh no I shouldn't listen to my friends provided to a dream that's kind of the nature of the word of course you only have premonitions about test day because if you have a forthcoming first definition or GRE test day I'm sure you'll rock it and I will see you next time

9 thoughts on “GRE Vocab Wednesday: "Writers in the Storm" Part 3

  1. incredulous – do not believe something
    forthcoming – about to happen – candid and straightforward [GRE definition to remember]
    vagaries – something that is not consistent and have inconsistency – have a random pattern
    premonitory – premonition — have a forethought and think that something bad is going to happen.

  2. Hello Magoosh. I went through your blog titled "To Retake or not to Retake – ETS Has the Answer". Even after retaking GRE, it didn't improve my score but decreased by 2 marks in both verbal and quants section.

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