Goblin Slayer Cut Content: What Did The Anime Change? – Episodes 4 – 6

time for another goblin slayer video this time focusing on what was missed in the manga from episodes 4 to 6 don't worry I won't be talking about that entire arc that was skipped over since we're still not sure whether or not that will be making an appearance in the anime this'll just be another simple overview of these smaller details and events that helped develop the world a little bit more but first this video is sponsored by el sword a free-to-play 2.5 DS side-scrolling action MMORPG featuring both PvE and PvP across 12 different customizable characters each with their own classes what's interesting about these characters is that each of their classes is like a path one that represents a life choice which when chosen affect the character's lore and how they play and with the new third job third path update that's three new class choices for each character adding immensely to the game's story with this update they've also added new character icons some really dope brand new character artwork even new intros and skills to match the class that you've chosen speaking of which the skill system has also become more streamlined as you no longer need to choose between them since they're now automatically learned at certain levels combined all this with some balance changes and a heavy shift from beta when to play to win and I think that you could find yourself enjoying this game so go ahead and try it out for free today through the link in the description now let's get back to the video starting with episode 4 which adapts chapter 6 to 9 of the manga the entire rate of the ruins was damn near spot-on as I've said before aside from the missing arc the anime has been adapting the source material pretty damn faithfully but I noticed that in the manga there was a much more significant focus on the high elf archer as her encounters in the ruins lead her to the realization that these goblins are pretty heinous creatures it was something that was much more prominent in the manga as multiple panels were dedicated solely to her reactions I think I just found the added detail in each of the panels went Archer about her emotions get the best of her to portray a path to despair that was easier to follow now enters the ogre the manga had built up the strength of the ogre by showcasing two previous encounters that the ogre was said to have won against the night with a near invincible shield who then got made it to a pancake by his own shield then a magical master who was outdone by a level of magic higher than his own and to be honest when you think o gur you don't really think a jacked-up sorcerer supreme who could annihilate you from both long and close range but having these two short scenes helped set the stage for what an ogre is like in the world of goblin slayer of course by this point you should just expect that every fantasy creature that they come across is going to be a much more sinister version than what we've typically seen in other media if we look at the fight now I'm not sure if you noticed but priestess actually used protection twice on top of the heal and sounds that she used prior to that but if you remember priestess mentioned that she was limited to only using three spells so how was she able to cast the second protection after already using three miracles well what the anime failed to explain but still implied with her significant exhaustion was a concept called overcast priestess basically ran out of MP to put towards other miracles but that doesn't mean that you still can't use them instead she was able to use her own life force to cast that fourth miracle offering up her own soul to the goddess in exchange for more magical power as you'd expect though this is generally something that you don't want to do too often as you're literally killing yourself which now brings us to the climax of the episode the big reveal as to what the magic scroll was instead of showing priestesses flashback with the witch the manga actually showcased the whole interaction with her and goblin Slayer where he requests to make a portal to the bottom of the ocean although they don't explicitly state where he wanted to make the gates Club they just show that he wanted one followed by the witch's reaction to the rather unusual request leaving the reader wondering where could a gate scroll lead that would make the witch so intrigued as well as and the ogre fight in an instant aside from those few things I think I'm more disappointed that they didn't animate the giant fireball getting cut in half like a piece of paper that definitely would have been a pretty cool shot to see in action anyway ocher dies here and the adventure is over right well that's what it seemed like in the anime but in the manga goblin Slayer is ready to go deeper he wants to keep fighting the goblins his party sees this and dwarf says he wants to rest lizard priest is worried about getting too tired if they go deeper and high elf Archer just says that she's out of arrows but goblin Slayer doesn't say anything until priestess finally calls him out and that's what he agrees to stop I think there's two things to be noticed here one is that goblin Slayer single-mindedness is fully solidified and we get a strong idea that his mental state is dedicated solely to the slaying of goblins and two is that priestess may be gaining influence over Gotham Slayer and not on the bad way it could be the first hints that goblin Slayer may be becoming more open to other people anyway they exit the cave and the anime skips a short emotional sequence involving high elf Archer thinking to herself how Gulman Slayer has been doing all these dangerous things by himself the entire time adding further to the development that the entire ruin raid had toward high elf Archer as a character and as they close out the arc and episode with archers own personal description of an adventure followed up by her saying that she'll take him on a real one they show the five of them facing an abandoned temple as if to foreshadow a new upcoming adventure though I'm still a bit unsure as to the significance of this location then they finally end the chapter with the lines otherwise there may be no salvation for us which you're free to interpret any way you want moving on to episode 5 this is where the chronology switches up a bit the majority of this episode delves into the goblin Slayer side story of brand new day it integrates both chapter 10 and chapter 17 from the main story then makes shifts between the side story starting from the beginning of the episode while goblin Slayer was on the farm with the cowgirl they changed up how the scene was expected to play out most likely due to the shifting chronology this whole farm scene was supposed to be the first time that we saw a goblin slayer without his armor it starts off with him having a dream about the past which they might include in future episodes so I won't share as of yet but as goblin slayer is doing his work in the fields cowgirl makes an appearance and though they share a similar conversation what they are doing is a bit different rather than the usual checkup for Goblin tracks goblin slayer is actually helping around with farm work in regular clothing at that since his armor was away for repairs when he goes to pick up the armor from the Smith they cut out a conversation that he has with Spearman along with the Smith's apprentice character you see a spare man was already at the Smith's shop and as goblin Slayer walks in to retrieve his armor spear man starts to make a bit of conversation not knowing that this was actually goblin Slayer he's curious as to why this man he's never seen before adventures and proceeds to mention a Demon Lord being revived and how it's being treated as some big quest to make a name for oneself though as expected of goblins there he doesn't give too many responses funnily enough though goblin slayer actually returned the question and asks why spare man's not interested in becoming rich or famous discount Lancer says that he fights for himself and personal reasons which is coincidentally also when the witch walks in hinting at the fact that she's most likely one of those personal reasons spear man then leaves with witch and none the wiser that the person that he was just talking to was goblin Slayer after that the only other scene adapted from chapter 10 before reintegrating the side story