GOT : Books or TV Series? ll How I Read Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

iodized insomnia thanks for watching so season 8 of Game of Thrones has finally begun the series is going to come to an end with the end of the season much to the dismay of the fans all around the world so Game of Thrones in the story of a lot of powerful people fighting for the Iron Throne through which they can rule the Seven Kingdoms and people both leaders and the viewers love it because the story is extremely engaging and there are a lot of twists and turns and everything under the Sun is happening in the series and everything is fair in love and war is something that gets proved in this series time and again well over the course of my channel and over the course of different videos that I've posted I will see why a lot of comments related to Game of Thrones and these are basically two kinds of comments mostly whether you should go for the series or whether you should go for the book and the second kind of comments is from people who want to get into the books as they're so lengthy and they're so thick so they want to know how to go about reading these books because I have read all the seven books so far so that's what I am going to be talking about in today's video now answer the question of whether you should go for the books or should you go for the TV series well the TV series is going on right now it's season is running and with this season the series will conclude but if you want to go for the books these are the books that you have to read and these are seven books in total let me tell you right now because this is something that a lot of people ask me I did not buy these books as a box set I got them one by one also I got all of them from Amazon there are two more books that are going to come out and the readers don't know when those books are going to come home it has been years I remember I had finished reading these seven books in 2017 and at that time I had heard that the next book in the series which is called the winds of winter was supposed to come out and it has been so long since then and no trace and no clue about when it might come out and another book is supposed to follow winds of winter which is called a dream of spring and you don't know about that either so there are quite a few differences between the TV series and the book series firstly the TV series is called the Game of Thrones series whereas the book series is called a Song of Ice and Fire series in case of these books only the first book is called a Game of Thrones rest of the books have different names and another difference that I feel I can share with you is the age groups of the characters the protagonists in the story a lot of the characters that you see in the TV series are a lot younger in the books like for example Daenerys Targaryen is only 13 or 14 years old when the story starts but when you watch the TV series you can see that she the properly young woman she is not even close to being a 13 or 14 year old there is a lot of gore and a lot of carnage that takes place in the story in the book it is far more graphic because george RR martin describes just how those organs are coming out and how people are dying and all that kind of gory stuff is described quite graphically even these book other changes are basically how some scenarios have been oversimplified their backstory was not shown in the TV Theory file there are other things like some scenarios but kept same on the whole but the way person answers came about in the series is different from how they happened in the books of all the books in this series have been written with multiple point of views so in these books you get to read the point of views of the characters and that does not happen in the TV series of course and finally the story also deviates in the TV series from the books and I suppose the reason for that is that the series is supposed to reach a conclusion in this season if they had followed the storyline of these books the series wouldn't be reaching its conclusion I guess they realize just like us readers did that george RR martin is not coming out with the next two books anytime soon so they obviously had to change the story according to their own script so ultimately I feel between the question of whether to go for the books or the TV series ideally I think you should go for both of them if you can't because they both aren't quite engaging and the story that I told you deviate from each other so you will get something new in each of the books as well as the TV series finally for somebody who has neither watched the TV series or read the book series and I say that if you have the tendency to get offended quite easily or if you have thirteen is you get shocked quite easily then you might want to stay update from the story altogether because a lot of questionable things keep happening because that is what the storyline is like as somebody who has read all these seven books so far in Song of Ice and Fire series I'm going to tell you guys how I went about reading these books in case you are somebody who wants to get into these books but is too intimidated by looking at this side so let me just show you which all books are there in the Song of Ice and Fire series first book is called Game of Thrones the second one is called a Clash of Kings the third book is actually divided into parts it's called a Storm of Swords the first part is called a Storm of Swords steel and snow and the second part is called a song of swords blood and gold the first book is a feast for crows and the fifth book is again divided into parts it's called a Dance with Dragons advance my dragons dreams and dust is the first part and a dance with dragons after the feast is the second part the one thing that I did was that I did not read all these books during the same month because that would have been too much and that would have been an overdose so I used to read only one book from the Song of Ice and Fire series during a month because I had to read other books as then and I did not want to burden myself so that was something that made it manageable for me so basically it took me seven months to get through these books and while I would read one book during a particular month say this is the first book Game of Thrones I used to read only fifty pages for a day from these books because they had small font so even fifty pages but not that less but they were not that many either and the story was engaging so the 50 pages did not feel that heavy to me this is the first book and it has around 800 pages so I was able to finish this one in 16 days now if you think about it if you just look at this book it might seem like you will never finish them but if you think about it from the perspective of reading fifty pages per day it's just sixteen days and this is one of the length year books in the series it is another one that is a bit lengthier than this that is 900 pages or so and that one also you can finish in less than 20 days which is not as much as you think about it because people tend to think that they can never finish these books it's not like that and another thing that a lot of people tend to forget I don't know why it is and when they look at the length of the books they somehow forget that these are fiction books it's a story that you have to read you don't have to memorize anything you don't have to make a presentation on these books you just have to enjoy the story that these books and that is not difficult at all just if you change your perspective a bit you will realize that it's not difficult to get through these books as I said before they're definitely time consuming but not difficult to get through now if you are one of those readers just like me who likes to read more than one book at a time I will say that while you are reading a book from a Song of Ice and Fire series pick up a book that is a quicker shorter read and possibly a book that has a lighter subject because then you will be able to read that one faster and it will have a positive impact on your mind and you might even see that your speed increases by reading these big fine books from a Song of Ice and Fire series so this was my video about a game of Thrones and a Song of Ice and Fire series I hope you found this video useful if you want to connect with me on my social media the links are in the description I'll see you in my next video till then bye

