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oh Jesus come to worship you father comes to worship with let's lift it up let's all strive together there we come you are you ulaana key the Bible says we're coming to eSports with thanks into his gates with Thanksgiving and one of the Hebrew words Oh praise is yatta when you say that word speak a bit of Hebrew this morning come on say flat down and it means for throwing out of the hands means Thanksgiving throwing is that something that anything to do with a personality or a feeling really well it's good to do with giving thanks by faith do you think the king is worthy of thanks do we believe the king us worthy of praise is Church I'm speaking to you do you believe it I'm still waiting for some of the young people to load up the holy hands let's all do it as a body in it so hard I promise you no one's looking at me is worthy you [Applause] thank you [Applause] come on raise your hands one more time I just focus focus on him focus okay if you are truly a key we can express our thanks to you long and not be ashamed we are nourished you know but the words just then focus on the alcohol we're just not we're not just here to funnel program this morning we're here to worship the king of kings no we're here to give our attention to the King of Kings as a church as a body here to worship Him we're here to hear his words here to learn from him that's why we've come here we seek his face we seek his word we seek his heart we want to know we want to understand more of him we hunger and thirst for you lost that is why we you've drawn us with if you can sing in tongues with me singing Chinese quarter ma Xian amarka Dominus you see if you worship the lord you must worship Him in spirit and in truth you need the Holy Spirit to help you so that's why we singing tongues not just to pass the time I pass the music we are engaging with the Holy Spirit to give him worthy sacrifice is an accurate worship amen he is the king he is worthy of accurate worship we can think of many ways to do not mind that we have to do it according his way they even tried to do it in his own way and he failed someone died and he went back and he said because we didn't do it according to the proper order therefore the Lord had an outburst against anger towards us nothing God bear in the New Testament amen we have got blood covering us this morning but the praise and worship has not changed it's still the same there's a requirement Jesus is worship the father in spirit and truth amen that's why we sing in tongues that's why we engage with him amen hallelujah just one more moment just lift up hands again just lift up your hands again and worship him if you want to speak in tongues speaking times you want to say something to the Lord say something to him even if you just say Lord Here I am Lord Here I am Lord sees hearts Lord is after our hearts yes Lord Holy Spirit you office straight this this morning August raid us August raid us your hands of sin with passion so learn you feel the spirit what your word all the fear when you feel the spirit aw strength result back see see you know sometimes we just lose them because Barry this morning Lord says ha here did you just say oh did you too sir teach you to solve your problems to see did you decide teacher did you just saw see things are so hard to let go those things feel so strong and Roseau restricting Lord says those things that feel so overpowering come up here oddly the past be skeeball [Applause] come up here the shadows out of the shadows let's respond just a real honest respond to the law come up higher with you in the mountain of you the knowledge of you higher in understanding come up here leave the past behind leave all behind because I'd skip over the heel Oh just escape she's just escaped [Applause] [Applause] it just it's just skipping over the heels leaping over the mountains now Savior skipping over those mountains student imitate you wants to tell you their it's too late but not a taste I skip over those mouths I live over those things those things that want to intimidate you and say Oh here Oh just there you are to say Lord see it's just a perspective Jimmy holy spirit gives us my strong it's their way teacher says Hussey's word so he can teach us far too hard thank you lord heart-to-heart hard to hard did she just aways just and you teacher soon shut up you give us a fresh revelation you're saving face to face to show thank you Jesus we can talk to us heart-to-heart that is what you desire far too hard heart-to-heart yes you saw me before you misuse yes you see yes you Jesus you love me again yes you you Jesus so you wash freshest blood yes you clowns me Oh with your righteousness comforted me Jesus you are my first yes left of the rock yes you hide me captured me to strengthen me with your stranger [Applause] [Applause] – Jesus now [Applause] first touched your personal touch ooh Jesus [Applause] you touch me you you are my first Estelle Jesus you were my first firstly there is no one like you oh you strengthen our sword this morning let your joy rise up within us this morning Lord let your joy rise up within us this morning all of joy my strengths CEO Joe Georgie last time let's sing my love Jesus you are my first love thank you lord thank you thank you [Applause] amen praise God nice little Samba bossa nova with very nice brazilian feel there it's good that all music and praise God amen everything belongs to God so give someone a hug say I love you brother or sister somebody give Nadia hug too said cuss in Doreen in Liam and Alexis from came we saw a solid asset god bless you all good to have you here Tabby's in the nico when you friend of christians Sauron stay where you Nicole on that side okay the CLA rifle da and Florence de Villiers if he can't friend of Valerie and Sandy David's with Sandy they the back god bless you let's say to them welcome in the house of the Lord thank you I sure thank you good wonderful 1 Timothy 4 verse 12 let no one despise your youth but be an example to the believers in Word in conduct in love in spirit in faith and purity be an example to all then in all these things and it's also good to be an example in giving to set an example you know Isaac followed a Abraham's example and Jacob followed Isaac's example when Jacob met God at Bethel he had a dream dream he slept with his head on a rock and he had a dream of a ladder reaching up to heaven and angels ascending and descending on the leather and he said this is a house of God better and God said to him I am the Lord God of your father Abraham and Isaac I will be your God I will be with you and I will not leave you until I bring you back to this place and I will take care of you and protect you and everything and you know what Jacob's reaction was he says okay God if you'll be my god and you'll be with me and bring me back to this place and look after me and protect me he repeated what God said he said then I'll give you a tithe how did he know to say that yeah oppa taught him which his first reaction when he met God now some people meet God for years they never give tithes yeah it was his first reaction why he had an example makes a difference you know somebody that teaches you to tithe and you see how God blesses them it's your first natural reaction to one to tithe because you see the blessing amen blessing of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob the toys amazed me that you know he didn't do anything else didn't have anything else to say his first response was okay if you do all that for me you'll be my god fine then I'll tithe to to the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob be an example and