and then skipping to chapter 17 is where Priestess thinks goblin Slayer after getting promoted now keep in mind though every time that they switched over to those two rookie adventurers that was part of the side story I won't focus too much on those scenes it is worth noting though that in the side story every character's appearance was slightly different a spare man has much longer hair priestess has a new outfit goblin Slayers helmet has a longer ponytail thingy and his armor in general just looks much more rugged so it was probably done this way to show a difference in time between the main story and these side stories which makes me wonder why they chose to adapt it this way in the first place instead of just continuing through with the main story perhaps we'll get some light shed on that later down the road but moving on to the promotion interview there was some extra information skipped over on how the guild Association assigns ranks to adventurers it happened when guilty girl asked comments there to be an observer she explains that the rank system is determined based on a combination of rewards that they've received through their adventures as well as how their personality affects their character and relations with others stating that trust is one of the most important factors in determining rank and that if you're just an all-around scumbag you could be as strong as Ines himself and still not get promoted this adds a bit more weight to goblin Slayer silver ranked because it highlights the fact that the guild Association has been acknowledging his work and his character as an adventurer now as we get to the actual interview were introduced to the scouts entire party there's the monk the axe wielder and the sorcerer but the only person actually taking the interview for promotion from steel to sapphire or the eighth to seventh level is the scout I assume because he's the party leader his whole party is completely worried about getting promoted as they all seem to be low on finances the monk has a family to support acts wielder wants better rewards and the sorcerer would be able to buy more spell books but the Scout is just calm as ever and I'm sure you know why the Scout is a scumbag through and through and when he walks in for the interview he immediately gains the wrong impression upon seeing goblin slayer he assumed that goblin Slayer and himself had the same goals climb the ranks as easily as possible and get rich while doing it but we all know in goblins Slayers case hunting goblins isn't that easy and it's certainly not for the money so Scout thinks he's in the clear for this promotion but guild girl seeds straight through it in the anime she doesn't acknowledge the other party members but in the manga she calls scout out on how they'd been doing all the same quests with the same rewards yet he's the only one that seems to be in a well off position finally coming upon the conclusion that he kept some loot to himself resulting in his demotion to porcelain as for the rest of his party they were implied to be successfully promoted then the rest of the episode is just as you saw all right episode 6 now the introduction to the sword maiden and the water town there's scenarios in the manga where the characters make these absolutely ridiculous cartoon like faces and at times it makes the series actually what in particular that could have been in this episode was goblin Slayers attempt at making a joke dwarf and high elf Archer are having an argument about who out drank who while Archer is just dying on the floor from being hungover goblin slayer chimes in and suggests that she was an antidote and what I assumed to be his typical monotone serious voice everyone thinks he's serious until he says that it was supposed to be a joke where just the fact that it was an attempt at one makes everyone go into shock and instantly clears archers hangover on their way to see the sword maiden Priestess is doubtful that there are goblins in the town after all it seemed like such a peaceful place golfin Slayer on the other hand comments on how the very atmosphere of the town gives away the presence of goblins nearby he likens it to his own experiences with being in a town that had recently been attacked by goblins there's a noticeable feeling that goblins lair can easily pick up on by observing the villagers around him when they finally meet the sword Maiden before telling them the details of the quest she poses an interesting question she asks if any of them had learned that their own kin were aiding the Portia's of chaos would they be able to fight them foreshadowing the elements of her own experiences with the goblins typical goblin Slayer doesn't see into the deeper meaning of the question and simply says no since he doesn't have any living relatives a sword maiden then explains the quest and as they're discussing the plan of action to raid the sewers if you recall high elf Archer and priestess had convinced goblins lair to not use fire water or poison but the reason for this wasn't explained at the anime it kind of just became the rule the rule came into effect for multiple reasons the logical one being that they are right below a city and they don't want to poison the water supply or blow up some houses with rash extermination methods the other is that the way goblin Slayer treats adventures is no fun to high elf Archer he kind of takes the most cautious and by default most boring method I'm eliminating every single Goblin whereas Archer is the type of person to run in and throw hands to experience the thrill of fighting it's two opposite personalities experiencing the same adventure though high elf Archer is leaning towards the side naivete and this now brings us to the adventure from one word dropped right into the middle of them fighting their rate had already been going on for three days with no signs of it coming to an end when the rain starts they decide to sit down and take a break goblin Slayer explains that he uses torches instead of lanterns because they double as a weapon and a light source he also alludes to a person that he seems to be familiar with within the water town this was actually the second time that he mentioned them once when walking to the temple and talking about wheat and again here while talking about grain and other food it's a subtle way at leading into the events that ended episode 8 something that you probably wouldn't be able to pick up on unless you were already aware of what was going to happen of course everyone else is more interested in who this mystery person might be then the ship comes and after goblin Slayer throws away his sword to kill the leader high elf Archer gets a little bit rattled that he just wasted his weapon when she's the one that should be taking the first strike and sniping the leader which makes sense since she's the long-range attacker but goblin slayer is probably stole accustomed to fighting on his own and most likely reacted as he normally would when fighting solo so they take down the first ship the alligator shows up and then the second ship follows shortly in the anime the leader of the second ship points out the light with his grunts but in a manga they actually give him words giving us a small insight into how the goblins think as well as showing that they are capable of communication between each other the leader points out the bright light using it as a beacon to pinpoint the adventurers who he assumes to be weak from the previous fight in the anime that was something that we just had to assume was being thought by the goblins the manga on the other hand literally just spelled it out for us and that brings us to the end of episode 6 and the last of what I could gather as being changed from the manga I hope you guys found some interesting stuff and gained a little bit more knowledge into the world of goblins later if I missed anything then please do let me know in the comments and especially if you're a light novel reader I'm sure there are plenty of minor world building details that are completely glossed over but before I go I'd like to thank Elsword once again for sponsoring this video sponsored videos like this really do help keep the content flowing a semi consistent rate so feel free to try it out today with the link in the description anyway as always thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this type of anime content then you already know what to do so until next time ciao

