Global Value Dossier Commonly Made Mistakes: Presented by NOVEL Health Strategies

Welcome to NOVEL Health Strategies series on Quick
Takeaways NOVEL’s team has developed updated and reviewed more than 100 global value
dossiers and additionally NOVEL Health Strategies isone of the few firms which is consistently published in journals with
the highest impact factor and based on our experience we now
present the five commonly made mistakes for GVD is first let’s define what is a global
value dossier a global value dossier is no single
strategy document which summarizes all clinical quality of life health
outcomes and economic evidence on a product and
clearly communicates the payer value proposition story to all
relevant stakeholders so let’s talk about the five commonly
made mistakes while developing a global value .ca the first commonly made mistake is
developing DVD’s as updated up interestingly a majority of the GV D’s are developed
with the goal to include everything and all types have data
studies are often included and mentioned without communicating a
message such GBD is usually have tables end tables have data this often makes it GVD day did John instead of value story presenting
document the second commonly made mistake is
missing the message some GV December so focused on
developing as an encyclopedia of the evidence that they feel to present the key
message which needs to be communicated the first and foremost school ever GVT should be to present the message
supported by all needed evidence the third come early May stake is missing the payer perspective
some DVD’s feel to target the messaging to pay our stakeholders the definition of payers stakeholders
varies from product to product for example the payers for outpatient
and inpatient products are different the GVD should be customized to include the
product relevant payer perspective the fourth commonly made mistake is now conducting a systematic review of the
literature DVD should be developed using a
well-defined search methodology and a thorough systematic review of the
literature of in GV Dez do not conduct or mention
as search methodology by conducting a systematic review it
prevents any studies from being excluded by error
and also ate in presenting in HTH accepted methodology Leslie some GV D’s do not present a
total value proposition the goal of the GVD is to present a pair
total value proposition which includes clinical safety
humanistic economic and a market access value story if any aspect of the value story is
missing he can fail the purpose of the GVD we hope this series I’m quick takeaways
was useful to learn more about developing GB D’s or
four any questions please visit our website
at Yeovil health strategies dot com or email us at info at nobel health
strategies dot com and thank you for watching

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