Give a Little Bit – Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) Writer and Composer

31 thoughts on “Give a Little Bit – Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) Writer and Composer

  1. Roger Hodgson was a really good song writer/composer, but me thinks he's a bit egotistical. It takes more then just 1 person to make a band. Give it a rest, ROGERl

  2. That big hook coming in at the end is amazing. The whole song sets you up for it. Incredible. Love the bass player, feeling it, steppin'..this was music folks

  3. Love this little ditty telling my age, oh me☺ I feel like a hippy always, nothing but LOVE for one and all!

  4. Amo esta canción es tan linda me pone contenta 😀❤ amo a Roger Hodgson que gran músico y compositor

  5. Truly one of the great composer-singer-musicians of our time. I have to put Roger right up there with the very finest. I was about to attend my one year of college when Breakfast In America was released. It is still one of my favorite records. Supertramp was one of those bands that filled an indescribable void during a period when there was already such a huge variety of sounds being recorded. Thanks to Roger, they had a unique sound all their own and I'm thankful for that. Thank you Roger. pss – I asked Santa for the 'Live in Paris '79 DVD' for Christmas. Am trying to be good 😉

  6. Dang,, I grew up in this era and don't remember Supertramp,, feel ashamed of myself,, but  when I heard this on the radio the other day,,  could swear it was John Lennon,, and company.. so if u listen without watching them,, tell me if u feel the same?

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