26 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Cut Content: What Did The Anime Change? – Episodes 4 – 6

  1. I kinda wanna read the manga now. With all the details. The more details, the better the story. Believe it or not.

  2. what she means by, "otherwise, there may be no salvation any of us" in my opinion is a reference to monster activity and chaos being to the point to where there adventure's were more like the typical kind's we find in typical fantasy setting's, as adventuring is more of a thrill almost anyone with the gear and equipment can enjoy

    in Goblin Slayer, it's a realistic world of monster's as there is never a happy ending, just an ending, not good or bad, only to start over in some way, that's what this world is and if someone living in this world, they'd question if what they're doing even matter's and just give up

    but that's only my opinion

  3. My biggest complaint is the art style of the anime, it's way too cartoony. They should have gone for a grittier look it really brought down the grim darkness of the setting.

  4. No when i think of ogre i think a fiendish jacked up creature like a demon ofthen have a horn or two whom affiliated with fire magic as i am not influenced by shits like Warcraft mythos.

  5. Welcome to another installment of "Differences and cut content between the Manga and the Light Novel" If you previously didnt saw this comment in a previous cut content video, might as well return to that video now.

    Since the video begins at Chapter 7 of the Light Novel I'll talk briefly about Chapter 6 because there's a tiny bit of info the manga skipped and that I'm pretty sure a lot of people have been wondering that question.

    Why Orcbolg and Beard Cutter?

