Google Docs Tips And Tricks For Writers

Hi YouTube author Stefanie Newell and
this is The Life Of A Writer channel. Today’s video Google Docs Tips and
Tricks For Writers. If you’re looking for more content like this make sure to
subscribe and get new content to your inbox every Tuesday. So in this video I’m
going to provide five tips that can help you to improve your writing experience
in Google Docs. So tip number one is to use comments. First you want to start off
by opening a document. Once you have your document open, you want to scroll down to
the section where you want to include your comment and you want to highlight a
section of your document and click this add a comment button and type your
comment into the section. So for example after reading your document you might
realize that the character’s description is not good enough. So you can write
yourself a comment like describe your character. Once you’ve typed your comment
you will click the comment button and then it will give you the option to
later resolve it. Now the reason why I like this function is because a lot of
times there may be something that you want to work on later and it’s not
something that you want to do right now, but by writing a comment it will keep it
in the forefront of your mind. Tip number two is to use the share function. Once
you click the share button name your document and press save. Then you can either type in a name or
email address. It will also give you the option to allow the person to edit
comment or just view the document you’re sharing and if you go down into the
advanced section you can see that there are other options such as preventing
editors from changing access and adding new people and disabling options to
download print and copy for commenters and viewers. Tip number three is to use
citations. So this is going to be helpful for those of you who need to cite a
source. So down at the bottom of the page there is an explore button and once you
click it, it will open up this window where it allows you to put in a search
term. So let’s say for example you’re writing a book about healthy eating,
you can put healthy eating into this section and then it comes up with three
tabs: web, images and drive. For the sake of this video we’re going to use the web
and then you can hit this quotation mark and it will cite your source. Now if I
scroll down to the bottom you can see now that it is cited at the bottom in
the footnotes. If I hit these three dots it allows you to also change the
citation format from MLA, APA or Chicago. Tip number four is to use the dictionary
option already built into Google Documents. So if you’re looking for a
definition of a word all you need to do is go into the tools section, scroll down
to the dictionary and it will pop up over here to the right and you can find
the definition for any word that you’ve highlighted within your document. Tip
number five is to use the add-on feature that is available within Google Docs. So
first you want to click on add-ons then get add-ons and you will find that there
are a multitude of different add-ons to help improve your writing experience.
There is a table of contents. I also found a speech recognition tool as well
as a thesaurus. I hope this video is helpful by providing you five tips to
help improve your writing experience and I look forward to talking with you in my
next video. As always all of my social media links will be in the description
box below. If you want to hire me as your writing coach you will
find that information there as well and I look forward to talking with you in my
next video.

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  1. Fantastic video. Loving your content. Can't wait to watch more! I just bought a Chromebook to use as a writing tool with no distractions and I was struggling to find a word processor that would work well on it. I was very hesitant to use Google Docs because I thought it was too simple. Turns out I couldn't have been more wrong. You've successfully justified my purchase for me. Looking forward to more videos!

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