so you set the example for your children they see how it works I taught my children from you know from the moment days people give them prison so money for birthday or whatever that now tired of that that amount remember hilton archer when he was small he wanted the plastic swimming pool because it was so hot the johannesburg in summer and we just couldn't afford it and then one Sunday he took money that someone gave him and took an amount of that and said to God I give this to you today for my swimming pool and within a week somebody said you know what I want to buy your son has plastic swimming pool and that's how I got it miss Rama net and relaxing that so they see that it works an example it's very important but it's easier you know to be an example and all these other things too even as a youth be an example to the believers in world in conduct love it's faith purity but you know you can add to that list and I just added the tithing there be an example to others and God will bless you amen we trust that you will lack nothing you can trust God all right we wait upon you for your giving your tithes your offerings and Clint will bring the message full communion today thank you Cathy rose good morning family Malo Coon Johnny D P Lilly who Johnny wayna it's amazing what a little bit of if it does to people it's amazing when somebody told me this when I was working in Canal walk people were amazed just by feel a few words people were so shocked that you did the effort to greet him in a language that they feel or might feel more comfortable with but yeah that just leads me to what I want to share this morning that we don't have to be perfect in everything we do in the flesh we can make a little bit of effort and with that little bit of effort you can reach so much more and so much more than you think you you would be able to in yourself I want us to quickly read John chapter 10 verse 14 to 18 it speaks about Jesus being the door the door for us John chapter 10 from verse 14 we going to read it reads this is Jesus speaking I'm The Good Shepherd and I know my sheep and am known by my own as the father knows me even so I know the father and I lay down my life for the sheep and other sheep I have which are not of this fold them also I must bring and they will hear my voice and they will be one flock and one Shepherd therefore verse 17 my father loves me because I lay down my life that I may take it again I was 18 no one takes it from me but I lay it down of myself I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it again this command I have received from my father the reason why I read the scripture is because in the week I was a bit lazy and I opened the Bible to read something for our family and I came across one Samuel 12 speaks about David and the sin that he committed and then also the punishment that went with that sin and it reminded me of the perfect sacrifice that Christ was because the sin that David did the punishment that yet endure easier to endure the loss of a son and it made me think about our perfect the sacrifice of Christ ease because the punishment that we were supposed to take is now laid on Christ or Christ took it on our behalf and that perfection that that Christ is on the cross in terms of taking our sin away is sometimes loss in our lives when I think about for instance my workplace and how adamant people is about perfection and how they want to have things done perfectly sometimes in our lives that perfection puts a strain on us and it makes things difficult for us and what Christ did is Christ perfected the fact that we don't have to work to attain anything with him we don't have to work and be perfect to attain what is given to us but how and why did Trice know this and now how come he could do this well because the last bit that we did is God Jesus knew God's command jesus knew what what God wanted of him and he knew therefore and God says in Deuteronomy 32 verse 3 and 4 that these deeds are perfect everything he does is just and fee in Psalm 19 verse 7 the law of the Lord is perfect it revives the soul so I'm under the 19 verse 138 your laws are perfect is David this is now God's laws and completely trustworthy your word says David is very pure so Jesus knew exactly who God was and he knew what God was doing so he it was easy for him to trust in God and it was easy for him to go on the spot and on this mission that he was going on I'm almost done so just three things for us to encourage us in 1 Corinthians 4 and also in 2 Corinthians 12 it speaks about when I'm weak I'm strong so for us it means that weakness isn't being totally grounded and totally out of it that weakness just means that I'm totally dependent on God and on what Jesus did the Apostles the bus'll Paul also speaks in in Corinthians about imitating me so we have apostles that teach us so let's imitate them because they imitate Christ and in also in 2 corinthians 4 as long as we are apostolic people we will have to die to something so let's continue dying to something and then i just want to remind us of why we take communion in 1 Corinthians 11 you can read with me 1 Corinthians 11 verse 23 to verse 26 it reads as follows for I received from the Lord that which I also need delivered to you that the Lord Jesus on the same night in which he was betrayed took bread and when he had given thanks he broke it and said take eat this is my body which is broken for you do this in remembrance of me in the same man he also took the cup of the supper saying this cup is the New Covenant in my blood this do as often as you drink it in remembrance of me for as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup you proclaim the Lord's death till he comes a family let's pray together father thank you for the perfect sacrifice Lord that tries made for us thank you God that you made that sacrifice for us God thank you that Christ knew you and knew what you intended with the sacrifice father thank you that he could have complete confidence in walking this path and Lord in the same way I pray God that we will understand that you have a purpose and a plan for us you have a purpose and a plan for this church and I pray God help us go to understand that when we are weak for them it is only so that we can depend on You Father I opposed to understand that we need to die to ourselves and our own ways and our own ways of thinking for them and thank you that as we celebrate Lord your life as we celebrate the blood that was shed we also celebrate your resurrection father because we are resurrected in you as well we are new and praise you in Jesus name Amen let's partake family thank you thank you so much brother Clint good thank you Lord a lot of scriptures to go and meditate on Philippians 1:6 s and I am certain that God who began the good work within you will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns isn't that a wonderful word God will finish the work but Elizabeth we just came from Australia now Andre we just came from Australia at that time when the Lord laid it on our hearts because Australia was going through a very difficult time was going through a Thai PE was going through very difficult times almost like the town was dying there was no work and the Lord laid it on our heart to go and hold a week campaign they to give hope to Port Elizabeth and so we traveled down with the team and we went and we stayed there but we became so sick me and Andre and the children we all got very very ill twas like a real spiritual battle that we were in and Andres father was they when we couldn't preach anymore I still got photos of that time Andre when Andres couldn't preach anymore his father continued the teaching