41 thoughts on “GOT : Books or TV Series? ll How I Read Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

  1. I wish I had read the books before ever watching the show. I can't read them without getting the show out of my head.

  2. Another question. I loved the tv series and was quite engrossed in the story until Season 8. When it all went down the drain for me.
    For ex: Tyrion gets more dumb
    Jamie's redemption is for nothing
    John gets useless.

    Although the books haven't come yet.
    I'm wondering if I should invest my time n money in the books when the end is going to be the similar?
    What do you think? Worth it?

  3. Hi Soumya, thanx for ur amazing and no bullshit advice. I do have same feeling though book version, most the time works for me.
    Plz do tell ur wpm. Thnx again

  4. Saumya You are so pretty,
    And your vdo is so awesome,
    But sound thoda clear hota to Aur bhi accha lagta,
    And thank you for this video.

  5. What the fuck lol?
    If you're a reader, I think you'd know that the length of the books doesn't matter shit if there is enough content.
    And really, if you Are 'intimidated' by the 'size of the books' you're at the wrong place lol.
    Reading is not your thing then.

  6. tysm for making this video i have wanted to read this series since forever but just didnt get around to it coz of the mere hype surrounding it i haven't watched the show either coz i wanted to read the books first

  7. Keep inspiring Saumya. I havent watched the series although have been hearing a lot about it. Would like to read the books first and then perhaps watch the series.

  8. Both of them are amazing!!! And I,'ve watched series and read all books and I am happy that somebody' s created such an amazing world!

  9. Wow very nice video πŸ‘
    This is the one series that I don't feel to pickup. I don't know whyπŸ˜…
    And never got the feeling to watch any of the tv series. But in future you never knowπŸ˜€

  10. This is what I was wondering at this moment and you have came with a video… awesome… I have not watched a single episode of GOT yet as I plan to read them before… thank you 😊

  11. I made a mistake of watching d tv series frst and reading d book series later. D disadvantages r 1. knowing d plot and 2.books r comparatively written in a slower pace for thriller/mystery genre. So I couldn't able to read faster and getting exasperated now and then☹☹ but I learnt a lesson harder that not to watch a movie/TV series which s adapted from a book before reading thatπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ tough lesson thoughπŸ˜‘πŸ˜

  12. This is amazing! I am a fan of GOT series. Until now I didn't think about reading the books. You have definitely inspired me.

  13. Until they had books the tv show was fine . After they went past books (season 7 and season 8) the writing became shittier for show .season 7 was a mess and season 8 is gonna be a cesspool of mistakes.

  14. Hello Saumya, thank you so much for sharing how to go through this huge piece of art and actually get done with it without being intimidated. I have a request. Can you please do you review on the kingkiller chronicles by Patrick Rothfus? Those books are really really huge and I really need your motivation to get through it. πŸ™‚

  15. Thank you saumya i was planning to read the #got series but wasnt getting any motivation to do so now it became easier for me.

  16. I have been meaning to read this for a long time now. I have started it twice beforeπŸ˜… also watching the TV series helped me remember the names of the characters better while reading the book😊.. your video was super helpful and hope to start the books for the third time and finish them too😊

  17. When I read the first book of GOT I was hungover on it for days, so to get over it I used to read alongside it the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series which was fun and light.

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