1. You’re so cuuuuute!! I’ve been wanting to start reading graphic novels for a while but wasn’t really sure where to start,so this video is perfect for me.Thanks!

  2. I need to step up my manga, graphic memoir and graphic novel game and this video is a great place to start. (Miss you! Hope your baby is well <3<3)

  3. I like the sound of every single one! I tend to go for dark sci fi type graphic novels, so a bit of a change would be good for me.

  4. I love Blankets. My fave GN so far but that may just be because I have not read these ones. Will pick them up asap. Ty for the rec.

  5. My Brother's Husband just finished a three episode live action TV run in Japan.

  6. Lighter Than my Shadow! Yes! I'm happy to see another booktuber recommending it. That is my favourite graphic memoir of all time. I think it's such a powerful story.
    I've been meaning to read my brother's husband for a while now. I really need to read that sooner than later. You might want to check out What Did You Eat Yesterday.

  7. Adding Lighter Than My Shadow to my TBR, thank you! Since it's a graphic novel I'll just order it from my library straight away.

    I loved My Brother's Husband volume 1 so much. I'm so glad that you read and liked it! I love the way he corrects his behaviors and thoughts after some pondering.

    Great video, as always. <3

  8. I’ve seen My Brothers Husband at my local library and I’ve been thinking about it for a while – but since you’ve mentioned it- I definitely want to pick it up!

  9. I saw you were reading MY BROTHER'S HUSBAND (somewhere on social media??), and knew I had to read it. I can't wait until my library hold comes in and I can read it. <3

  10. Absolutely loved lighter than my shadow. Thought it portrayed the subtle parts of dealing with an eating disorder really well.

  11. The art in Mis(h)adra was absolutely gorgeous!!
    I really need to read My Brother's Husband. It sounds fantastic!

  12. I really like your channel and the contents. I also added you. Please keep up your work. Greetings from Hamburg, yours Adi

  13. I have been waiting to read Lighter Than My Shadow for a long time — thank you for the review and reminder for me to pick it up soon!

  14. I love graphic novels and this video was so fun! Haven't heard of any of these and will be looking to get them!

  15. I haven’t read many graphic novels but have been wanting to pick up more of those so this video is perfect! Thanks for the recommendations! 😊

  16. I’m like, I don’t even need to hear the descriptions. I. AM. IN.
    Read Mis(h)adra already on your rec and was knocked flat. Give me all the own voices graphic novels plz 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  17. These all sound super interesting. One of my favourite graphic novel series at the moment is Saga, however, I'm a big fan of Stitches by David Small (it's a graphic novel memoir). It gets quite dark in places (I'll just put in a grandparental/parental abuse warning here) but the drawing style is rather unique.

  18. My Brother's Husband has been on my TBR for ages, but I've been too scared to pick it up out of fear of it having homophobic messages. Thank you for easing my worries! Lighter Than My Shadow has also been on my radar, it sounds great! If you want another manga that deals with contemporary issues like that, I would recommend A Silent Voice, it's about a guy who bullies a girl for being deaf in his childhood (think late elementary school) and years later tries to apologize and make it up to her. It could've been done horribly but it was an amazing execution, it's short too, only 7 volumes.

  19. DC's Batman Long Halloween is amazing. I also love the Rat Queens series, though its changed hands and isnt what it used to be. But there are 3 good trades (bindings of so many seprate comics) of RQ.

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