and so they've been praised has been going up for that and for the country this week I was waiting on the Lord and I heard the word of the Lord say to me that there's a Quadron that wants to be emptied on the country now I'm a caldron caldron CUA LDR Owen and so I looked up the word what does it mean and it means it's like a boiling pot and it's to do with political unrest and and things like that and so the Lord said to me it will bring that people want to flee so I want to bring this word to you because this is what the Lord showed me I know prophets always speaks things that we don't like I'm not that kind of Prophet that to tell sure everything will be fine and da da da da I have to say what God says and so we need to pray for our country when you pray in the day pray that God will protect and you know what I heard the Lord say to don't do not fear those who fear God need not fear there's a lot of things going on in our country a lot of murders are taking place it's more than in in other countries it's terrible and the blood is crying out so God wants us to to pray I just want to say you know the Lord showed me and he said to me I when he said he's restoring the apostolic ministry the Lord said Tim I'm also gonna restore holiness God demands holiness he says without holiness one cannot see God we we need to be holy and the Lord began to really for weeks already it was being on my heart that the misuse of alcohol and God wants to raise the standard in our church as brothers and sisters in the Lord and sometimes you've been walking a long road with God but these still issues in your life that God needs to deal with I I had I've taken somebody to the doc doctor this week is he here yeah I'll just talk about I won't say the name but I took somebody who's been in drugs and took him to the to the doctor because of the physical is coming out of the drugs and out just the physical difficulties that he's experienced as a result of that and I know that God can heal completely but as we sat with the doctor the doctor started speaking and I know this doctor for many years and he said you spoke about the brain and he said drug addiction cannabis and alcohol misuse destroys the gray matter in the brain now I've given a photo to is there already okay they you can see on the left side that's the normal brain alcoholic this is a 43-year alcoholic that's how the brain looks like do you see the matter has been destroyed yeah it does not only consist consumption of alchemy safely reduced gray matter in brain also weakens the connection one with one's higher self that's why the bible sees that wine is a mocker and now I'm not saying you you're not allowed to drink wine the Bible doesn't say that there's no way in the Bible it says you're not allowed to drink wine you see don't get drunk with wine and because in the excess of it there is there is what does it say dissipation matter what it takes of it takes of the restraining power and gods put their restraining by the Holy Spirit with our conscious but the restrainer on us alcohol misuse takes away that restrainer so alcohol misuse is a mocker the jews will tell you very clearly that to drink your wine is to drink it with your meal and you know how much wine you can drink and how much you cannot drink and that's drink it while you can still be absolutely sober because he said don't get drunk with wine but be filled with the holy spirit now these people that say Jesus didn't make that kind of wine that makes you drunk I'm sorry I think not why does the Bible says don't get drunk from wine if wine makes you drunk it does just doesn't make sense but God made wine he made wine for us to enjoy but in there it's it's like the same with food gluttony is just as much much sin as drinking too much wine now what doctor also said was your brain is formed completely by that age you're 12 then it's finished doesn't get more cells that means that you need to protect your brain you need to value your brain these are there's a program in in American England they've done studies and well none you can look it up they've made a film about the reality of the dangers of alcohol and the reality is that in England they are warning the people not to drink so much because of liver damage and also because of of what it how it really affects the body and they showed that people who are smaller will get drunker quicker some people said I can tolerate wine a lot because I'm so tall but he says when you when you smaller and you haven't eaten it makes it even worse so that's why the Jews would say you eat you drink wine I mean Paul said to Timothy I have a bit of wine for your stomach troubles so wine is good but the overuse of everything is wrong so I wanted to just show that to you and God has already been dealing with people in the in the church I would fern and I say listen God told me to stop and do a Nazarene vow which is three months without wine and so that was that was good thank you Lord for your goodness you know the Lord said to me the other are actually read it in my diary God said to me no no your knowledge is like gold and God means that it's been tried in the fire to make it pure the Word of God has been tried you know how many times seven times this word can change your life it's been tried seven times it's true it's pure and in the Bible you will see when Jesus spoke he kept on saying he said it so many times I tell you the truth I've never picked that up in the Gospels I tell you the truth I tell you the truth I tell you the truth so this truth that I want to share with you today about that it's just to understand the reality pray for people in the church keep on praying for your brothers and sisters you know what the Bible says we will laugh we should have equal care equal care for one another how much do you care about your brother and sister in this church how much I know I was just a lot and it's true I do too but you have to take care of one another and if you see your brother's sin what does she do pray for him if he has a fault pray don't talk about it pray I spoke to Eve yesterday last night and she said to me mum there was such a storm in in on the farm that the electricity was out and so she put the candle up and she started reading revelation and she said did you know that your our prays are so powerful that it's taken up in vials into heaven and it's it's like a smoke incense but that the Angels take before the throne room did you know that your prayers and your tears that you're crying for people are actually doing that you think you're praying and God doesn't hear it's been taken up and then it's brought before the Lord and God answers and Eve changes then you must believe I wanted to believe that when you've asked God that he would do it even if it takes a bit of time just remember I varied I'm certain that God who began the good within you poor had to say this to the Philippians he says listen I'm certain God started this good work in you and he will complete it so he had to have confidence and he had to have faith that God who started the good work will complete it well yay Jessica I want you to start believe with joy don't look at the circumstances God's timing is perfect in your life submit to this time and begin to rejoice and begin to prepare yourself it's a time of preparation it's a wonderful time remember Esther had to be prepared this more you gonna do than what you think you think you're gonna do just this God's got much more for you my dear dear little sister there's lots of word that's been sowed in your life words you God's gonna use your mouth you're gonna turn many people to Jesus time of preparation so don't be sad lift up your