Google Play Books Speech Synthesis

JH: Today I would like to talk about some new features of Google Play Books. Google Play is a marketplace and and Google Play Books is a marketplace for books. uh… This week there’s a new capability where you can
upload your own ePub documents and read them as books in Google Play. So on iOS it looks like this, and if we want to look at the book
we just click on it. Now… You can go full screen. And you can just swish through to read it. If you want to turn on text-to-speech on an iOS device you can use VoiceOver. On this device we’ve set it up so clicking
three times in the home key turns on text-to-speech. Tablet: VoiceOver On Tablet: Button. Bookmark. Button. Petits écrans. (c) 2012 James Holgate. Creative Commons 3.0 License. Image Tablet: Les diapositives doivent résumer les points principaux et terminer avec une grande idée. JH: You have to swish with three fingers to go into the next page. Tablet: Page quatre de neuf. JH: and then just touch the section you want to read aloud.
Tablet: Grandes tailles. Utilisez de gros caractères. Soyez bref. Gardez un contraste élevé. Utilisez les notes pour expliquer. Image. JH: So it works well. On an Android device, it doesn’t work to well with encoded (DRM) books or books that uh… you haven’t downloaded. uh… You will notice that there is little
pin symbol here. If you touch that button then it loads the e-book locally into the system and you have to load it locally onto the
system in order to use the text-to-speech. So as you can see, the same documents that were in the other device are still on the screen here. And if I click here it should go to the same page it was
on on the other device. So we’ll go onto… that… We’re on the same page. Now on this, to enable text-to-speech it will only read the text down here. It won’t read text that’s in uh… alternate text for images. We just click near the center and select “Read aloud.” Tablet: Les lecteurs peuvent être occupés ou pressés quand ils lisent votre document sur un appareil mobile. Vous remarquerez peut-être que la présentation elle-même est un exemple. Les graphiques vectoriels sont des instructions informatiques pour dessiner des lignes, des courbes et des formes simples. JH: Now one good thing about the Android platform is that it will switch languages
automatically. So, if I pick an english document it will automatically switch to english
Tablet: Shoes. Shoes. Adidas
Bike shoes
Jet Falcon
Hiking Boots
Yusfah slippers
Lange downhill ski boots
Sorel snow boots
Bum tennis shoes
Timberland travel shoes
Ability Tools
I like a lot of things. I figured out a simple way to show some things… JH: And so if we want to go to a page, it also has a table of contents here. But, as you can see if it… you interrupt the reading aloud then… [????] Tablet: Backpacker magazine rated these as their top boots, so I decided to try them. They are indeed very comfortable, even when you walk long distances. If you love hiking it is worthi doing a little research to find out more about the equipment. Sore feet are no joke. These rubber slippers… JH: It just continues to read. uh… If it loses its place then you have to stop speaking and then start it again to make it work.
Tablet: These rubber slippers come from the Hump Hostel in Kunming in… … So if I just press again it doesn’t play even though it says it’s reading aloud. So you have to stop it and start it again.
Tablet: These rubber slippers come from the Hump Hostel in Kunming in Yunnan… JH: Anyways, it’s got a pretty interesting capability JH: you can add your own books to uh… Google by going to the Google site uh… with your desktop browser, clicking on your book collection, then clicking upload book and you can upload ePub or PDF files. And that’s a little summary of some
of the new capabilities of the Google Books application for iOS and Android.

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