“Go Ahead, F**k The Nanny,” Says "Sex At Dawn" Author Chris Ryan (Interview w/ Ana Kasparian)

48 thoughts on ““Go Ahead, F**k The Nanny,” Says "Sex At Dawn" Author Chris Ryan (Interview w/ Ana Kasparian)

  1. "I don't want this to be about advice." Proceeds to make the entire conversation about her relationship with her boyfriend.

  2. Cause sex is beautiful art but emotion is fire that can easily burn you, damage you. Must be handled with caution n responsibility with the person sharing emotion with.

  3. Be very very careful with emotion when you play sex. Women often sex with emotion when there is no communication and deal is not made beforehand. Like your emotion is fragile, female emotion is even more so.

  4. People agreeing with author never heard of being selfless… lived only selfish world. Do what is best for children.

  5. “Doesn’t matter if the hot nanny is hot or not . Strange Pussy is strange pussy.” Unforgettable lollll

  6. The quoted headline of this video is actually NOT what he says, it isn't the main premise of the conversation, is taken out of context, is a cheap clickbait way of attracting watchers, it cheapens the discussion, and misleads the viewer of the context of the entire interview. I'm going to order the book because I read reviews and have heard other interviews. This interview was pretty decent, although it might be better if she listened more and talked less. I recommend you change the header to something more intelligent and thought provoking.

  7. 3:12 Geez. Does this woman really have that moronically shallow an understanding of her ideological opponents?

  8. This book was very depressing to me. What I took out of it in the long run was if I ever married which I haven’t is do not get married because of sex or monogamy.

  9. Just about everything in our 21st century lives, homes, transport, education, aspirations, hobbies etc has little whatsoever to do with nor is directed by a biological evolutionary prerogative as ape descendants. This guy may justify his own behaviour on the intellectual grounds that jealousy is "unnatural" and "immature", suggesting infidelity is perfectly" natural" etc but why is reversion to pre-agricultural pre-homo sapiens "norms" a brilliant idea for society, unless we go and live in forests as well, ditching the modern world, the whole shebang?

  10. 11:40 Perhaps, yes, you can "undo" several types of conditioning. But what does it matter? You still live amongst people who are conditioned. So if your bf cheats on you it will shed a negative light on you, it will have negative social consequences. You know this and that is why it upsets you. You would need to undo Everyone's conditioning.

  11. I wish Ryan would talk also about different kinds of sexual experimentation. It's not like the choice is between monogamy and full-on promiscuity/polyamory. There are degrees. I think in particular there is a need to distinguish between emotionally intimate sex and sex that is mostly about turn-on and play… the monogamy stronghold (the standard narrative) is dead-set against both, but I'm not sure that's necessary. If the experience is just about fun, and there is complete safety, honesty and transparency, I don't see the damage to the emotional and sexual primacy of the monogamous relationship… In general I agree with Ryan: Sex at Dawn is more about the liberation of women's sexuality and person-hood than anything else, because most of the shackles on her sexuality are economic…

  12. Property? So scent marking is a recent phenomenon in lions, only as early a agriculture. The notion of property is as old as time.

  13. This is why 50% of all marriages after 5 years…one has a side piece. After 5 years 60% of all marriages have infidelity.

  14. I find myself attracted to lots of women even though I have a long time girlfriend who's a wonderful sexual partner. I don't refrain from having sex with these women because it would hurt my girlfriend. I refrain from it because I don't know these women and I don't really want to be emotionally vulnerable to them the way I am with my girlfriend. Let's face it. Having sex with someone and exposing what you want in that situation can be horrifically embarrassing. The noises and faces we make, the sometimes odd things we want done to us or want to do to others to get off, these can be so personal that we may want them to be deep dark secrets. I don't want to share my sexuality with strangers and it takes someone close to me, for me to admit to what I want. That's the only reason I'm monogamous.

  15. I think he missed off the reality of successful dominant men who did bring home the meat after a hunt, provide women with shelter and safety. We didn't share as much he is talking about but were ruled by those who were physically dominant. They would have got more than their share of competing females wanting his genes to nurture.

  16. What you feel in your body right or wrong is not determined by your culture per se… it's determined by experiential learning. Our whole body cognates… not just our mind. Interesting comment today upon the death of moon walker Alan Bean. It was said many of the astronauts were changed seeing the earth with no boundaries and then coming back to earth had a much harder time tolerating the imaginary divisiveness we dream up. Seeing the earth from afar sends those neural pathways deep into our older mammalian brain thus more intense learning.

  17. Who do you decide to spend the most time with? Who do you give priority?
    Chris Ryan gives off kind of a gross aura.

  18. The hostess seems to think social norms are forced on women. Women today complain that a man is to care for them finacially, bring home the bacon and so on. And women do need men to care for them. Look what happens to women after an invasion? As for hunters consuming all the meat during the hunt….makes no sense. I've read that the hunters brought the large game kill back to share with the tribe. So men actually do bring back the bacon because women can't. I've listen to this author on men's show and his delivery is different. Apparently he is pandering to this woman.