vision God is busy preparing you Cara Shakur Abba dabbas seen that about Shana there's a needy world out there these people are desperate this Carabas Sandara Bachand Erebus and arabic ashamed Erebus and arabic andhe Alleluia god is good god is good Alleluia thank you Jesus God's gonna turn people's sorrows into joy you know how many people drown these sorrows with wine or with drugs but God is turning that he says he turns your mourning into joy it turns your sorrow into rejoicing because he's in that business he's in the business of reeling and restoring and I'm so happy what God has done last week in people's lives I started phoning them and they said but God already confirmed God already spoke to me in the morning so God's Spirit is busy lifting us up higher we sang this Montcalm up higher that was the sermon last week come up higher and God says I'm doing it by my spirit come up higher and he's he's putting a word in my heart to to help you to say listen come up higher we need to encourage one another for good works we need to encourage one say come up higher these meaningless churches been in this church for many years and God says I'm gonna beus your mouth you know I'm saying God we need workers the Lord sees they are sitting in your church it's time to work we keep on singing strengthen the weak hands strengthen the feeble knees now is the time now is the time to do that amen strengthen it come up higher God is waiting for you because he wants to use you Yallah humph react manna you're gonna preach you can evangelize because the fruit of the Spirit is busy God is busy working this work he says I'm busy with the work and I'm continuing it and it's happening yellow yellow self Nicky me you're not gonna know yourself you're gonna be so bold bold God give us boldness he thought about shunned out of us under normal Secret Service no Secret Service in this church fruit of the Spirit you know when you begin to walk without his spirit and God's full she with the spirit you know what comes out spirit it's without trying sitting in camps by Saturday afternoon we just having little something to eat I always eat a salad very boring chicken salad anyway I'm eating they my chicken salad and this comes a woman and she sits down with another lady and I can see this lady's sort of counseling on rock brought brought and I started feeling compassion for this woman that's being spoken to not long after that some the husband came I recognizes the husband and they brought a son in that you can see that wasn't an accident he's one eyes closed and the father has to help him to sit down and they sat down and I'm watching this and as the Sun sits down he's probably 22 scotum Durrant and he looks at me turns his face now you had to really turn he turns his face and with his one eye that is operating he looks at me so strongly now it feels to me like his I win this big it's not like I've got this big eye on me and it zooms in on me you know so I'm sitting there and I think okay and as I look a bit again he was he was staring at me and the Lord I felt the Lord's love that's what I felt the love of God and I felt the love of God just towards that family so strongly and I started praying lord have mercy on him that Oh like I pray that's I felt I must do and and I saw this young man and he looked at the counselor and he was sort of picky pattered I could see was discerning and I thought to myself this guy he's the sense he descends what's going on he knows exactly what's going on with this man young man with it with the eye that looked at me like it's he was looking through me and I said to Under Armour's go and speak to those people and as they sort of I see that he's gonna get up and go and the other lady was still talking and I I got up and I said you know I just wonder but the father was protecting this son because I think a lot of people will come and so he quickly the father quickly told me but I just grabbed his hand and I fived him and and I said I just feel the love of Jesus over you and the father could he told me says he wasn't an accident and God is gonna still heal him completely his mother wrote a book and it was a best-seller in New York twice and what else did he say and my son has is married he's got a good life was it wonderful and I went and sat down and I wrote my telephone number and I gave it to his mother and I said contact me if you want to and she said I will so contacted me Tuesday me and underwent a and we sat down in their house she said just come to the house because they're busy packing for all a day so Wynton and I sat down and we started to talk and then I realized years ago about 10 years ago 12 years ago I read an article about a woman whose boy was in a motor accident and he was unconscious and he went to heaven when he came back he still after the Lord he you know he came out of hospital he still couldn't speak he's I was thirst and the one was blind God healed that blind eye that's the one that looked at me and he was he started writing down he said give me paper so he started writing down his experience in heaven and I remember reading that and he was talking about people he saw in heaven with Jesus he made Jesus and it was a bridge and he said to Jesus why is there people on this side of the bridge with brown clothes and they're walking very despondent and so on and then these other people with with pure garments clean grommets that goes over the bridge and Jesus said only those whose garments are pure can go over the bridge those people in the brown clothes are the disobedient Christians so I read that and I remember that and that was it I took I'm very bad with putting things away so I put this article or when I couldn't find it I was looking at for years you know what I spoken about that so many times when I talk about obedience and guess what as we start talking this is this woman and this is the boy divine connections amen I was overjoyed I said a god believe it she says I'm very well known in America but in the South Africa it's not known she lives in they've moved down to do stellenbosch and she told me the story about how her son when he was 15 she said God who will marry my son he's imperfect and God said to her nobody is perfect but his spirit is perfectly speaks about even he speaks about things and I'm not gonna tell those story because I've invited her and she said this week as they come back they will come and tell me when they will come and give their testimony and I said you know I read in the book that they worship like we do they danced before the Lord I said I think you will be very at home here and so I am so excited so excited thank you Jesus and you are the Lord gave his her son an amazing wife God spoke to the girl yes she saw the vision when she asked God she saw the girl she cried so much she stopped the car that was when he was fifteen and one day as she was ministering here comes a girl who says the Lord spoke to me and said I am your son's wife and I tell you she's beautiful and God is just so mighty and I it's just it's just wonderful for me but God is busy working God is at work and I'm certain that God who began the good work within you and what all those his name what he always speaks about he ceased God's showed him the kingdom he says the kingdom is already here we're already in the kingdom here and the kingdom is with him so he speaks so many truth then he told his mother I want to be a father do a port like OPA baptize the cows when they went through the DEP I wanted to be dipped and you know when the Holy Spirit starts teaching people it's so accurate it's accurate this word is true so I'm very excited I just want to share that with