Grant Writing 101: It's Not Rocket Surgery

28 thoughts on “Grant Writing 101: It's Not Rocket Surgery

  1. Is there a link to a printable version of this presentation? I would love to have it as I undergo a grant writing class…

  2. This was a great introduction to Grant Writing. The advise was very clear. And there is no bias to an organization or pitch to buy something.

  3. Thanks for this summary. By the way I thing the title should be – It’s not rocket science, or It’s not brain surgery.

  4. Whoa!!! what a class on Grant Proposal Writing, thanks for such a great presentation. I wish I could sit in one of your workshop face to face in the near future to enrich myself with these great information. May Yahweh bless you greatly.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. I'm in the planning stages of starting my first non profit business and the information you provided really gave me a starting point for the grant writing process.

  6. I don't always comment, but I have to give kudos for an excellent job with this tutorial/presentation. #GrantWriting and #ProposalWriting can be a daunting thought for many and this tutorial helps break down the fundamental components, as well as offering some best practices for "getting a leg up". Thank you so much

  7. Excellent video! Very helpful.

    It seems that some of the sections of proposal elements were missed, though. Where can I find information on the Introduction, Evaluation Plan, Dissemination Plan, Timeline, and Support Materials?

  8. This is a really helpful piece of advice for students who are interested in learning more about grantsmanship. At the same time, I think that students should be offered the opportunity to take at least one class in their undergraduate study to help them better understand this topic.

  9. Thank you, Jessica!  You truly are a giving person, to have shared your knowledge!
    Because of you many will benefit…Thank you!!

  10. I loved this video If it's okay, I'll share it on my fb page

  11. Could I receive the slides she used? This is for research on grant writing for personal purposes only. 

  12. What an incredible and useful breakdown! Thank you so much for posting this. Not all of us can afford workshops and we are both hungry and grateful for valuable assisstance like this.

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