  19. Sorry but in the real world witch we all know is unfair by nature itself men don't have to watch what they say or not eat if they came home without a kill and areas would quickly be foraged out of resources making hunting trips an absolute necessity. Male lions for the same reasons as men don't starve even if they decided to sit around all day and fight with each other rather than hunt.

  20. Cool talk, very friendly interviewer! Love it all . Thanks for it! 🙂 Our species are biopsychosocial beings. In terms of Love is not sex, I strongly recommend reading Brazil's most sought after psychotherapist and psychiatrist: http://flaviogikovate.com.br/love-is-love-sex-is-sex/

  21. I just think it’s personally unnecessary to be polygamous as long as you find someone you genuinely are happy with. I find casual sex to be incredibly overrated and to be vastly sub par to having it with someone you actually care for on a deep personal level. But hey, that’s just me. Be polygamous if you want; I’d be an ass to tell you not to.

  22. Chris was saying, if i were in a very comfortable cage with the door open i would not leave. i would add to that, no i would leave and explore other cages with the door open, but i would always come back to that very comfortable one.

  23. It woul be great if both genders could stop deluding themselves about what we are and to try to overcome our nature by culture. It doesn't work. Full stop. All attempts lead to failure.

  24. We need more ugly male nannies, as it seems.. LOL. WEll, it's great that ugly males have at least one thing going for them then. Except "good 'ol money", of course.

  25. As I understand, female orgasm actually promotes fertilization. Well, it DOES make perfect sense. I mean, she obviously likes this guy.. or at least if they stayed together, she could be relatively certain of getting good sex. And good sex from the part of the female most definitely increases his desire to stay with her.

  26. A little anatomy. If I'm not mistaken (and I could be), human females are the only creature on this planet that have an organ that serves NO other purpose than physical pleasure. If you don't guess what part of female anatomy I'm talking about, I hope you're under 8 years of age. Male organ obviously has to perform a specific task… and it has to somehow get ready for that task.

  27. 7:38 "The majority of the calories people consumed are brought in by the women who were gathering fruits, roots, and berries…" this is not true. The need to hunt large animals for protein and fat would be the majority of the calories consumed, the human body is meant to store excess calories as body fat, that way during times of no food, you could (uncomfortably) use stored body fat for energy for several days in between large hunts. It's why human beings are so fat when compared to ancient man, we have a biological pre-disposition to store excess calories as body fat in preparation for lean times when food was not abundant. The way Chris Ryan describes that the "majority of calories" brought in were by women is not accurate. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that man survived easily on roots and berries, think about how much roots and berries you would need to harvest to support a tribe of men, women and children to keep them well fed and even gaining body fat. Do you really believe people were consuming thousands of calories in roots and berries every day when the hunt was not successful? Good luck doing this during the fall and winter seasons. There is nothing to suggest that women also pioneered trapping of small animals for sustenance either. Tribes / camps were set up in areas that offered protection against other tribes and potentially dangerous animals. Also there is no discussion of what happened when women got pregnant and delivered babies, were they defending themselves? I doubt it, without male protection they would have been easy prey to predators at the time. This idea of "equality" between men and women during such prehistoric times is not a very good one. Hierarchy in a tribe would be determined based on power / strength, etc. In what way would prehistoric women possess these advantages? His discussion on men and women not being naturally monogamous may be true but his ideas on prehistoric men and women acting equally and women bringing in the majority of the calories for a tribe by way of roots and berries is not accurate. The average human body burns up to 1200-2000 calories a day (based on height, weight, age, gender, etc.) just to maintain basic biological functions like breathing, blood circulation, organ function (hearts, lungs, brains, etc.), this wouldn't include activities like running, fighting, defending, hunting, building, etc. Grab a bag of baby carrots at your local store (used as an example of roots as mentioned in the video) and see how many of those you would have to consume to maintain your body weight, do the same with berries, and other veggies that would have been available at the time. Once you have determined how much you would need to eat every day to maintain your bodyweight (not gain or lose), multiply that by the number of people in an average tribe – you begin to see the ridiculously high amount of harvesting of these items you would need to do to just live. Yes not every hunt was successful but when it was you can be damn sure they ate everything, meat, fat, organs, every calorie provided by that large animal, nothing was wasted. The meat and the fat would be the highest, most calorie dense food source available to ancient humans at the time. There was no going to a grocery store and buying bread, donuts, sweets, etc. Also this idea of "equality" in a prehistoric tribe doesn't make sense either, otherwise why not send the women to go hunting and keep the men at camp watching the children? Again I'm not against his theory of ancient men and women not being naturally monogamous but his ideas/theories on tribe life for ancient humans has a lot of holes.

  28. Christopher Ryans book has been highly criticised by experts because his theses are based on false claims. We don't see "a very high level of autonomy and equality" in gatherer hunter societies. Nor is it true that women are "providing most of the food". Hunter and Gatherer societies are extremely patriarchal and women are very well depending on men to provide for them and to protect them, especially during pregnancy and while they have small children. But what we actually see almost universally is a form of marriage.
    To invite someone who presents pseudo science and claims the exact opposite of the known, scientific facts, is just too typical for the YT.

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