Graphic Novel Hunting at Ollie's Bargain Outlet and Haul!

45 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Hunting at Ollie's Bargain Outlet and Haul!

  1. Important question: have you guys figured out how to remove the industrial quality orange price stickers? I have tried everything, and nothing seems to do a good job without ruining the covers of TPB's. Luckily, the hardcovers are usually shrinkwrappd.

  2. Could you please just put the camera on a shelf or something. Would have loved to watch, but I felt like I was going to be sick after 15 seconds.

  3. I need your expertise:

    Is there a best way to describe the strange graphic novels or comics, less apt to be called superhero? Do they divide and subdivide down to sci-fi, suspense, horror, crime noir, etc? Is there a good resource for breaking it categorically, to realluy pick through the best non-superhero stuff? I have even run across a european english language and english translation genre, spanning from political to fantasy to biographical… please help.

  4. After watching this, I went to the closest Ollie's near me. Some great finds! Including a "New" Amory Wars TPB for $1.99 that is out of print.
    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Do they ship abroad??๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹(as if)..also..i love your far the best about comic buying. And i NEVER say that..cheers from Greece!!๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท
    Also,JUST purchased the war of kings and realm of kings books today from Amazon,right before seeing this video!๐Ÿ˜‚
    I have annihilation and thanos imperative and i am missing annihilation:conquest too from that sweet cosmic run..

  6. Seen videos of the place having comic trades and all. the only place compared to it around me is biglots. hope they open one here soon close by reading or hearing they try expand out more. just gotta wait and see.

  7. We just got an Ollie's "near" us and picked up 7 graphic novels for $33. Going to go back later when it's died down a little.

  8. Omg I go to the Ollie's near my house all the time! I've gotten so many great comics for close to nothing!

  9. And this is why I love Ollies when ever i see a stock of Graphic novels i tend to clean house.

  10. 5.99 for the Oz omnibus! I got it at Ollie's for 20 bucks, dang! They have about ten copies at my local store.

  11. I was looking for Ollie's graphic novel hauls, found your channel and subbed. I only have one near me and am totally jealous. The first store you went to had some books I would like to buy. I heard you say Kentucky which is where I live (eastern ky) and was curious where that store was located. ๐Ÿ‘

  12. The fact that a franchise of stores like this exist and that i'm so far away from them makes me very sad. Obviously with the lack of organization in the stores tells us that they are not designed with mail order or online shopping in mind. My heart and my wallet are bleeding.

  13. The Oz Omnibus price is crazy. I've never seen anyone actually review it but absolutely love it. Good stuff.

  14. I woulda gotten the Seven Soldiers Trade for its artwork. Actually, that's a Grant Morrison book, ain't it?

  15. MY Ollie's DOESN'T HAVE ALOT of what you've found at yours? BULLSHIT! Yeah, mine DEFINITELY DOESN'T have War of Kings, Guardians of Galaxy…HELL! Mine don't even have that Green Lantern Preview? It's like mine gets what YOURS DOESN'T SELL?!

  16. Whoo, I made a trip there recently but picked up Birds of Prey 1 & 3 and Batman Zero Year. I wanna try to look harder for Secret Six vol 4. though. I saw some videos have them and that is the only one I'm missing.

  17. Our Ollie's had the "Just Imagine Stan Lee" Omnibus for $13, which I was pretty excited by. Not his best work, but still a good deal.

  18. Man, I gotta travel 3 hours to get to my closest Ollies, you lucky bastard! Great haul, thanks for taking us on the ride.

    I used to have the JLA:Year One trade too. That hardcover looks awesome. Barry Kitson was the artist though, Augustyn is the co-writer. Waid and Kitson make a great team; they did quite a few L.E.G.I.O.N. stories together as well as Empire.

  19. Dude browse them more gently youre throwing them all over the place and pulling them and by doing all of that destroying the condition of the books

  20. There's no reason why stores like this shouldn't be offering delivery. What kind of genius plan is it to not expand your potential clientele countrywide while not having to open more stores to do so? What a bunch of shit businessmen.

  21. That queen & country is a good read it was a mix of the movie shooter & bourne identity. I love does types of story's in movies & i liked this as a comic but i think i would love this as a movie or tv series kus music helps build the tension & bring out the feel of certain situations

  22. Sorry, I'm late in getting to watch this video. Of course, it's another great NMC video with the new Dynamic Duo of Omar & Amanda. Omar, if you weren't my boy before I watched this you would be now with you proclaiming your love for Brian Bolland and Camelot 3000. Bolland's stuff just blows me away and I've read Camelot 3000 at least 5 times. It's just great stuff. I do have an Ollie's near me and I have bought some great stuff there dirt cheap. For me, my favorite thing I got there was TPB's of Denny O'Neil's Question run from the '80s. I was shocked to find them there. Once again, Omar is making me pry open my wallet because now I need to go back to Ollie's and take a look for myself. I should just have my paycheck deposited into Omar's checking account and have him buy me my Omni's, hardcovers and TPB's. I love the channel and always enjoy the vids with Omar and Amanda. #OmarRules #AmazingAmanda

  23. I don't have OCD – I think – but if I set foot in any of these stores, I wouldn't be able to leave without organising the shelves. I could well die of starvation before I'm done…

  24. There are a lot of nice books at Ollieโ€™s. When my wife drags me there for the boring stuff, I always drift to the book section. Great deals if you are looking for reading copies. Occasionally I get sad when I find something for $5 that I already paid full price for though!

  25. To everyone mad about not having ollie's where they live

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