you and we've sort of finished with that so yeah but dr. associate is that you you must look after your brain and because you know I was walking in the city and I started smelling see point I smell ha ha it's the sweet terrible smell and I say to under I'm beginning to smell it more because our country has been making open for that but the result explained what destroys how it destroys the knurl new neural connections in your body and in your brain so I want to give a warning watch out James one is need to just finish with that scripture I'm sorry I'm taking up time James 1 the Lord spoke to me this week James 1 he says you must rejoice when you go through trials do you know why who's going through lose bingo three trials okay you know he says you must rejoice and I always think really I'm just honest I don't like trials I like everything nice sunshine beautiful peaceful beauty you know that's me trials no no who likes it you see she must rejoice count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds for the testing of your faith produces state fastness in the other translation he says it brings perseverance and I was praying God I want maturity in this church I want the men and the woman to to come to maturity life that is no longer new Obion level her blind knows that hope won't do and you know what he said to me thank God for the trials we've gone through a lot of trials in the church you know we've been attacked in many levels but you know what I'm rejoicing because it says it will produce perseverance you know for what to make you mature maturity we want maturity but you a Christian so that you can be used of God Namir should appear even doubtful and driven vehicle to endure accompany but your people that I can rely on that can begin to help others maturity you can read the whole thing and I start this rejoicing I see you're a serial Joyce under naked later luck I can open offspring and I kind of like a spring in my act move and XE freer a dunking then he says in any way he talks about what is a pure religion religion is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this to visit orphans and with widows in their affliction okay these people are afflicted you let vacuum to do we're not teaching here for nothing it's for you to be perfected for the work of the ministry oh you were whoop frothy error Lord give me an opportunity to minister you will be amazed how many people come your way that need the Lord but you need to be aware okay afflictions these people are afflicted and to keep oneself unstained from the world this is Jesus brother speaking because he knew he was there one day accusing Jesus of being mad because Jesus was busy with the work of God and he useed Nia you haven't eaten the whole day you've just been busy with it you are mad this is the same James that came to salvation and says keep yourself uncontaminated from the world so watch out I mean that will be sober and vigilant and be ready for the work of the ministry amen I love you god bless you I'm so excited very excited go Jesus loves me and allows you and we are here to talk about the love of Jesus because you love us first and if you under talked about the love of Jesus understand here am i right the right inside good morning Church my name is cheese day I just wanted to safai about God's favor upon my life I'm lost weekend man I was called to come in for an assessment and an individual job that went really well the first I got called back and they let me know that they'd like me to come in the next morning are going to do another interview but for a different campaign that I initially went for and we're not caught they they skip the entire interview they used all my documents from the previous interview and assessment and told me all I needed was a testimonial from the church if I attended one and of course I attend the church so I notified apostle RJ immediately and he seen me one ASAP and then I emailed it to do the same minute Monday post monday post I got the call saying I was successful and I caught the job and on top of it all they increase the salary as well and I've truly seen God's favor not only once but thrice in the diagnosis and the Lord has honestly placed me beyond my expectations and I just wanna give him all the praise in the honor and I'm so grateful I'm so grateful for being a part of a body because your help using the body always and I've never been failed God never failed me so thank you Jesus morning everybody I just want to give God glory for saving my life twice during the week the first time was when I was coming from the gym the other day and I just before I left I had this feeling I should phone Jonah and tell him to fetch me and I thought no he's got a day off and he's having a rest and he hasn't had a rest for a long time I'm gonna leave him alone but I had to repent of that because as I came out of the gym there were these two drunk bellies one on either side of me screaming at each other and swearing and I couldn't get past him and they ran into the bush and I could not get past them and I thought Lord I'm sorry I should have listened when the Holy Spirit told me to call Jonah now what am I going to do now started to pray in tongues because I couldn't get past these guys and they were as drunk and I was a bit scared really scared actually and then a lady came past in a car and she said to me where are you going I said I'm trying to get home to parklands but I've got to get past these guys to get to the bus stop get in my car she said and I'll take y'all just explain to me where you live thank you lord and then on Friday night in that bad storm I don't actually know what happened but I got up yesterday morning and the downpipe that drains the water from the roof down into our garden cuz we on the ground floor had broken off the wall and somehow landed on the fence if it had gone just another little way it would have crashed into my room never mind about breaking the security fence it would have actually crashed into my room and I looked at this lot and I thought gee was thought I don't know why you love me so much but thank you [Applause] morning family my name is Yolanda I want to thank God for a living trust we've been trusting called for Bible as I had lost my Bible in the beginning of the year and on the last day of the term I got a Bible so I thank God for that and also not thank God for the strength of the capacity that has helped us through this term of Bible School [Applause] morning church my name is Stefan and I just want to say I'm very impressed with Andi that she's still going to gym that's excellent and happy birthday for last week maybe I just want to testify about God's protection because I often cycle to work and I cycle through Table Mountain and you know I enjoy being out in God's nature and but it's also not safe often these often people that gets mugged and things but I want to give God the glory because for five years I've been doing it now and and he's been protecting me all all around and you know and to just add to a prophet and I said there's a lot of things to be fearful about but if we learn not to operate out of fear but out of obedience to the Holy Spirit you will protect us and we can trust in him for that so I am in praise God my name is Trudy I just want to taste a fire I've had a friend since I was 12 and she's going through a really tough time so we've been chatting on what's up and everything in works tough and you're a lot of stress so I've been praying for her because especially a work is tough because her bosses are arguing is lots of stress and she found me on Friday she says she couldn't believe what happened everything and work