Govt to ensure no Orang Asli student gets left behind in education

the government assured that it is working towards reducing the number of orang asli students who are unable to continue their studies at a secondary school level entire masala tamil anju Tirupati cachoeira near la Tonya Cochran and motiva CD Kalinin applied Yara token and you can play Arang so the quest will incur Punto number Reebok I do room and by the EBU Bob dan juga Marie Marie and dr. scan in Vedic America dan juga kita – come on bereavement one went to Elaine's party bunt one wants a cool pond or bantwana blanket on and one uniformed and began Allah Allah Paul Anka new burger on on the tepee hitter Haris mastic on Katia delegate the departure on the calendar mr. Carsley dobutamine America and Buzz polar and aji Bergen jackass Cola marina heated uppity I did you get tickets Vanya for the budget of oriented Akiko Spalla marina the courage Anakin to birthday OPA Rita who is also minister in charge of national unity and social well-being said this when officiating the Orang Asli student excellence awards on Tuesday on reports at the Kelantan Islamic Affairs and manly custom Council aims to convey our orang asli within 30 years Rita said his current aim is to improve the health of the community furgus I often think what my Cikini illa li shu cozy attend very Cola and keep their maternity but I can issue cozy attend mature costly then he played ukulele had forgotten at upon a / fungineer cigar iPod American allow me man well nutrition Anila yeah he said the federal government contact regular checks and homo dialogues with the committee

14 thoughts on “Govt to ensure no Orang Asli student gets left behind in education

  1. Fulfill it.. Talk is murah .. First after Bn for years still no infrastructure in place for them. No bridge no electric worst no clean water yet .. Hope u and rest of relevant minister do it..

  2. That's why tun never wanted to fire you even you are not performing well n created chaos of the temple case, tun wants you to see in bigger picture of multi nations of malaysia which are not easy to satisfy n manage it. Previosly, you just thought of your own nation all the, i am sure you are having headache with your portfolio..

  3. Please provide them clean water, electricity and access to internet. They need helping hands from the country urgently … Don't let them wait any longer

  4. Wayisthe muti Pandai wayang kencing kencing. He going for nothing go home and sleep ok πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

  5. The community unity ministry must monitor orang Asli welfare needs including Scheme Bantuan Rakyat as almost all member's revenues are below the poverty line.

  6. imho, i truly feel that every children deserve to have education. But from what i know, many children who have degrees, who have worked hard and no… definitely not the ones with fake degrees… as i know many of which couldnt get the job they studied for. Many have taken up jobs as driver such as uber or grab. Some even do food delivery services. So all that number of years studying all the sciences and calculation. Many just dont seem to find much use. Especially when working in jobs such as administrations. Some i would dare say, even sell their own bodies to earn money, and even cheated others into earning money.

    So as much as my feelings to such initiatives brought by certain parties and communities. I would reconsider such initiatives to be studied in detail. It is not of my intentions to oppose such initiatives. If these kids grows up spending years studying a subject which they in turn found themselves in a predicament. I can almost be certain that these kids would feel as though that they were lied to about their lives. Only to find years later they were misled. Many of them exist in Malaysia today. And the buck doesnt stop there. You already have a lot of angry Malaysians, many of which were youngsters that were promise of great future, which turn to great deceive or misled.

    Education is a form of brainwashing, whether it is wash in the direction of good or for evil. These kids perhaps require some knowledge to help themselves… perhaps… now what do you suppose such kids grows up feeling like if they feel someone has cheated them? They study science, they make bombs, they cause terror, and we all wonder why and what did we do wrong. Its easy to blame one community for not doing enough for these people. It is also prudent to see that it is also easy to fail them.

    The video… that man express that work need to be done more to convince these kids and community to further their studies to secondary school. What is it that is going to be use to convince? The obvious answer is of course… promises of a great future. Im pretty sure everyone knows what im talking about, nice pictures of a person working with a smile earning good money. If these kids grows up realising that they were misled. You reap what you sow.

    This situation tread carefully. The country is already having difficulties placing people first on the list, instead of cronies. The notion of having a lie to cover up a big lie. This education system needs to be assessed to see where it can mostly benefit from.

  7. The problem with the indigenous people is that, they are content living in the jungle. They don’t want to adapt to living the modern world where education is easily available. The government have built schools closer to them but it can be in every village. It’s just not sustainable to build schools in each and every remote villages where it is not even accessible by cars. No teacher would want to teach in those places. If indigenous people want help, they must help themselves too. Or maybe they really don’t want any help if they are content.

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