Goblin Slayer Is Even More Disturbing in the Light Novel

26 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Is Even More Disturbing in the Light Novel

  1. 3:13 and here we see the true cancerous nature of females, desiring censorship is in their nature, they have no creativity and subconsciously wish to limit the creativity of men. This is what happens when you think females are equal, this is what happens when you don't physically beat them up when they get out of line. Thank God western civilization is dying, they deserve it for letting their females get out of line and think they are equal to men. Good riddance.

  2. 0:54 this is why females will never ever belong in manga/anime/gaming culture and will always be seen as parasites and casuals, not true fans. Stop complaining about the titty character just because you have small tits in real life and feel insecure about it, it is pathetic and very strange. Females are truly inferior subhumans if they get insecure and jealous of fucking lines of ink on paper. Always complaining about "unrealistic" depictions of women, but never complaining about unrealistic depictions of men. It shows the hypocrisy and stupidity of females and why their opinions should never be taken serious. That said, realism is not even valuable in these media, we just want to see good action, entertaining story and hot over the top characters, both men and females, titty fan service is good, now shut the fuck up.

  3. Try reading LN Dungeon Seeker, after you read it I assure you that will change your view. That will make LN Goblin Slayer like a kid show in comparison.

  4. 6:30 the “other medias” are not supposed to do what novel do, manga is a story telling with images, anime is an animated version with VAs.
    in Novel you use your imagination to “see” what’s happening,
    And also I bet it’s really hard to show the emotion of someone who wears helmet that hides his face right? in the novel you go in-depth in his thoughts since it’s expressed in a way that makes you understand

  5. IMO the manga was more graphic. I guess it is possible I read an altered version, or that I am simply out of practice of visualizing world environments, but I felt more aghast from the manga than the text. But even that was pretty fucking tame from the shit I have seen from other things

  6. I just read volume 1 chapter 4 of goblin slayer. honestly, it wasn't as bad as you said. then again I also finish American psychopath long before this and that shit was brutal

  7. Welcome to reality. If there were goblins. Basically, Goblin Slayer the series looks at "what would the world actually be like if RPG monsters were real?" and runs with it. It doesn't have to turn up the dial of horror or anything. It just plays things straight and, well, here we are. Getting triggered or whatever by it is as ridiculous as being triggered by real life. Which happens and is indeed stupendously ridiculous.

    Goblin Slayer was written for mostly males, I think. Not for any sexual reason, but because men react to the things in the novel with "Kill the bastards!" whereas women react more with an "OMG!" so, yeah.

    The only thing I don't get about goblins is why they physically damage the women. They rely on those women for their reproduction, right? So, injuring them (beyond like breaking legs and arms maybe) is stupid. Same with risking infection. At the very least they should have realized by now how that works and is bad for their reproduction via killing the mother and/or babies. Like that elf woman covered in lacerations and possibly a removed nipple who was hanging in their trash dump/latrine.

    The largest problem with anti-Goblin Slayer sentiments among some people, I feel, is that the idea of some people that rape should be kept out of it is because of the idiotic "rape shouldn't be part of something for entertainment" thing (except apparently everything that isn't anime). The whole reason it's in the series (just once in the anime, at that, if I remember correctly) is to show the goblins as evil and to inflame the viewer/reader with murderous rage towards the goblins. It worked, too. If that were removed, the viewers/readers wouldn't have a reason to really give a crap about the series or the goblins.

  8. Meanwhile, Berserk has lovely imagery such as the main character having sex with a woman, who turns into a horrifying demon mid coitus, AND THAT'S JUST PAGE ONE!!! Then you get to the cannibalism, People being tortured and beheaded as they beg for their lives, hedonistic sex orgies, said heretics being violated as they are torn apart limb from limb by demons, visions of Hell worthy of a metal album cover, and then we finally get to the golden age arc, which has Guts being born from his mother's corpse, child Guts being abused by his father figure up to and including being sold to a pedophile and raped, medieval politics, death on the battlefield, and torture, until the Eclipse when the reader is reminded in no subtle fashion that they are reading a dark fantasy story. By comparison, Goblin Slayer is fairly tame, and the goblins generally get what's coming to them, while the Godhand are portrayed as virtually untouchable.

  9. if you know something is gonna traumatise you why keep going? you one of the girls that say stop but means harder?

  10. The one major thing that Goblin Slayer does right is that it treats goblins like actual monsters that they are, unlike some series where they're treated like some useless low level mob just kill.

  11. I like how you chose to put manga and anime at the same level but in fact, the manga is one of the most faithful adaption to the novel and priestess from what I read from the novel is pretty much the same person.

    In the manga, she still question why would the god allow her to use her miracle in this way.

  12. of cors u lout.. in what world dont you see a watered down anime version of a manga/light novel?? luv ur vids tho

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