    With that said let's begin

    Chapter 6 "Traveling Companions"

    Most of this chapter is very well adapted in the manga and the anime but as mentioned before both missed a detail that I'm not really sure why the manga decided to skip, im not surprised the anime skiped this due to time constraint. Anyway…

    When the group were having dinner in the middle of nowhere looking at the stars and the two moons and High Elf was already drunk due to the Fire Wine, in the manga and the anime after the dwarf tells her she shouldnt bother with Goblin Slayer because he's stubborn as he is, the scene cuts to a happy moment where they're arguing and having a fun time while Priestess is watching them.

    In the Light Novel however, Dwarf Shaman adds to his line "That's beard cutter, after all". The drunk elf replies "Orcbolg" and Goblin Slayer mutters he's Goblin Slayer. Priestess curious ask her what does Orcbolg means and high elf replies "Its the name of a sword that appears in our legends" she then says "It was a goblin slayin sword that would glow blue when an "orc" (Goblin) was near". Props to those who get the reference, anyway. The sword was actually forged by the dwarves who instead decided to name the sword "Beard Cutter". At this moment another argument between High Elf and Dwarf Shaman, at this moment Priestess felt her body warmth while she remembered the first words Warrior said to her…

    Then lizardman priest asked where do the goblins come from and the rest is history.

    This scene was better in the anime however the anime also skipped a line from High Elf where she says a wild animal wouldnt never sleep in front of those it doesnt trust while looking at a fainted goblin slayer.

    Before Chapter 7 begins there's a page that talks more about how the goblins act, how their tribe consists of males only, how their lifestyle was mostly similar to a paleolithic man and how if a goblin breeds with another race it will always result in a goblin child. We also learn that orc means goblin in elvish (Unless you've already read LotR before)

    Chapter 7 "Goblin Slayer"

    The one who actually tells the elf to get used to get goblin blood on her clothes is Goblin Slayer himself, I assume for comedy effect it was changed to Priestess.

    While the group was walking through the corridors, Priestess thought to herself that this was like any other adventure, she imagined walking in front of Wizard like that day and she started trembling and praying for Earth Mother that nothing bad would happen in this adventure.

    Jumping to where they find the emaciated elf, aside of the visual representation of her tortured body wrecked by the goblins, the light novel also mentions her tendons were cut leaving no chance for her to escape. Also the reason why they dont focus her eyes in both anime and manga is because she probably got the same treatment as Sword Maiden.

    While High Elf was puking next to all the waste in the floor, Goblin Slayer quietly asks her if she has never seen this before, she nodded and GS gave his usual "I see" reply.

    In the manga and the anime as soon they notice she was alive, goblin slayer jumps in to kill the goblin behind the elf. In the Light Novel there's a few extra lines before this happens.

    Priestess tells the group she needs a potion but Lizardman stops her saying the potion might get stuck in her throath, he also comments she's not wounded fatally but she might die due to exhaustion and that she needs a miracle instantly. While Priestess is casting Minor Heal, Goblin Slayer approaches to High Elf to ask her if she knows the tortured elf. High Elf says she might be someone like her… A rootless elf who became an adventurer. Goblin Slayer says his usual "I see" line and proceeds to move towards the elf. Priestess didnt liked this, she probably thought she would see the same thing that happened to Wizard. She stood up in front of the elf with her arms spread telling him to stop, of course Goblin Slayer didnt stopped. He demanded her to move but she didnt wanted to, he tells her that he has no idea what illusion she's thinking in her mind but the only thing he came her was to slay goblins… And then his sword fell killing the third goblin hiding in some pile of trash behind the elf.

    It was at this moment when Priestess recalls Witch's words and understands the meanings behind those words. There was a logic behind everything, heroes, bandits, dark elves, demons even slimes had a reason to act the way they are. But goblins didnt had a reason, they were just evil and hunting that evil over and over again would be no adventurer… It would be turned into "him"

    Continue on next reply…

  6. Honestly before I saw this at all, I could feel the lack of soul and story building after the first few episodes. I also think his armor looks way better in the manga, partly due to the CGI.

  7. When i read the page on 11:15 i remember myself laughing my ass off because i took it (still do for comedic reasons) that she drank the dwarf under the table that night. His expression to her saying that didnt help either.

  8. a theory why the side-story characters difference…
    the DM played with more then 1 party of friends… in the same world he created so if for example goblin slayer had a player… then thoes side story characters could being npc's and if he played with the side stories characters as the players then goblin slayer would be played by the DM (was an NPC)
    good day

  9. you're content is solid but your voice is cold and robotic. if you're going to script your videos, then at least attempt a more informal speaking style. listener engagement will continue to suffer until your change your speaking style to be more natural and conversational.

  10. What did the anime change… Aside from the nudity?
    YA, the manga has no problem showing nipples and butt cracks.

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