Graphic Novels Read In March!

hi everyone so if Sam could do a really quick roundup of the graphic novels that I have read so these first graphic novel that I read and sort of in the month of March I guess I would little bit that I can notice them this is a big graphic novel it's like a confirmation of about it must be at fifteen and kind of mini comics is in butter wedding style of table and biscuit sorry about that yes sir it's the very core is a story of three young girls included cocoa flour and tilde and they are starting their own punk band even though they have no instruments and new skills and their talents really but they want to be our backgrounds I guess not now in a person and it was just a very cute story of these three young girls doing whatever the hell are you please is quite a spectacle amazing as well even that does look a bit like Charlie and Lola the kiss book the kids were very for Kimmy there is a movie that was based on this series which is we are the best so I will be checking the outside find it and I'll take my hours on that book but if it's on that list on UK with much more the next book that I finished was a deadly cast this series vol 1 reckon you but I actually really enjoyed it took me a little while getting to it because it kind of starts off a bit crazy it's about this young guy through what effects have school of sassing takes on teenagers who have done really bad things or kind of fallen off the grid right kind of like the bear dies but it takes them in and it teaches them nourishes them and then mix them assassins as you do that's the first couple of bits of the book I wanted to I wasn't too worried about that then there's a bit where they go to Vegas and a chance Baima but that was my favorite part got very crazy really intense and I always love when my favorite things how graphic novels is at the end when they give you like the alternative art and stuff cuz there is just some really cool alternative other I would absolutely have like on my wall a discriminant out I would put that on my wall it is gorgeous oh yeah I love that I love that oh never the next violent that I read was the unwritten added Tommy Taylor and broken identity this I didn't love I liked it I think the far it can it seems to be that the first a little bit a little bit I wasn't massively sold on I didn't find myself being like I really want to read that I really want to get up again I don't know I don't know if I will continue with this series because I'm just not Lupul good by it this is a very cool trans of arts as long as we know my favorite bit of whiskey of it also yeah there's some bit of them a text is really hard to read I mean either you can't even see the other things place it's in like a really like early italic and I reached it I have the really gone so immediately I do pride myself on being a me you know to read so yeah not many cool things at the back though but so the last graphic novel that I read in March more switches and this is a booklets been on my wishes for a long time I finally got around to it and I was all down for creepy spoopy mystery so which is is about a family to move to a rural town called Litchfield and they are living in this town and weird things start happening there this herb creepy woods area that kind of creature it can treat or quite much about spoiling things but there are creepy creatures presumably which is very very creepy and there are a couple of twists and turns but I really like those up I love when a book had some nice twist alright and there are a few moments relax so I really really enjoyed that and I think the arts art is really cool right it's not it and it's very really distorted and it's really like over not over the developers but you know I mean we have like loads of still prints on it bouncing it has that kind of oversaturated effect where it looks like a photo that's just been like scrambled up and then made out in kind of vintage II and it is very aesthetically pleasing it was really great story and it's very very creepy I mean I read it in an item in the middle of the day in the middle marked so you know creepiest time of year but I still found it very creepy so yes those are the graphic novels I've read recently mostly all hits unwritten was probably the worst of them but still it was bad I still say check it out if you like graphic novels check it out I'm absolutely up for any recommendations of graphic novels that you feel like giving me I'm always up for reading something new something different I'm not I suppose superheroes really so any kind of alternative from superhero sign up now for thank you very much I will see you for everything or any video all right

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