Grand Theft Auto 5 | Red Dead Redemption "Novel" Easter Egg (GTA V)

26 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 5 | Red Dead Redemption "Novel" Easter Egg (GTA V)

  1. JACK: Is there anything you don’t like shootin’, Pa?
    JOHN:  I ain’t met the thing yet, but soon as I do I’ll let you know. You can even put it in one of them books you write.
    JACK: Maybe I’ll do that… "The Day John Marston Stopped Shooting."
    JOHN: I ain’t no literary man, but I don’t think that’ll sell. People like shootin’ in them things.
    JACK: I think you may be right there, Pa.

    Thus, Jack writes "Red Dead."

  2. he did a intro he showed you the books told you why its a Easter egg talked about other stuff and then signed out so no he dident

  3. Harry Sargent John could read. John read the letter Mrs. Mcfarlane sent him to Abigail because Abigail couldn't read. Why else would they have newspapers in the game? Just so he can look at the words?

  4. @megakra2 You already retaliated… You killed Dutch, Bill, Javier, and Edgar. There's noone else to retaliate to

  5. Pretty sure I remember some banter between Jack and John where John says " yeah? Maybe you can write about your old man some day. "

  6. John couldn't read so I doubt he could make a book it's a cool easter egg they put in, definitely written by jack.

  7. Actually, we don't know if RDR is in the GTA Universe or not. Remember Michael De Santa said his first stick up was in Carcer City? That is where Manhunt takes place, and in GTA IV, they mentioned Bullworth Academy on the TV, so Red Dead could very well exist within the HD Universe of GTA V.

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