changed like completely changed because her boss actually said to her I actually went before God on the floor in my room the other night I said I'll just give everything to you and their dad was also the owner of the the guest house was walking around with the Bible undies way before he was like screaming in the house and going crazy she's like she can't believe what's going on she said God we really need money it's too quiet so they she found a couple of places they've been pumped up she got a hundred thousand rounds with the bookings in for the next month she's like Tweety I can't believe it and thank you God and then actually when I opened the guest house and to our church for missionaries to use not for free [Applause] thank God for the testimonies and what profit no lashade and lovely praise and worship and communion message by Clint they did a lot of homework they put all that in 1 Corinthians 12 because the your Bible says when you meet together someone has a song and someone has a psalm and someone has a revelation someone as a teaching someone has a tongue someone you know as an interpretation of the tongue so all these things it's all scriptural when we meet together the different people minister and we're also going to share the word 1 Corinthians 12 verse 24:00 talking about the members of the body verse 24 talking about the presentable parts have no need to be covered or whatever but God composed the body having giving given greater honor to that part which lacks honor that there should be no schism in the body but that the members should have the same keyword profit null acid for each other and if one member suffers all the members suffer with it if one member is honored all the members rejoice with a job that was given we rejoice together now you are the body of Christ and members individually and God has appointed these in the church first apostles prophets teachers miracles gifts healings helps administration's varieties of tongues and so forth just the single word they composed God compels the body God is the great composer that's what I want to say the great composer when God created the universe and the Sun and the moon all the galaxies the morning stars sang together job 38 verse 7 the Hebrew word for that sing together his school or Shore is H double O are means to go about strolling around singing like a minstrel can you see God creating the heaven and earth and all the galaxies and and he's going through it all singing like a minstrel strolling around the Greek word is soon Karen on me it's a terrible long word but I'll spell it for you is double O in G key ke R a n n om EE some Cara no mean it means to co-mingle or to mix with to combine God combined with his creation that he composed don't you see him as a creator this morning I want you to see God as a composer amen and it says when they were well tempered together this morning stars well tempered together in the Old Testament they tempered the cakes of flour with oil sprinkle Bakula up they anointed it with oil exodus 29:2 they they mingled it with oil to mingle with so the oil fades into the flour and another way of putting it is to season with salt to temper together the Hebrew word is Maalik him awl a HK to rub together till it disappears like dust so God's great composition began when he created heaven and earth but when he created man out of the dust of the earth he's saying he's saying become he composed man it was a part of his composition because he did all these things and mingled it together and mixed it together it was his composition do you know the old you know great classical composers they write how many people in a symphony orchestra up to 100 different instruments he has to write every note for each instrument we just listened to every note is written for every instrument without computers with a feather pin now yes the tricky part each instrument is in another key if I play on G on the piano what key do you play in with the harmonica see the saxophone is a different key he fled the trumpet is b-flat hmm if you live in you know Oconee and mining towns you can say a-flat minor you can't say B flat minor either but those composers in their mind they had the creative genius to hear all these instruments to write down the notes for those instruments in different keys for 100 people now the conductor knows all the instruments and he tells them a beat before they have to start playing have you ever gone to a symphony concert they in the town hall Thursday night they'll be a good one in the town hall in Quetta and you watch him he knows the whole thing of Bartol symphony the score but he tells them a bit before they have to start playing a half beat before they start playing you next you next you at the back way so he's hearing the symphony before they play it so the one who composed that is an incredible genius and so gods genius is expressed in creation he says the morning stars sang together and he says God walked through that like a singing minstrel a troubadour he was happy about what he created and then you know these compositions of Bach and Beethoven and Mozart and everyone that were there was a certain time that God released that in the earth their compositions are still being played all over the world today every day there's hundreds and hundreds of years exactly the way they wrote so today I want to talk to you about this composer whose music fills the universe because I want his music to fill your heart amen the morning stars saying together and when he created man out of the dust of the earth dust the shapeless he had to wait for it in the morning when the dew came up in the earth and it was clay he formed man in His image and the reason why he formed him also to put the song in his heart that would also sing with him mingle with him be a troubadour with him to sing about his great creation to glorify him to sing with the whole universe to sing with the morning stars God created us to sing do you know little children when be they sing they dance and they sing just naturally right it might not be a proper song or anything which is happy and God created us that way but man charged willfully to sing another song a song of sin a song of decay a song of lust a song of corruption a song of violence a song of destruction why do you know Lucifer was the song leader the worship leader in heaven he was in charge of all the instruments in heaven he arranged the meeting for God all the Angels had to worship God yeah he was he was the music and then one day it came into his heart that he doesn't need God anymore because he's so important he's creating all the music not God why must he cried music to worship God he'll now create music so that angels will worship Him and he said I will set my throne above the throne of God and the angels will start worshipping me now I'll use music for what is not intended for music was intended to glorify God God is the composer the original composer and the devil rebelled and God kicked him out of heaven together with one third of the angels for his rebellion he will never return thee so he's still using music so that people will glorify him and that music will make people serve the devil and not God is hijacked the music with God originally created and man chose to go with him it's a choice and not to worship God the song did not want to come together all of a sudden Eden was with that music Adam and Eve were kicked out song God wanted to sing with him in the garden was silent for a great for a moment the great composer was at the loss the inspiration was still there but the words did not rhyme the composition was disjointed all of a sudden the chord sequence is