Gmod Scary Map (Not Really) – The Search for Content (Garry's Mod Funny Moments)

all right Moo weird one of those shitty dark smelly Maps again somewhere down that hall this content we gotta get all that we gotta find that content look it's just me and you this is gonna be it's gonna be fun Gandhi hands better hold hands yeah okay man okay let's go you totally are not holding hands oh sorry no anybody nervous fuck me so cute when you're near two fucking two holes right here you know you're the ones who's supposed to be scary nice in this intro dance sound horn in this fucking game man how was I supposed to know all right one of those shitty dark and smelly man hey hi are you doing back there good we're just trying to make an intro for a video before you know spooky weird looking dude comes around the corner yeah not preemptively right yeah okay yeah I heard the shocker yeah I'm your only friend here to help you listen you were right this time okay all right you fucking get back near bitch alright remember don't forget the cue but say something when you're near the hold pipe yes the improv okay this is not supposed to be playing all right no you walked out here oh wow would you look at the graffiti oh wow look at those pops then BAM I come out the pipes poops all right boo you ready for this not really but you know desperate for content yeah her tits down this all yeah somewhere some more deep somewhere deeply hidden in this map content hopefully hopefully roughly around 10 minutes well we can only hope okay so let's go go ahead okay I'm not scared I'm scared of no ghosts I ain't scared of no ghosts or graffiti or pipes or high when you paternity scare Brock you Lucci noodles gonna happen good actor right you know this into a really fucking slug so why don't you just go in our truck sick everyone knows what we're up to now okay you failed so many times all right this is fucking exported shaft place and the homeless sex don't I gotta speak with a few boys though the car to shoot those last rocket boy it's a fuckin stripper pole right there is not a stripper pole running up against that see that you see that flashing P&G boys cool yeah okay all right scream oh my goodness that was a faint scream in the distance oh really spooked right now just much scaring my dick off why are we here by the way as far as I remember uh-huh Oh what about Phil on the stairs boy look at that moving bottle oh my gosh careful out of the two scared I'm pretty sure I heard there was a guy who could sell cheap heroin around here so that's why we're here okay yeah yeah yeah it's like 50% off what's his name what's his name again and where the hell am i what the fuck did you bitches go do without you – all right let's keep walking true Oh some bitches getting dicked on so bitch you know titty slab right there man let's keep that go far it's like a sexy map now not a scary oh my god oh no buddy you don't have to keep talking to the deep no no you know I said I said you could stop oh yeah sure no problem no we said we could stop is my voice is my mic fucked has been fucked this whole time for bitch sometimes it didn't sound – I know I know I was like really confused if it was actually messed up turn off your flashlight with makeup without alright I'm back I'm fucking like I ate a small child yeah I can eat you know the fucking second what's the scary man man it's just some ambience bullshit if I wanted to be scared I would look at my fucking animal I wonder if this is like like just like a sandbox map this might be it could fire I'd speed run boys speed run run seafood run run speed run keep going keep it up speed run chasing me yep oh yeah let's go say hi what is it is it a drone don't say hi to it it will kill you the hell was that I find I find to not get scared you just running the straight-line speed true dude speed true oh no I was there I don't care speed through speed on GDQ right here gdq games done quick you go jumped up the side dude I'm fucking speed running right now okay you want 20 minutes of those fucking walking through this shit yeah carefully search for content Nova my god his content he didn't fucking content in my fucking awesome yeah that I'll shit content screaming let's Brian rage in a fortnight I'm gonna keep this going home for what look look oh it's another person oh shit do you have any Content sir what happened nope he's gone fucking screamed in my face I was gonna shoot him no go oh damn you go boys we're good yeah yeah yeah yeah how's the videos going what many we are at up nobler this is not a video this is real life oh shit yeah oh my goodness I hope I get home to my family and kids oh whoa whoa whoa hello know what there was someone there did you see it oh did you see it okay we'll get it go get it duck it's my content we don't have to duck never mind you're just blocking the way oh do I run it across you see that no no fucking heavy but yeah sorry man I'm thick with to sees yeah you went down this way here and on this with someone else go first someone else go first man I've been so scared hello from this map like I've been here before all that oh oh shit to escape we escaped we just hit it we did it oh my gosh wait where's the heroine seriously yeah someone said over here quickly quickly get to that bad you go in there obviously not can't do shit in this fucking map what the fuck is the point of this building do we jump out this window I don't know do it I want to jump out a fucking window yeah we might need to play another map yeah think look wait this is where we came up no no look why that's thing I want to see this well I can't see shit how the fuck you get on that side of a fence no glove how'd you get on that side of the fence clip oh no oh the fuck are we bother to go that way this is the most boring fucking map of my life this is literally boring the shit off of me listen man listen me is gonna get exciting is this about to get exciting right here oh hold on hold on buttercup remember that oh yeah everyone Shh oh that's enough of that shit jump up here jump up here you go across here crouch down here and no we're getting go be run oh dude this is literally the most fuckin gmod session of my life if my fucking eyelids could fall off they would but I have no fucking eyelids where do we go oh shit fucking no does it matter you go that way I'll go this way listen who gives a fucking tits ours look at this shit the fuck we playing oh my god there was a PNG guys and I shat myself Ashley PNG there was a PNG right here and it made me fucking calm oh shit I think somebody died here dude oh my God look at that blood do that shit to my fucking eyes bleeding from looking at this shit just a giant sandbox maybe this is just a big fart control that Danny goes ha discuss laven holy shit Isis scared me was not expecting that I don't know my god I think we're gonna just start off the video there you're somebody shaving their pubes oh yes sir that's me I thought it was someone jacking off ah oh fuck okay stay close move mark there God careful what you touch it you're the sound what's going on guys oh what's up that was the door I died off go on in was yeah oh another fucking hole Oh more fucking walking fuck yeah that's what I wanted fucking hell Greg content just put a happy ukulele music right here cuz we fucking greatest fucking video on YouTube you know were playing around it was this was the loader in sandbox we're playing a wrong dude are you supposed to play this right God Almighty have mercy maybe we started it wrong like it was supposed to be another game mode maybe we should have never opened up this fucking map fuck me dude god help the people that are watching this video you're still watching you're a dedicated subscriber I'll tell you that one fucking tell you that one right there Oh more butter come oh the life writer to the life please say the end we're scared did what is a say 'gosh and we never got the heroin they don't know where's it say the end thanks for playing house going on I don't see it I see the end thanks for playing I see nothing this blackness just put in some Fargo Jackson well god zero fucking heroin I'll tell you what I could have used some Haran at the beginning ass shit – it's only been like three miles why you take it personal

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