not right the key did not fit it was a cacophony of sounds no longer harmony it was out of order it's not the way God intended it and God wondered what he would do about that then one day when he talked to everyone in heaven sis I composed something so wonderfully but it's not being sung anymore I can't mingle with him like a troubadour and we all sing together because they have chosen to sing the devil song then his son stood up he said I will become yourself I will restore yourself and he gave himself for it willingly free to restore the original composition of God he says I will breathe life into your song again since I will turn people's heart so that they will want to sing with you again dance with you again mingle with you again sing with the morning stars again and he came to give his life to restore the great composers song in the earth and in the universe and on the cross he announced this is it is finished my symphony is finished I completed the last line for all the instruments that song can now be son again amen the song of the Lord the song of the Lord suddenly the great composers song blended together again it harmonized it was all the keys fitted together and Jesus said in John 17 23 I in them and you in me that we may be perfect together in one that the world may know that you have sent me and I have loved them as you have loved me in the midst of darkness and agony the greatest song was born on the cross in the midst of his greatest suffering the great composers song was restored now it wasn't only the morning stars singing together but the sons of God beginning to sing together now it was God's masterpiece of composition elide you that advise job very well youngster job 35 verse 10 he said my Creator gives me songs in the night when it's darkest God gives the song in the worst circumstances he makes you rejoice he gives you a song in your heart dr. gray used to sing wonderful wonderful Jesus in my heart he has planted a song a song of the deliverance of courage and strength in my heart he has planted a song ok let's read the Bible just a simple I never forget it it's so simple you can never forget it it's just a little song but you used to sing it's just before he starts teaching simple song no one else you know then eventually we knew the song we'd sing together God gives a song in the heart do you know job knew suffering and shame and rejection and loss lost everything in the midst of all his losses and darkness and pain and disillusionment a spirit filled young man said I'm full of the Spirit of the Living God to reminded him that your song is not lost your Creator will give you a song in the darkest night amen God wants to restore his song in your heart today God wants to sing together with you dance together with you like a troubadour so the creation can respond praise God I have a song to see amen in the midst of every trying situation I can sing I can sing of my redeemer and his wondrous love for me praise God I have a song in my heart she's make melody in your heart towards God amen throughout the day have a melody I know when Nola's happy even when I started going out with her she'd be humming a song I don't know what the song is but that's busy amen then I know she's okay when last did you when last did you sing a song from your heart to God just out of love and of gratitude you know worship is also a form of prayer you can sing your prayer to God amen praise God gives us songs in our hearts the moments of our greatest defeat and despair you can give us some many songs are birthed out of the worst moments every Clapton song no tears in heaven birthed after his son died beautiful song out of much pain wrote a song that the whole world singing why it came from his heart he didn't try to become popular though just an expression of something he felt deep inside God gave him that song when Paul and Silas was in the inner prison naked beaten their feet in stocks at midnight the darkest hour they were singing hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them Acts chapter 16 and the universe responded to that song because the earth started shaking and an earthquake came and loosened all their chains and all their bonds and got them out of all those stocks so that all the prisoners were set free listen if you sing to God in your darkest hour it will set prisoners free we are to sing to set people free not to make you put them in more bondage to the devil amen the prison God also heard that and he came forward want to commit suicide because he thought all the prisoners had escaped and so Paul said do yourself no harm we're still all here we still all dare to and he said what must I do is this belief and you and your household shall be saved God wants to save households not just individuals he wants families to worship God together to praise God together David appointed families to be Levites then his music teams were families but the devil wants to destroy that so families cannot sing together I'm gonna sing a little song quickie then I'll carry on preaching and give me sound on this I'm not gonna use the efforts have you got your my your Oh Monica enough come NOLA and Chantelle and the singers they don't know what I'm gonna sing but it's we're just gonna sing together there's gonna be a minstrel unto the Lord amen I'll do it it's like let me do the first verse and chorus and then I'll do it again we can join in okay are you discouraged and are you blue our clouds obscuring the Sun from view keep trusting Jesus those storms has sailed you have his promise he'll never fail it's always darkest before the don't be discouraged a carry feel not for thank you he lead you on it's always darkest before dawn are you discouraged and are you our clouds obscuring the Sun from you keep trusting Jesus geez those storms of sales he's promised never fail it's always done for the door don't mean it's a it's always darkest before the dawn he knows your heartache just puts your problem it's always cold and everybody is always die before the door don't be discouraged always [Applause] [Applause] isn't it true you know we used to stand God duty in the army the darkest hours just before the Sun comes up and the cold is due yeah amen good praise God you know every Sunday we scum and we sing together with the Stars and the creation because Jesus restored the great composition of God amen God says I sing over you with joy hey God is singing about you how about you singing about God and we sing together the main thing of that word compels is that we sing together we mix together he sang with the stars it's a mingling together like troubadours like we just did now we've never practiced the song but all my songs sound the same anyway but it is good to sing together no matter what the circumstances are amen if you belong to a body of believers you'll always have a song to sing every Sunday you walk out here with a new song in your heart you remember it during the week why God composed it God composed this body of believers he says he put this body together because each one of us had a different value amen and we sing together wonderful Jesus so we harmonize together no matter what we're going through you know George Gershwin great composer porgy and bess and other compositions he collapsed after he performed his great composition and died but Jesus rose again so that his song can be sung amen praise God Peter writes this he was a fisherman but I'm sure you're also saying because it says Jesus and His disciples when they lived Gethsemane they sang a hymn he says God made us the church a peculiar people people look and sing at midnight people who can sing in their worst circumstances a royal priesthood a holy nation like a profit analysis God wants holiness God makes a holy nation do you know why he then explains why God makes us so peculiar since that we might show forth his praises in the earth so that we can see me some the morning stars sang together but you know what the righteous will shine like stars forever we are the morning stars now and we sing together like we just did now amen this composition that you know God has composed the body of Christ can sing under all circumstances no matter what you go through no matter what I go through no matter what we face individually when we come together we worship God we have a song to sing because our God is the great composer this composition can be played at any time and all circumstances at midnight Paul and Silas saying amen our song does not depend on our circumstances but it depends on our relationship with our maker our Creator praise God this song is a meaningful song it brings deliverance it's tempered together I mingle myself with it I fade into it I rub together with it until my problems disappear amen it's a song of victory the song of deliverance so so much strength amen my uncle once in PE he was a pastor day he was a pianist he was not a singer he got up and went to play the piano in the middle of his sermon like I just did now and he played blessed assurance Jesus is mine and a man's cancer fell out of his throat he had to run to the bathroom to spit it out he's healed miraculously many times we know learn I wish and tell them Archer we've ministered in some divine healing takes place why its creation singing together we're not trying to please anybody or any crowd why we busy troubadour ring with God I'm God's minstrel a me I can take blues and make people happy amen it's amazing that when I play blues people get happy they get up and dance why we've redeemed it for God amen belongs to God as in some Tallis than a whole course and all the genres because every founder should play praise God why he's the great composer he composed the body put fossils in the profits teachers paid off and said there's music at the center of the universe that this world has never heard yet that's weird his compositions then he wrote I mean you are the composition that God is composed God sings about you a different song you know you're happy if you sing about somebody amen so we say Lord this morning we thank you for this composition this body of Christ that we can sing no matter what we go through the midst of our trials like no laces we can still see Amen still bring glory to God through wonderful to be able to have a song in your heart amen praise the name of the Lord singing makes you happy makes you forget to trouble for a moment amen let God restore the song in your heart today a song of joy amen song of victory song of strength amen praise God we give God all the glory and praise let's pray together you can play fast now ah God we thank you that you're the great composer and that you've composed music at the heart of the universe the morning stars could sing together even though the devil tried to rob that music we thank you that Jesus came to restore that song now it's not just the stars singing together but it's the righteous that shine like stars that also sing together to the glory of God this morning we worshipped you this morning I pray that you restore the song in the hearts of people you know what everyone's going through you you understand what we're going through you know the temptations we face you know how the devil wants to draw us aside kill our song for you but this morning we make a new commitment that Lord will make melody in our hearts to the Lord restore the song in our hearts this morning let the song that you've given this church go through the earth and bless people and bring deliverance and strength and victory and healing salvation wherever it goes that the song rise up in our hearts today Lord in Jesus name we give you glory this morning if you feel God I want you to restore the song in my heart I want you to stand when I pray a special prayer for you I want you to stand Lord restore your song in my heart today thank you Jesus this is Holy Spirit I don't know how you're gonna do it but I asked you to restore the song in the hearts of your people let us sing at all times father let our songs bring glory to You Lord let Jesus be the focus of our songs they didn't be the focal point of our songs of our music you've done so much for us God but this morning I pray that you will compose a new song within us as a church as families individuals that we can sing together with you mingle together with you be your troubadours Lord in the earth be your minstrels we give you glory and praise and honor in Jesus name in Jesus name let's sing something now la you got something there thank you Lord let's stand we sing something to the glory of God this morning sing with all your heart mingle with God know that the angels sing with us and God sings with us and together we make a joyful noise unto the Lord hallelujah amen given the horses strength just get it the words he's holy God and we have the words up have you given the whole stream have you clothed Lisa Thunder Magus where's the fire for the overflow never changes were you there when he you patience all fear to be justified see the shirt it's the time to watch never you can see I see I see you want to be this morning my spirit I show you where you want to be by my spirit I show you your encourage my son praise God no purpose will be withheld from him you can do I know you can do anything no purpose will be withheld God will fulfill these purpose in your life amen I come against any oppressing spirit in the name of Jesus I come against every hindering spirit that tries to stop the purpose of God in your life I'll find that spirit in the name of Jesus I bind every depressing spirit in the name of Jesus I find every lying spirit in the name of Jesus it tells you you cannot do this and you cannot do that I bind those lies in the name of Jesus [Applause] I say no purpose will be withheld from him no purpose will be withheld from me you shall fulfill your purpose in the earth you shall go out here with joy you shall go out here with joy I thank you Lord for your spirit I thank you that you're conducting your spirit like a conductor of an orchestra touching our hearts now you're perfecting that which concerns us you bring about a change you let us see things differently every entrance every stumbling block will become a stepping stone into the glory of God thank you Lord that we rise up today as a church we say we shall sing to our Redeemer a song of victory a song of praise song of Thanksgiving [Applause] [Applause] see amen distillation amen I see that we're gonna live a more glorious life and ever before a man full of glory it's unspeakable and full of glory the joy of the Lord hallelujah these things that still needs to come into the earth and the Lord's gonna use you to bring it in hallelujah the Lord says to me your turn you're gonna bless my creation I've create enough place things within your uten to bless about Oceania when people love we now restart I will give glory to me Amen person next you say you're a blessing amen hallelujah praise God who's glad that they came to the house of the Lord today amen wonderful you've got your with joy god bless you grace and peace tea always century back to America this week and she was a blessing and was good to have her and we send it with all our love and God's protection over a life we still have Christopher here for a while so praise God amen god bless you Amy

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